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Logbook & Photo Gallery of the Northwest Passage

Adventure of the Northwest Passage – Discover a legendary Sea

Seafarers from all over the world sought the Northwest Passage for more than 400 years. But their efforts were all in vain. The first expedition under the command of Didrik Pining in 1473 probably did not get any further than Greenland. In 1576, the Englishman Martin Frobisher made three attempts to penetrate the unending tangle of islands. But his mission was not crowned with success. On his last Pacific voyage between 1776 and 1779, even James Cook joined the search for a sea route between Europe and Asia. John Franklin and his men tragically lost their lives when they set off for the Arctic in 1845. Finally, Amundsen was the first to triumph over the legendary Northwest Passage in 1903 to 1906.
Experience this extraordinary route on board the HANSEATIC and the BREMEN. See the world with the eyes of great explorers: the lives of the Inuit, polar bears as they hunt for seals, musk oxen grazing in the tundra, white whales swimming next to and bald eagles flying above the HANSEATIC and the BREMEN – with you right in the middle.