Write seafaring history

The "inventor of the cruise", Albert Ballin, created a very special way to travel. Today, the expeditions on board the BREMEN and the HANSEATIC continue this tradition. As here in the spectacular terrain of Franz Josef Land in the Northeast Passage or in the icy world of the Northwest Passage, you will also become part of this unique history this expedition season.

The birth of the modern cruise:

In 1891, Albert Ballin, director of the Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Aktien-Gesellschaft (HAPAG) sends the flagship Augusta Viktoria to the Mediterranean with 241 passengers.

The “ship without seasickness”:

After the First World War, which brought German shipping to a standstill, HAPAG sends another passenger ship on a grand voyage – the Albert Ballin. Innovative anti-rolling tanks provide significant comfort.

A true premiere on the ice:

In 1996, the BREMEN becomes the first passenger ship to circumnavigate the islands and archipelagos of Spitsbergen. A very special moment for the passengers and crew.

Uncharted territory ahead!

On an expedition in the Antarctic in 2003, the BREMEN discovers a previously unknown strait of water that leads to an inaccessible island. Since this spectacular discovery, these have been known as the Bremen Channel and Bremen Island.

Premieres at the North Pole and South Pole:

In 2012, the HANSEATIC travels to the fascinating icy landscape of the Antarctic for the 100th time. In August of the same year, the BREMEN passes the 82nd line of latitude in the Arctic Circle for the first time, 887 km from the North Pole!

Pioneering endeavours in the Northeast Passage:

In 2014, the HANSEATIC becomes the first non-Russian cruise ship to negotiate the legendary sea route – 6,032 nautical miles between the Russian Far East and Europe. Furthermore, the ship set a new record for passenger ships: the HANSEATIC reached the northernmost point at 85°, 40.7' north and 135°, 39.6' east. This is just 480 km from the North Pole.

All of the Azores islands in one cruise

In 2013, the BREMEN makes its first trip to all nine of the diverse paradises in the archipelago for breathtaking natural spectacles and whale watching. In 2015, this destination is also on the HANSEATIC’s route.

1922: the "Albert Ballin"

1996: premiere on the ice - circumnavigation of the islands and archipelagos of Spitsbergen

2003: discovery of the previously unknown "Bremen Chanel"

2012: premieres at the Polar regions - HANSEATIC travels to the Antarctic for the 100th time, the BREMEN 887 km from the North Pole

2012: Premieres at the Polar regions - HANSEATIC travels to the Antarctic for the 100th time, the BREMEN 887 km from the North Pole

2013: die BREMEN reaches all nine Azores islands

2014: HANSEATIC negotiates the legendary Northeast Passage