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From Malta to Venice

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Your Ship: MS EUROPA 2

Your cruise price

Category Suite Typ Prices per Person in €
0 4,890
1 5,558
2 5,848
1-2 5,558 from Price Special
3 6,388
4 6,638
3-4 6,388 from Price Special
5 7,128
6 10,318
7 10,568
8 10,318
9 10,568
10 on request
11 on request
12 6,638
13 9,088
14 3,938
Early booking discount until² 19.01.2013
Without travel arrangements to cruise departure point -380
Without travel arrangements from cruise arrival point -320
Included in the cruise price (for your information):
Share of fuel costs (Ship)³ 42
Increase as of 1 June 20124 +28
Share of fuel costs scheduled flight (inbound) 40
Increase as of 1 June 2012 +20
Share of fuel costs scheduled flight (outbound) 40
Increase as of 1 June 2012 +20

Attractive combination bonus
If you combine consecutive cruises concerning the maiden voyage and the itineraries in the Western Mediterranean, Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea (cruises EUX1300 to EUX1323), you receive a combination bonus of € 400 per combined subsequent cruise.

Concerning itineraries in the region of the Arabian Peninsula and in Asia (EUX1323 to EUX1409), you receive a combination bonus of € 900 per combined subsequent cruise.

¹ You pay only the guaranteed price for double occupancy shown here. Accommodation will be provided in a Veranda/Ocean Suite of Category 1 to 4, subject to availability. If you book a combination of several cruises in a guaranteed Veranda/Ocean Suite, it will be necessary to change suites after each individual cruise. Continuous occupancy of the same suite throughout the cruises is not possible. You will receive your exact suite number on board at the beginning of the cruise (limited allotment).

² If you book your cruise 210 days (approx. 7 months) or earlier prior to departure, you will receive an early booking discount of 5% on the cruise-only price (catalogue price minus surcharge for travel arrangements to cruise departure point and from cruise arrival point as well as share of fuel costs (ship)). You will find explanatory comments on the combination discount, early booking discount and any applicable combination bonus in the General Information section.

³ €6/night
4 €4/night

* The price includes the currently applicable taxes.

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