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Space for You

A host of conveniences await you aboard the COLUMBUS 2, perhaps the most important among them being plenty of space.
Space to experience a holiday according to your wishes. To relax when you feel like it. For instance on the large Pool Deck with the comfortable deck chairs and at the pool bar with refreshing cocktails. In one of the numerous outdoor seats on the Lido Deck or in the cosy Observation Lounge. And, of course, on the Sun Deck at the very top on Deck 11.
Your exquisitely furnished cabin, no less than 66% of which are equipped with their own balcony aboard the COLUMBUS 2, allows you to relax in privacy. In addition, the luxurious Penthouse Suites, the Vista Suites and the Owner’s Suites are available as personal oases of well-being. As in the case of so many things aboard the COLUMBUS 2 - the choice is yours.