Know more, see more, experience more

Our experts are the perfect accompaniment for your expedition and can provide you with a sea of s and information on board and ashore. Benefit from their inexhaustible know-how during Zodiac rides and landings, in fascinating presentations and personal conversations. They will help hone your eye for special things that remain hidden to other travellers – such as here on Atlasova, in the Kuril Islands of Russia, with exciting information about the formation of the 2,000 m high volcano Alaid. And in the wilderness of the Canadian Arctic, in the glacial and subantarctic animal paradise of South Georgia and in the villages of Vanuatu, they know when to direct your attention to an unforgettable moment. A team of renowned experts and well-travelled cosmopolitans who translate the essence of their professions as passionate speakers and expedition guides will enrich every cruise. 

Here is a selection of their specialist fields:


How did the glaciers form at the poles? How did the surface of the earth form only centuries ago in certain regions? What can rocks, climate data and ice tell us about the evolution of our ecosystems?
Heike Fries
and Dr. Hans- Joachim Lauenstein, experts in geology, know the answers. They will show you where nature reveals its own history with great passion.


How do the animals survive on the eternal ice? What influence do dolphins have on people? What do coral reefs and rainforests have in common? With experts in biology such as Wolfgang Bittmann and Dr. Thomas Henningsen you can find out how well-equipped plants and animals are to survive even in extreme regions.


Let our ethnology experts Dietmar Neitzke and Dr. Gudrun Bucher take you on fascinating expeditions to see how other people live. The Inuit tribes on the permanent ice, small settlements in New Caledonia and the people of the Philippines show the diversity of human settlements on this planet. Come face-to-face with the most fascinating cultures in the world.


The poles are covered in thick sheets of ice. Here and there, icebergs calve and drift lazily through the water past majestic glaciers. And even though the ice is a permanent part of the landscape, it is constantly changing and lives by its own rules. Glaciologists such as Dr. Gerit Birnbaum and Dr. Hans Oerter will explain how these bizarre landscapes formed and what it means when a glacier calves.


Travel through the history of the world on your expeditions. Our history experts Dr. Arne Kertelhein and Prof. Dr. Ingo Heidbrink will breathe new life into ages past before your very eyes. Your routes will frequently intersect with the life stories of famous explorers and places marked by history.


Volcanic fascination. What have scientists recently learned about our “steam boiler” planet? How do the planet’s tectonic plates behave? Experts such as Dr. Franz Gingele and Dr. Ulrich Dornsiepen will stoke your interest as they reveal our planet’s most extreme aspects.