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Press Release 27.06.2012

Expedition Cruises 2013/2014: HANSEATIC and BREMEN offer expedition travel to the world’s best kept secrets

  • Intensive exploration in small groups of max. 184 / 164 passengers
  • destinations include Alaska, Spitsbergen, the Northwest Passage, the Amazon and the Chilean Fjords
  • Accompanied by experts in various fields of knowledge

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is offering twelve expedition itineraries operated in English/German in the season 2013/2014. Their small and beautifully appointed expedition ships, MS HANSEATIC and MS BREMEN will be traveling to Alaska, Spitsbergen, Iceland, Greenland, the Northwest Passage, the Amazon, the Chilean Fjords, Antarctica, the South Seas, New Zealand, Antarctica, Africa and Madagascar. The HANSEATIC, the world’s only 5-star expedition ship* and the BREMEN, a 4-star plus expedition ship*, were created to provide intensive exploration in elegant surroundings for a maximum of 184 guests (HANSEATIC) and 164 guests (BREMEN).

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The Earth’s Most Southern Continent – Antarctica
Glaciers, icebergs, deep fjords and bays offer the setting for an unforgettable Antarctica expedition. In addition to observing bird colonies, guests will also have the opportunity to explore the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, bath in the hot springs on Deception Island and observe whales in the Antarctic Sound. Both departures include round-trip airfare from Buenos Aires/Argentina to Ushuaia/Argentina.
Antarctica Circle: This 18-day itinerary on the HANSEATIC is from February 13-March 3, 2013. Rates start at EUR 10.568/ GBP 7.440/ USD 12,760 per person.
Antarctica: This 18-day itinerary on the BREMEN is from January 9-27, 2014. Rates start at EUR 9.070/ GBP 7.080/ USD 10,890 per person.

Secrets of the Exotic Pacific – New Zealand and The South Seas
With the small, navigable BREMEN, guests will discover the remote island of the South Seas and New Zealand in Spring and Fall 2013. Deserted beaches, rainforests, as well as exotic fragrances and colors await guests in the South Seas, while fjords, forests, and rich flora and fauna welcome guests in New Zealand.
New Zealand: This 15-day itinerary on the BREMEN is from March 4 - March 19, 2013 from Bluff/New Zealand to Auckland/New Zealand. Rates start at EUR 6.030 / GBP 4.230/        USD 7,240 per person.
South Seas Spring: This 17-day itinerary on the BREMEN, with stops in Australia, New Caledonia, and Fiji, is from March 19-April 5, 2013 from Auckland/New Zealand to Lautoka/Fiji. Rates start at EUR 6.742/ GBP 4.720/ USD 8,100 per person.
South Seas Fall: This 22-day itinerary on the HANSEATIC, makes stops in Palau, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Island, from October 15-November 6, 2013, from Manila/Philippines to Lautoka/Fiji. Rates start at EUR 9.040/ GBP 7.410/ USD 11,390 per person.

Nature in a Gold Rush – The Inside Passage of Alaska
The BREMEN sets sail in June 2013 through the legendary Inside Passage of Alaska, considered one of the most beautiful waterway passages in the world. The BREMEN will take guests right to the heart of the untouched habitat of bears, walruses and eagles.
Trip Details: This 16-day itinerary is from June 20-July 6, 2013, from Nome/Alaska to Vancouver/Canada. Rates for this itinerary start at EUR 7.320/ GBP 5.710/ USD 8,790 per person.

Three Adventures in One – Spitsbergen, Iceland, Greenland
Between Spitsbergen’s glaciers, the volcanoes of Iceland and the ice-covered coasts of Greenland, guests will experience the entire diversity of the Arctic wilderness aboard the HANSEATIC in July 2013.
Trip Details: This 18-day itinerary is from July 14-August 1, 2013, from Longyearbyen/Spitsbergen to Kangerlussuaq/Greenland. Rates for this itinerary start at EUR 9.780/ GBP 7.630/ USD 11,740 per person

The World’s Most Mysterious Route – The Northwest Passage
In 2013, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ popular Northwest Passage will be offered onboard the HANSEATIC. On this legendary route, guests will see evidence of the Inuit culture and the traces of former adventurers as well as encounter polar bears and whales.
Trip Details: This 24-day itinerary is from August 16-September 9, 2013, from Kangerlussuaq/Greenland to Nome/Alaska. Rates for this itinerary start at EUR 16.930/ GBP 13.210/ USD 20,320 per person.

Paradise on Earth – Expedition Madagascar and Africa
Between baobabs and volcanic mountains, rainforests and pristine beaches, guests will explore this jewel of the Indian Ocean, Madagascar on the BREMEN in Winter 2013. This itinerary concludes with an optional South African safari.
New ports: Madagascar - Nosy Hara, Mahajanga, Morondovar, Nosy Bé
Trip Details: This 17-day itinerary is from December 1-18, 2013 from Port Louis/Mauritius to Cape Town/South Africa. Rates start at EUR 5.850/ GBP 4.570/ USD 7,020 per person.

The Greatest Adventure of Your Life – Semi Circumnavigation of Antarctica
It’s one of the greatest adventures of our time – the semi circumnavigation of Antarctica. In the past, researchers and pioneers had to endure unimaginable exertions and deprivations to explore the mysterious sixth continent. The HANSEATIC travels from South America to New Zealand along a magnificent route that only a few explorers have ever mastered.
New ports: New Zealand - Bluff and Auckland Island
Trip Details: This 26-day itinerary is from January 25-February 21, 2014, from Ushuaia/Argentina (includes a charter flight from Buenos Aires) to Bluff/New Zealand. Rates start at EUR 17.120/ GBP 13.360/ USD 20,550 per person.

In the Land of a Thousand Contrasts – Chilean Fjords
Snow-covered peaks and mountain lakes; granite towers and waterfalls plunging into silent mountain lakes, glaciers rising into the blue sky, and the Andean condor flying over his kingdom – the Chilean fjords are one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world, and will be explored by the BREMEN in Winter 2014.
Trip Details: This 18-day itinerary is from February 28-March 18, 2014, from Ushuaia/Argentina (includes a charter flight from Buenos Aires) to Callao/Lima/Peru. Rates start at EUR 6.890/ GBP 5.380/ USD 8,270 per person.

On the River of Life – Amazon
Unforgettable impressions await guests in the nature of the greatest rainforest in the world, the Amazon. Guests will step into the Zodiacs of the BREMEN and discover, along narrow and anfractuous waterways, the power and magic of the gigantic river which defines the rhythm of South America.
Trip Details: This 16-day itinerary is from April 24-May 10, 2014, from Iquitos/ Peru (includes a charter flight from Lima) to Belem/Brazil. Rates start at EUR 7.010/ GBP 5.470/ USD 8,420 per person.

Expedition Travel At Its Best:
Both ships are well equipped for travel in difficult waters, holding the highest ice class ranking for passenger vessels (E4). Also shallow drafts and high manoeuvrability allow the ships to enter waters larger cruise vessels cannot reach. Guests explore the world’s best-kept secrets in zodiacs (small motorized boats) with only 10-12 guests. Onboard experts include a team of experienced scientists, expedition leaders and specialists who guide landings and offer guests the rare opportunity to observe plant and animal life up close. However, what makes these expedition adventures standout for guests is the security of knowing that highly experienced captains are guiding the vessels and have together already traveled to the Arctic and Antarctica more than 200 times.

*according to the Berlitz Cruise Guide 2012

Hamburg, June 2012

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