On board MS HANSEATIC from Manila to Bali

Expedition Philippines and Sulawesi - A kaleidoscope of South East Asian islands

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Mysterious rituals, magical cultures and lush vegetation full of exotic species – in the wide expanse of this tropical island world, every expedition day on board the HANSEATIC is an explosion of colour. Experience secluded beaches, exotic landscapes and welcoming people.

from Manila to Bali

Cruise dates:from 06.10.2016 to 23.10.2016 (17 days)
Cruise number: HAN1619

This cruise will start shortly
Booking hotline +49 40 3070 3050

This cruise is operated in German. For individual programmes kindly ask our travel concierge.


Thu, 06.10.2016

Scheduled flight from Frankfurt to Manila

Fri, 07.10.2016

Manila/Philippines, departure 20.00 hrs

Sat, 08.10.2016
- Mon, 10.10.2016

Philippines (Pandan Islands , Malapascua , Tagbilaran)

Little-known beauty of the Philippines
According to legend, this archipelago was created by gods who were so delighted with the first island that they added several thousand more. Some of the most beautiful of the over 7,000 islands will be covered by your route on board the HANSEATIC, which thanks to its shallow draught will prove its expedition mettle in the shallow waters. On some of the Zodiac landings, you will feel like you are among the first people to discover a fascinating paradise. There is an exotic feel in the air, evoked by the scent of the palm trees on the Pandan Islands, for example. The leaves of these screw pines are used in South East Asian cooking, while the fruits are used in the beverage and perfume industries. The island is, quite simply, a sensory experience: walks in the rainforest, swimming off the white-sand beach or snorkelling above the reef, which is home to sea turtles and plenty of tropical fish. This will set the mood for your expedition days, which will continue in the secluded bays and idyllic fishing villages of the 2.5 km2 island of Malapascua. Enjoy an underwater Garden of Eden. The ocean will also provide plenty of surprises in the island province of Tagbilaran. What are assumed to be the remains of coral reefs which rose out of the sea long ago have created a landscape with around 1,200 dome-shaped hills. Marvel at the Chocolate Hills and Loboc River*, an emerald-green lifeline with overgrown shores. The sounds of exotic animals will form the backdrop to an adventurous kayak tour on the Abatan River*, which will lift the curtain on the jungle and provide an insight into the everyday lives of inhabitants.

Tue, 11.10.2016

Relaxation at sea

Wed, 12.10.2016
- Sat, 15.10.2016

Indonesia (Sulawesi Utara, Togian Islands , Banggai Islands )

Very personal facets of Indonesia
An ocean with around 17,000 islands and almost as many unforgettable moments awaits when the HANSEATIC explores tropical worlds. Your expedition will combine the lure of picturesque beaches and dazzling underwater worlds with the magic of traditional customs and rituals in the small villages. The warm climate and volcanic soil have produced a surprisingly diverse range of native animals and plants, as you will discover in the province of Sulawesi Utara, for example. From the coastal city of Bitung, you will embark on an evening excursion with local rangers to seek out nocturnal tarsiers in the Tangkoko jungle nature reserve*. The overgrown ficus forest houses over 230 species of bird as well as dwarf buffalo, babirusas, macaques and fruit bats. Traditional villages and nutmeg and coconut plantations will line your route to the Minahasa highlands*, home to an extremely musical people. A mystical atmosphere is created by limestone sarcophagi up to 2,000 years old, known as waruga. Between north and central Sulawesi, you will find the ideal spot for diving and snorkelling: the Togian Islands. The Zodiacs will once again be lowered into the crystal-clear water to allow you to explore the archipelago – for example, the private island of Bolilangga. This is a premiere destination for the HANSEATIC away from the mass tourism routes that you will share only with colourful marine creatures and perhaps some coconut crabs – the world’s largest species of land crab measuring up to 40 cm long and weighing 4 kg. The ring-shaped reefs are home to a range of colourful marine life, as are the coral reefs of Banggai Island, which is the home of the native cardinalfish. It is practically mandatory to make use of the snorkelling equipment while in this area. Be amazed as schools of fish pass by.

Sun, 16.10.2016

Relaxation at sea

Mon, 17.10.2016
- Wed, 19.10.2016

Lesser Sunda Islands (Flores, Komodo , Sumbawa )

The magic of Flores is due mainly to its people, whose lives are still shaped by ancestor veneration and spirits. A visit to a traditional village* with a welcome ceremony and wedding ritual will provide fascinating insights into one of Indonesia’s more than 300 cultures. Komodo is home to primeval monitor lizards, which can reach up to 3 m in length and 140 kg in weight. In Sumbawa, the focus is on the Bugis and their boat-building expertise. Their self-built wooden boats demonstrate the cultural heritage of this seafaring people. Will you figure out how the Bugis have been building boats for centuries without the use of blueprints?

Thu, 20.10.2016


Starting from the small coastal town of Parepare, you will meet even more fascinating inhabitants on a scenic journey to Toraja*, where the people are famous for their spectacular funeral ceremonies: elaborate sarcophagi stand upright in burial chambers hewn into the rock and are “watched over” by the Tau Tau. The carved effigies represent the dead. This long excursion, which begins early and finishes late, is well worth the effort and highlights the core aim of your expedition: experiencing the inspiring facets of the kaleidoscope of worlds in South East Asia.

Fri, 21.10.2016

Relaxation at sea

Sat, 22.10.2016

Benoa/Bali/Indonesia, arrival 6.00 hrs
Day room
Scheduled flight from Denpasar to Frankfurt

Sun, 23.10.2016

Arrival in Frankfurt

* The shore activities are not included in the cruise price and are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.

A change in itinerary may become necessary on this expedition. The captain will decide on the best possible alternative depending on local conditions.

= at anchor

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  • All landings or rides in the ship’s own Zodiacs or tenders (potential admission fees or guided tours by local tour guides not included)
  • Experienced experts give lectures, provide in-depth answers to questions about the cruising area and accompany Zodiac landings
  • Champagne awaits you in your cabin on your day of arrival
  • Mini bar filled with soft drinks in the cabin (refilled daily)
  • Flat screen, DVD player and Wi-Fi in every cabin. On the HANSEATIC, these also provide access to your private e-mail account as well as an integrated video-on-demand system
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  • Depending on the destination, warm parkas and rubber boots as well as snorkelling equipment, Nordic Walking poles and bicycles are provided on loan on board both expedition ships (subject to availability)
  • Free use of all on-board facilities (except services of the photo shop, hairdresser, massage, boutique, Internet)
  • Harbour and airport fees
  • Travel cancellation expenses insurance
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Attractive combination discount of € 400
Enjoy savings when you extend this cruise to include HAN1620.



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A biology specialist in the team of experts

Professor Dr. Oliver Krüger has won international renown in behavioural research and for studies into the evolution of reproduction strategies in birds and mammals. He will enthral you with his knowledge on board, in the Zodiacs and on excursions.



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This cruise will start shortly
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