On board MS HANSEATIC from Kangerlussuaq to Kangerlussuaq

Expedition to the North Pole: pioneers, pack ice and permafrost

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On this thrilling premiere expedition on board the HANSEATIC, follow the lifelines of great Arctic explorers – for your personal contribution to polar history. In the kingdom of polar bears, musk oxen, bizarre icebergs and glaciers, a riveting legend full of fascinating history is brought to life.

from Kangerlussuaq to Kangerlussuaq

Cruise dates:from 03.08.2017 to 21.08.2017 (18 days)
Cruise number: HAN1714

18 days cruise only incl. charter flights from € 11,990 per person

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This cruise is operated in German. For individual programmes kindly ask our travel concierge.
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Thu, 03.08.2017

Charter flight from Duesseldorf* to Kangerlussuaq
Kangerlussuaq/Greenland, departure 14.00 hrs

Fri, 04.08.2017
- Sat, 05.08.2017

Western coast of Greenland (Qeqertarsuaq, Uummannaq, Storoen)

Prologue along the western coast of Greenland
You will begin to follow in the wake of legendary pioneers when you reach Disko Island. In 1845, Qeqertarsuaq served as a station on John Franklin’s expedition before he went missing on the hunt for the Northwest Passage. Wander along bizarre rocks in the Windy Valley with its intense green tundra. Even more colourful are the facades of the wooden houses in Uummannaq, one of Greenland’s most beautiful settlements at the foot of a heart-shaped mountain over 1,000 m (3,280 ft) high. A walk here will also take you to “Santa’s summer house”. Landing on Storoen seems almost like landing on Mars. The “desert isle” displays many different shades of red. Ideal terrain for an excursion with your experts to look at Greenland’s geological history.

Sun, 06.08.2017

Relaxation at sea

Mon, 07.08.2017
- Thu, 10.08.2017

North Canadian Arctic (Baffin Island, Devon Island, Beechey Island, Ellesmere Island)

Adventure in the Canadian Arctic
Welcome to a region that fills the history books and offers pages of material for your travel diary! Passing through fields of drifting ice along remote coastlines, the HANSEATIC presses on to the settings of great exploratory achievements – all thanks to the highest ice class for passenger ships and the experience of the captain and crew. Whales and seals may appear at any time to provide a very special natural spectacle. On Baffin Island, typical regional dances tell of the Inuit traditions of the native inhabitants in Pond Inlet – a small settlement surrounded by water and ice. Devon Island, the largest uninhabited island on earth, also invites you to embark on numerous Zodiac explorations. Against a backdrop of spectacular glaciers and glistening ice, musk oxen, polar bears and Arctic hares will hopefully play a part in your experiences. In Dundas Harbor (Nunavut), for example, the remains of a Thule settlement and an abandoned station of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police bear silent witness to the past. On Beechey Island, your experts will tell fascinating tales of the fate of the Franklin expedition. Over 150 years ago, three members were laid to rest here. In keeping with the pioneering spirit that lives on in the HANSEATIC, the ship will press on into the mystical icy worlds of seldom-visited waters. Here, nature and thrilling experiences rule the day. In 1876, the expedition conducted by Hall and Hayes set an Arctic record when they reached the icy coast of Ellesmere Island.

Fri, 11.08.2017
- Tue, 15.08.2017

Nares Strait (including Pim Island, Hans Island, northern coast of Greenland depending on the ice)

Ice permitting, you will set sail for the Smith Sound between Greenland and Canada, just like all the legendary Arctic explorers before you. In 1909, American polar researcher Robert Edwin Peary travelled through here and the more northerly Nares Strait to become the first person to reach the North Pole. The excitement builds. How far into the territory of the icebreakers can the HANSEATIC actually go? If you succeed in landing on Pim Island, you will feel the drama of the Greely expedition, which fell victim to the icy winter of 1884 on the small, rocky island. With a little luck, you might see some polar bears and walruses here. What this region means today will become clear when passing by Hans Island: Canada and Denmark have been fighting over the island for years – and over future rights for fishing and oil production. At the icy end of the world, the northern coast of Greenland, you will add your own chapter to the history of Arctic exploration. The ice will determine the course of your cruise. Again and again, traces appear of legendary expeditions – such as those of Knud Rasmussen, Robert Edwin Peary and Elisha Kane. In addition to the views from the deck and experiences ashore, your experts will bring the legend of the North Pole to life with historical insights.

Wed, 16.08.2017
- Thu, 17.08.2017

North-western coast of Greenland (including Siorapaluk, Old Thule/North Star Bay, cruising off Cape York)

An exploration chapter beyond Thule
The north-western part of the world’s largest island is seldom visited by ships. Depending on the ice, you will discover legendary places that remain concealed from other visitors. On your way to Siorapaluk, Greenland’s northernmost settlement, you might spot some seals and whales. In the ice-covered natural surroundings, follow in the footsteps of polar researcher Knud Rasmussen and his numerous expeditions. For example, he founded the world’s most northerly trading post – as still evidenced today by Old Thule. From here, pioneers such as Robert Edwin Peary also set out for the North Pole. When you cruise off Cape York, a memorial preserves the legacy of these American explorers.

Fri, 18.08.2017

Relaxation at sea

Sat, 19.08.2017
- Sun, 20.08.2017

Western coast of Greenland (Ilulissat, Disko Bay, Sisimiut)

The glacier in the ice fjord of Ilulissat is a colossal natural sculpture. Marvel at the glistening ice masses gathered in the fjord on a hike with the experts. This will put you in the mood for an even greater experience: Disko Bay. When cruising and riding in the Zodiacs, watch the breathtaking sight of the ice formations slowly drifting through the bay. The colourful houses of Sisimiut, founded at the end of the 18th century as a missionary and trading post, provide a contrast to the blue of the ice. On a hike to Tele Island, you will enter the historic territory of an Inuit culture over 4,000 years old. And even if you feel reluctant to return to the present, this expedition will provide you with vivid memories for years to come.

Mon, 21.08.2017

Kangerlussuaq/Greenland, arrival 6.00 hrs
Charter flight Kangerlussuaq – Duesseldorf*

* Depending on the flight schedule, it may be necessary to change the airports of departure and arrival.

A change in itinerary may be required on this expedition. The captain will decide on the best possible alternative depending on weather and ice conditions.
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Geologist on the team of experts

How did the glaciers form at the poles? What can rocks, climate data and ice tell us about the evolution of our ecosystems? Geoscientist Heike Fries has the answers. With great passion, she will show you where nature reveals its own history.

A cruise for young explorers

A real adventure: discovering extraordinary regions, intensive experiences of the world and fascinating insights from well-versed experts – the proven expedition concept from Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is also used on cruises for young discoverers. Our experts will impart knowledge and analytical thinking in a varied and entertaining manner suitable for young people. Whether eventful hikes, Zodiac rides, examining specimens under a microscope, a spot of navigation, a course on sailors’ knots or age-appropriate talks, the crew and a renowned expert offer an exciting programme for those aged 10 to 17 years old, awakening young people’s curiosity and encouraging inquiring minds – and giving the entire family an expeditionary experience they will never forget.

A cruise for young explorers