Adventures in the Zodiacs

Where our small, manoeuvrable expedition ship cannot go, your adventure will continue in safe and robust motorised rubber boats. The Zodiacs will often be put to water several times a day for trips and landings. In small groups and with no long waiting times, you will explore the icy worlds of the Arctic and Antarctic in great detail. Your excursions are allocated generous amounts of time with plenty of scope for intensive observations. The BREMEN has 12 Zodiacs for a maximum of 155 guests, whilst the HANSEATIC has 14 Zodiacs for a maximum of 175 guests.

Fascination up-close and personal

Built for thick pack ice, narrow fjords and hidden bays, the HANSEATIC and the BREMEN get up-close to the wonders of the world. Extremely flexible and with low draughts, both ships can access regions that other cruise ships cannot explore.

And if even a small expedition ship has to stop just off the shore, the adventure can transfer to the robust Zodiacs. The BREMEN has 12 Zodiacs, and the HANSEATIC has 14 Zodiacs. With their 36 h.p. motors, these powerful rubber boats are ideal for extreme conditions. They can take you to remote locations and bring you ashore in particularly isolated, pristine spots. Be it the narrow Sepik River in Papua New Guinea or in a small bay in South Georgia filled with thousands of king penguins.

The numerous Zodiac rides and landings are not only impressive, but they have been allocated generous amounts of time. Our specially trained navigators have spent several weeks mastering how to handle these robust rubber boats, both in theory and in practice. They are also familiar with the special navigational aspects of each region. Given its ever-changing ice situation, landing in the Antarctic requires different skills than sailing to an atoll in the South Seas. This way, you can explore every interesting perspective and unlock the secrets of remote natural paradises.