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Experiencing the beauty of our planet on our expeditions creates a new awareness of the importance of environmental protection. At Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, the measures required are therefore given high priority. Modern environmental technology, regular maintenance and modernisation are just some of the aspects employed. All ships have seawater desalination technology for the treatment of water, biological sewage treatment plants and waste incineration facilities.

The underwater paint is free from TBT. Our operations are also sustainable: during lay times in European ports, we use fuel with a low sulphur content of a maximum of 0.1 %. Emissions are also reduced through efficient route management. We do not push vessels to go as fast as possible, reducing consumption by around one-third in the process. These examples demonstrate our appreciation for environmental protection, which will allow future generations of explorers to be amazed by the wonders of the world.

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We also consider it important to treat vulnerable ecosystems such as the Arctic and Antarctic with the respect they deserve. For years, we have been replacing crude oil with eco-friendlier diesel and have a strict code of conduct. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is an active member of IAATO (International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators), a voluntary association of Antarctic tour operators to promote ecologically sustainable tourism while also benefiting from the experiences of all members.

This inspires many of our guests to get involved in environmental protection themselves. One option is to offset the CO2 emissions of your cruise. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises offers this in conjunction with the climate protection organisation atmosfair. Calculate the amount you would like to donate to non-profit-making climate projects to offset your cruise – and we will cover 25 %.

Compensation of CO2 emissions

In cooperation with the climate protection organisation atmosfair, we are the first cruise operator to offer our guests the opportunity to offset their cruise-only CO2 emissions. Using our climate calculator, the passengers can ascertain the relevant climate protection contribution of their cruise in advance and voluntarily compensate the remaining inevitable emissions. A quarter of the compensation amount is paid by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises.

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