Continue on where other ships turn back

The Arctic and Antarctic are some of the most difficult regions in the world in nautical terms. They are also amongst the most fascinating. However, you will only be able to appreciate their true beauty if you can press on as far as possible into these often inaccessible ice worlds. What remains denied to most other ships poses no challenge to the HANSEATIC or BREMEN: they are the only cruise ships in Germany to be certified with the highest ice class for passenger ships (E4), allowing them to embark on even the most difficult passages through ice floes and thick pack ice. 

Ice class

A ship with an ice class is structured completely differently to a "normal" (cruise) ship. Crucial parameters include higher density of steel plates, smaller frame spacing - which gives the ship extra stability - and the main ice area of the hull, which is significantly expanded. The propellers are made from stainless steel rather than bronze, and a massive cast-steel stem post "cuts through" the ice cover.

The HANSEATIC and the BREMEN have been sailing safely through ice for almost 20 years - under the direction of experienced captains and with a crew whose flexibility and professionalism make every polar expedition an unforgettable experience. Here, where nature dictates the course more than anywhere else on the planet, the ice classes of the HANSEATIC and the BREMEN make the crucial difference: the ships make it possible to experience the wonders of the Arctic and Antarctic first-hand in complete safety - more intensively than on any other ship.