We protect the things that fascinate us

Ecological systems such as the Arctic or the Antarctic are unique refuges of nature as well as sensitive sanctuaries worthy of protection for a large number of fascinating organisms. As a long-standing member of IAATO, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is extremely committed to ensuring that flora and fauna are treated with respect and care. So that nature remains what it is. Pristine and eternal.


The traveller

  • do not step on delicate moss, lichen or grasses
  • never throws anything at all overboard or onto the ground
  • never infringes on the ancestral habitats of seals, penguins, seabirds or other animals
  • maintains a minimum distance of 5 metres from penguins, seabirds and seals and of 15 metres from fur seals
  • always yields "right of way" to the animals
  • never touches the animals
  • never smokes in nature
  • does not enter protected areas and research bases without permission
  • does not take any "souvenirs" away from nature
  • follows the instructions of the cruise leader and his personnel and stays with the group

The tour operator

  • hands out this Code of Conduct to the officers, the crew and the passengers
  • provides a knowledgeable guide for every 20 passengers
  • provides comprehensive and sensitive preparation on board
  • uses only ships which are suitable for voyages in the Arctic/Antarctic
  • convinces the entire ship to abjure a "throwaway" attitude.
Please help during your cruise to leave the few regions on this planet that are still untouched and intact exactly as you found them!


Environmental Management

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