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More Knowledge Than Any Book Could Offer

Look forward to meeting exciting personalities who will reveal new perspectives to you on every “Expedition Knowledge”. Whether in the context of profound lectures on board, specifically conceived excursions ashore or in personal conversations — for an enjoyable and in-depth cruise experience.

Below please find a small selection of our experts who have already been on board or will accompany you on future cruises.

Prof. Dr. Lothar Staeck, Biology Expert

The professor of teaching methodology in biology at the TU Berlin has hardly any unexplored territory on his map – he has travelled from Antarctica to Greenland and from Easter Island to the Galapagos Islands. In the years 2000 and 2001, the Polish government awarded him two decorations for his commitment in the field of environmental education. In more than 150 essays and 20 books, he deals with a broad spectrum of subjects ranging from the botany and ecology of the tropics to boreal forests. As teaching methodology in biology is one of his areas of expertise, he is very skilled at conveying his expert knowledge during exciting lectures and excursions.

Steffen Graupner, Geophysics Expert

The volcanologist studied geophysics, physics, meteorology, astrophysics and geology in Jena (Germany) and Leeds. The active volcanoes of South America and Kamchatka are his area of expertise, and climbing high mountains is his passion. In addition, photojournalistic encounters with nature and people are an important element of his work during his countless travels around the globe.

Moacir Fortes Pereira, Expert on the Amazon

Born and raised in Coari, a town on the banks of the Amazon, Mo learned English by communicating with American padres whom he, in turn, taught Portuguese. In 1976, he began to take travellers along some of the labyrinth-like branches of the Amazon in a small canoe fitted with an engine. Back then, it was still customary to sleep in hammocks in the forest. Today, the adept tour guide accompanies the HANSEATIC and the BREMEN to the wonders of Amazonia. He knows the river like the inside of his pocket and communicates his extensive knowledge of the flora and fauna in an exciting and entertaining manner