A wealth of experience

For these great seafarers, the waterways of the world’s oceans were unpredictable routes filled with unknown perils. Today, the uncertainties and hardships of earlier explorers have given way to the many years of experience of the people on board the BREMEN and the HANSEATIC. However, the passion for new destinations has remained and will ensure unforgettable moments during your expeditions.

Journey together to new shores

The 85th line of latitude – 480 km from the North Pole. Thick fields of pack ice cover the water. There seems no way of getting through this untouched landscape of ice with its bizarre floe shapes. But thanks to the experience of the people on board – the captain, officers, expedition leaders and cruise directors – even spectacular routes like the Northeast Passage will be conquered. The captains of both ships have completed more than 100 cruises in the Arctic and Antarctic in total. They know where to find the most beautiful aspects of the polar regions.

Accompanied by the sound of ice rumbling at the hull, the ships will carve through these massive obstacles, which most vessels simply cannot manage. The BREMEN and the HANSEATIC are the only two ships certified with the highest ice class for passenger ships, and they will safely transport you to breathtaking, unspoilt regions. The team on board know where to halt the ship to present you with striking panoramic views – such as the fjords of Greenland. Everyone on board shares a passion for exploration. Even the officers will stand on the bridge, their eyes wide, looking for the blow of a whale. Sightings will be announced immediately over the loudspeakers to ensure that you can enjoy this natural spectacle. For your trips ashore – for example, on Spitsbergen – a scout boat will be dispatched in advance to find the best landing place for your excursion. Your expedition leader knows where – with a little luck – you will be able to spot some polar bears. In other climate zones, such as the Solomon Islands, they will show you the most beautiful places to snorkel.

The renowned experts who accompany each expedition are also selected based on their expertise. They have visited the destinations many times and conducted in-depth studies and research or written about them in travel guides. Hand-picked experts, each a specialist in their field. Experienced, highly qualified, fascinating, entertaining and passionate about their specialist area. The experts on your cruise will depend on the focus – you may find yourself travelling with biologists, ethnologists, glaciologists, geologists, biophysicists, volcanologists or historians. Rather than taking an overly academic approach, they will impart new knowledge in a clear and vivid manner. In fascinating talks on board, on trips and landings with the Zodiacs and, of course, during personal chats, you will uncover details not printed in any book. During on-board preparation and follow-up sessions for trips ashore, they will get you in the mood for the experiences to come and intensify what you have seen. On selected cruises for young explorers, they will also inspire guests aged 10 to 17 years old.

Anyone aware of the beauty of the planet will naturally become an advocate for sustainability – a philosophy embodied on board. From the code of conduct for the polar regions through to fuel and route management. After all, future generations of explorers should also have the opportunity to embark on spectacular expeditions.

Captain Jörn Gottschalk

Captain Roman Obrist

Captain Axel Engeldrum

Captain Thilo Natke