Where worlds of wonder await you

From seemingly familiar regions to the almost unexplored ends of the earth – set a course for grand adventure and breathtaking experiences with the BREMEN and the HANSEATIC. Explore untouched regions and come face-to-face with natural and cultural wonders on innovative, award-winning routes. 

Follow the call of adventure and let us help you find your personal uncharted territory. The following pages provide an initial impression of our unique expedition world. You will also gain insights into our two new expedition ships, the HANSEATIC nature and HANSEATIC inspiration. Stay tuned!

The new expedition class

Are you curious to see what the world has to offer – beyond the familiar? No matter which of the world’s regions awakens your pioneering spirit, unforgettable adventures await you from April/October 2019 thanks to our new expedition ships, on which exciting experiences set the course. Reserve your preferred cruise today.




An expedition to the Antarctic is one of the last great adventures of our time – and also so much more. Marvel in a whole new way as you take in the mesmerising beauty of the sixth continent.