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Come with us on a Cruise

Shore Excursions

Accompanied Excursions

Our shore excursions invite you to occasionally leave the ship and get to know the world from its many fascinating perspectives. Approach unfamiliar cultures, exotic customs and traditions or untouched landscapes so beautiful you will be delighted you saw them with your own eyes. Further attractions ashore include awe-inspiring buildings - some of them several thousands of years old – that will arouse your enthusiasm for our Earth on which there is so incredibly much to discover. Impressions which are bound to impress you.

Classic Excursions

On landscape or city tours you discover the most important sights and gain a first overview of the region visited. If your excursion spans the entire day or even several, the corresponding meals and beverages will, as a matter of course, be provided.

Late-Riser Excursions

Would you like to start the day with a copious breakfast on board in the morning? You are very welcome to do so — our late-riser excursions begin midway through the morning, and you return to the ship in the afternoon.

Activity Tours

Get to know the country and its locals at close range. For instance by joining a walk in small groups through a picturesque historic district or by snorkelling through an iridescent underwater world. Hikes in scenic landscapes or bicycle tours may also appeal to physically active guests.

Adventure Excursions

On adventure excursions, you discover the world from unusual and exciting perspectives, e.g. by plane, helicopter or on boat tours.

Expert Excursions (only with MS EUROPA)

Insiders’ tips by competent lecturers guide you to extraordinary experiences in the fields of architecture, art or history. In this context, doors to gardens, museums or churches frequently open that remain closed to others — enter and take a look behind the scenes.
Renowned experts accompanying the cruise will share their comprehensive knowledge with you in interesting lectures. Ashore, they point out to you the sights the average visitor does not immediately spot. Experiences in small groups that make a major impression.

Zodiac Landings (only with MS EUROPA)

Our on-board Zodiacs offer you unique opportunities in terms of making exciting discoveries. The manoeuvrable inflatables allow you to land even in remote bays or on lonely beaches. Our experienced Zodiac crew flexibly and safely takes you to the natural beauties of this Earth, some of which are still untouched.