At first glance, the BREMEN and the HANSEATIC seem a little small. But you will discover their true size when you arrive in person: the crew sets new standards for personal service, genuine friendliness and extraordinary moments. A range of small details have a great impact, making every day special.

Magical moments

The feeling of exclusivity begins when you embark. You will be joined on your expedition by just a small number of like-minded explorers. With every step up the gangway, you will leave the ordinary behind and discover why this will be your own personal expedition – thanks to the crew.

By the time your bags are unpacked, they will know your name. And your preferences – for example, in food and drink – will become a matter of course after just a short time. The team will greet you every day with true hospitality that begins with first-class service and includes individual surprises to enrich your expedition days, as well as much more. The limited number of guests on board makes your well-being a priority: there are 100 crew members on the BREMEN for no more than 155 guests, and the HANSEATIC has 125 crew members for a maximum of 175 guests.

The service, enthusiasm and attention to detail of every single crew member ensure exclusive moments in the most beautiful expedition regions. The extraordinary becomes the focus of your everyday life. For example, when celebrating your pioneering spirit in the middle of the Arctic, the crew will prepare a spontaneous champagne reception – right next to an enormous ice floe. During an ice cruise, a Zodiac may well be transformed into a floating bar. And if leaping into the cooling, crystal-clear waters of the Pacific in the South Seas provides only temporary refreshment, a mango sorbet could be just what you need. No sooner has the idea occurred to you, but the crew will beckon you over to probably the world’s most creative ice cream parlour – built from palm leaves in the shallow waters. And after a snorkelling adventure through the colourful schools of fish around the Society Islands, dry towels will naturally be waiting. Demonstrating great awareness, the crew will ensure a constant feast for the senses.

But exclusivity also means joining new, spectacular routes as a premiere guest. Such as when the BREMEN explores the magic of the Hebrides or Vanuatu or the HANSEATIC discovers the diversity of Sulawesi and the Costa Rican coast. Everyone on board knows instinctively how to turn a special experience into a true gem of a memory. An array of exclusive moments on every expedition will give you a truly personal feeling of well-being.