Every ship has her own story

No ship is like another. Each has been individually built and forms the backdrop for countless personal stories. The mere sight of a ship sets the mind thinking of faraway places. Which is why we hereby wish you an entertaining journey through time, from yesterday to today.



An express steamship with a royal history: this renowned ship was named after the German empress Auguste Victoria. As the biggest passenger ship in Germany at the time, in 1891 she set out under the HAPAG flag on the world's first "pleasure cruise" - the forerunner of the modern-day cruise. Quite often the AUGUSTA VICTORIA was received, even in distant ports, with cheers and applause. 



Right from the start she was something special: the world's first purpose-built cruise ship. Albert Ballin named her after the German emperor's only daughter. And from the moment she was launched, she was a true "pleasure yacht".

SINCE 1990


The wonders of nature up-close: this expedition ship sees the start of new adventures right through to this day. In 2003, for instance, during a Zodiac trip in the Antarctic, the guests and crew discovered a new island in the endless ice. To this very day, you will find it marked as Bremen Island on maps of the region.

SINCE 1993


The highest standards and the highest ice class for passenger ships. That is how this expedition ship writes the history of adventure. On 26 August 2014 when navigating the Northeast Passage, she came within 480 km (298 mi.) of the North Pole, something no other passenger ship had ever previously achieved.

SINCE 1999


The EUROPA accomplished the transition from a regular sailing service to cruises of the highest level: since 1891, the EUROPA has constantly set new standards in the history of cruising. Today, the sixth generation of the EUROPA cruises the world's oceans and carries her guests to the most beautiful places - with experience that stems from 125 years of "pleasure cruises".

Awarded the highest distinction of 5-stars-plus for the eighteenth consecutive time
by the Berlitz Cruise Guide.

SINCE 2013


Our definition of modern luxury: the EUROPA 2 unites lifestyle and elegance at the highest level. The multiple-award-winning ship has been setting new standards in the rich tradition of cruises since her maiden voyage in 2013. It is not without reason that she is deemed the best cruise ship in the world.

Awarded the highest distinction of 5-stars-plus by the Berlitz Cruise Guide ever since commissioning.

FROM 2019


We are writing the next chapter of our story of success and setting new standards as we follow in the footsteps of legendary explorers. We are proud to present two structurally identical expedition ships currently being constructed with dedication and passion – the HANSEATIC nature and HANSEATIC inspiration, which will both take to the seas in 2019.