Kajak tours – Questions and answers

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our kajak tours on our expedition cruises. 

For safety reasons, in Arctic and Antarctic waters, kayak tours are only offered with instruction from an experienced kayak guide and only on selected cruises.

A kayak tour costs € 95 per person and is charged to your on-board account. Bookings can only be made on board through your kayak guide. Please note that the price cannot be refunded if the tour is cut short due to poor weather or if you cancel your place on the day of the tour.

A kayak tour lasts around two hours. The distance that we cover is not large. There will be regular stops for photographs.

At least four and no more than twelve. The kayaks accommodate two people.

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises provides high-quality equipment for kayaking: kayak, paddle, life vest with whistle attached and a waterproof bag. Each participant will also be given appropriate clothing for the polar region: drysuit with boots and waterproof gloves.

Under the drysuit you should wear multiple layers of warm undergarments such as thermal underwear or Polartec clothing, as well as warm socks. We strongly recommend that you also wear a hat. If you have any questions, please ask the kayak guide on board.

The highly experienced kayak guide who is leading the tour will give a briefing in advance and will of course be with you for the entire tour. The kayak tour requires a good standard of normal physical fitness. Our kayak guide will assess this and may refuse participation as a safety precaution.

Kayak tours in polar regions require experience and this is a condition for participation. Very few of our guests are kayaking experts. Our tours are ideal for beginners with previous experience. It is always best to discuss whether the tour is suitable for you with the kayak guide on board.

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises endeavours to offer kayak tours several times on an advertised cruise, but this is of course dependent on the local weather conditions.

On the evening before the tour, the kayak guide will give a briefing to familiarise you with all the safety rules and provide you with other important information. On the day of the kayak tour, you will be given your equipment and once all the participants are ready, the tour will begin. The group will follow the kayak guide and will stay together at all times. The route will take you to places where you can marvel at the natural world and enjoy an up-close experience.

Our kayak tours will only go ahead in good weather. This means that the tour will not run if it is very windy, if there are high waves or if it is foggy. If the weather conditions change during the tour, we will return to the ship. Our tours are designed so that we can get back to the starting point within 15 to 20 minutes. The cost of the tour will not be refunded if the tour is cut short.

Yes, you can stow your things in the kayak. We will provide you with a waterproof bag for this purpose. Please remember that we are kayaking in salt water and that items may get wet at any time due to water spray. If you bring any items with you, this is always at your own risk.

We use kayaks that are built to be particularly steady and are specifically designed for these regions. They also have a built-in rudder that can be used to steer the kayak.

The minimum age for children is 16. Children must also have kayaking experience to take part.