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Voyages for Young Discoverers

Did you know that the renowned Venetian discoverer Marco Polo was merely 17 years of age when he embarked on his long journey to Asia? The sooner, the better – on our “Voyages for Young Discoverers“, adventurous teenagers aged 10 to 17 and their families follow in the footsteps of famous discoverers and experience the thrill of eventful hikes, Zodiac rides and excursions.

With a specifically compiled programme and talks in which they transfer knowledge in a manner that is appropriate for the age group, our accomplished experts arouse and encourage curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. Under the guidance of the experts, most of them from the fields of biology and geology, the youngsters will conduct research and work with microscopes together. However, the practical side will not be neglected either – a sailor’s knot course and question times with officers help the participants to understand what they have seen, comprehend relationships and process new impressions.

By the end of our cruise, all our “young“ guests will have become veritable explorers and adventurers themselves – with plenty of tangible science, heaps of fun and lots of variety!

And the grown-up discoverers benefit in terms of prices, too, because children up to the age of 17 years can share a cabin with their parents for € 60 per night.