Camping in the Antarctic

Enjoy an unforgettable experience with Hapag-Lloyd Cruises when night falls in the endless ice. Each of our 18-day Antarctic cruises includes the opportunity to camp ashore for the night in selected spots (depending on the weather). Feel like a polar explorer. Become one with nature in which humans are a marginal presence. Listen to the sounds of the Antarctic: surrounded by unimaginable silence and punctuated only by the crackling of the ice and the call of distant penguins. An experience from evening to morning, beginning with a thrilling Zodiac landing before pitching your own tent and spending the night in a world of ice. Camping equipment suitable for polar regions will allow your small group to experience the power of creation up-close. Slow down and witness nature in awe and amazement: a truly unforgettable experience...

The full camping experience from A for atmosphere to Z for Zodiac

  • You can book the camping experience directly on board. This optional activity is not included in the cruise price.
  • Physical fitness is required. Your expedition leader will decide who can participate; this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Before the trip, the expedition leader will tell the small group of participants what exactly is going to happen and how to behave in this sensitive natural environment.
  • At the heart of the action with the Zodiacs: at least 6 and no more than 16 people can take part in the camping experience per landing.
  • Pitching your tent is all part of the experience; each tent houses two people. For your own safety, it is not possible to have a tent to yourself.
  • Your experienced expedition leader will spend the night with the group and look after you. You will also have radio contact with the ship at all times.
  • This overnight stay is dependent on weather conditions and local regulations. There is no guarantee that this experience will take place.
  • Your safety is the most important thing: if the weather suddenly deteriorates during the night, your stay may be cut short or extended.
  • As a member of IAATO (International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators), Hapag-Lloyd Cruises complies with the guidelines for overnight stays on shore.

Kitted out like a polar explorer.
We provide all the necessary equipment:

  • Warm, insulated and waterproof rubber boots
  • Polar parka
  • Expedition tents
  • Thermal sleeping mats
  • Approved polar sleeping bag with warm inner lining
  • Transportable toilet
  • Tent lamps (battery-operated)

What you need to bring - apart from a thirst for adventure:

  • Fleece jacket and breathable jacket and trousers
  • Thermal underwear (no cotton underwear, if possible)
  • Thick socks (plus extra socks)
  • Warm hat and neck warmer
  • Thermal glove liners and warm gloves to wear over the top
  • Any necessary medication
  • Torch or head torch for cruises in February and March