What is an expedition?

Discovering the world from a different perspective. Delving deeper into regions than any other traveller. Exploring virtually untouched landscapes. Experiencing the wonder of creation with a small group of like-minded passengers. Inspired by the lure of the unknown and driven by a passion for discovery, you will be in your element on the BREMEN and the HANSEATIC.

In today’s seemingly fully developed world, there are still opportunities to make great discoveries and enjoy extraordinary cruises. Where large cruise ships have to turn about or can only sail past, you will experience a renaissance of wonder. Regions that often have no beacons, pilots, harbours, hotels or airports. These are the expedition destinations of the BREMEN and the HANSEATIC, where your curiosity sets the course. Rather than journeys from A to B, these ships offer intensive discoveries from A to Z.

The propeller seems to turn back time and bring the pioneering spirit of legendary explorers back to life. Follow in their footsteps, defy the forces of nature, unlock the greatest secrets of the wilderness and uncover unknown treasures hidden in the shadow of famous cultural sites. You will be rewarded with the indescribable feeling of making the unknown your own. Even seemingly familiar destinations become fascinating new territory and the blank spots on your personal map are filled with life.

The BREMEN and the HANSEATIC have been designed especially for voyages of discovery. On these small ships, you can embrace the pioneering spirit and charm of real seafaring. All the technical requirements for your intensive expedition moments have been met: the highest ice class for passenger ships, shallow draught, numerous inflatable expedition boats (Zodiacs) for explorations and landings. The small sizes of the respective ships enable spontaneous course changes to follow whales, spot polar bears or land in the most beautiful bays, for example. Each day, the captain, expedition leaders and experienced officers will decide which route or landing will offer you the most impressive experience.

On our expedition ships, you will reach places often inaccessible by other means. For example, the Antarctic: crunching and cracking, the ice gives way to the cast-steel stem post. As the icy wind swirls around you, you will stand at the railing in a warming parka watching bizarre ice towers pass within touching distance. Traditional cruise ships would have been forced to take a different course at the first sight of an iceberg – not the case for our specially designed expedition ship.

Elsewhere, you will travel out in the Zodiacs to palm-lined island gems in the South Seas. In the crystal-clear waters, you will marvel at coral reefs and schools of colourful fish. Suddenly, a native inhabitant appears on the beach, brightly painted with spear in hand, to perform a welcome ceremony – just one example of many unusual encounters with foreign cultures.

Your pioneering spirit will know almost no bounds on board the BREMEN and the HANSEATIC. In addition, the renowned experts on board will open doors with new knowledge.