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Expect the unexpected. Experience the extraordinary every day. Admire hidden treasures where others only see the obvious. On board the HANSEATIC and the BREMEN, the focus is on an intensive kind of travel that allows you to discover the many wonders of the world on spectacular routes. Experience the most beautiful travel moments - captured in moving images. Fascinating films that provide an initial insight into life off the beaten track.

Duration 02:27 min.



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Our Antarctic films

Duration 00:36 min.

Duration 23:11 min.

Duration 00:32 min.


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Antarctic expeditions are provided here:

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Our Amazon films

Duration 21:24 min.

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Amazon expeditions are provided here:

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Our South Seas Films

Duration 02:08 min.


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Our Arctic films

Duration 00:22 min.

Duration 00:30 min.

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