On board MS HANSEATIC from Guayaquil to Belem

Expedition Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama - Treasures of Central and South America

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Natural treasures shape this premier HANSEATIC route between the Pacific and Caribbean: untouched picture-book islands with exotic flora and fauna, traces of colonial times and daytime passage through the Panama Canal.

from Guayaquil to Belem

Cruise dates:from 20.03.2017 to 11.04.2017 (22 days)
Cruise number: HAN1705

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Mon, 20.03.2017

Scheduled flight from Frankfurt to Guayaquil
Overnight stay with breakfast (mid-range hotel)

Tue, 21.03.2017

City tour
Guayaquil/Ecuador, departure 18.00 hrs

Wed, 22.03.2017

Isla de la Plata

Mysterious natural treasures
Your impressive expedition will take in eight countries featuring the most wonderful natural creations on earth, beginning with a natural beauty in Ecuador. Sir Francis Drake is said to have hidden a collection of silver on Isla de la Plata. You will not have to search for long to discover the true riches on a hike in Machalilla National Park: the bird life. A “Galapagos en miniature” with lava lizards, turkey vultures and rare blue-footed and Nazca gannets.

Thu, 23.03.2017
- Fri, 24.03.2017

Colombia (Isla Gorgona , Utria National Park )

Find tracks, don’t leave them behind: visit the rainforest island of Isla Gorgona – once a base for pirates, then the “Alcatraz of Colombia” and now a nature reserve. When it comes to the diversity of flora and fauna, however, the island is surpassed by the virtually untouched rainforests of Utria National Park. This is one of the world’s greatest examples of biodiversity, with anteaters, howler and spider monkeys, wild cats, deer and other species. Which will you spot?

Sat, 25.03.2017

Isla de Coiba/Panama

During a walk in the jungle or along the lagoon, the experts on board will continually hone your eye for unforgettable natural and animal sightings. This will allow you to view the natural beauty of Isla Coiba from another perspective, too. This is one of the many small, untouched islands in the national park designated a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

Sun, 26.03.2017
- Mon, 27.03.2017

Costa Rica (Bahia Drake , Papagayo Peninsula )

Costa Rica demonstrates in impressive fashion why its name means “rich coast” in Spanish. The natural treasures of Bahia Drake will prove as fascinating as the legendary privateer for whom the idyllic bay is named. The HANSEATIC will drop anchor here just as his ship did all that time ago. The destination: unforgettable moments on a hike in Corcovado National Park*, a pristine lowland rainforest. Alternatively, you can form a very special connection with nature during a horseback ride on the beach*. The HANSEATIC will allow you to discover the Papagayo Peninsula, a Garden of Eden with unspoilt beaches and considered Costa Rica’s untamed beauty of the Pacific coast.

Tue, 28.03.2017

San Juan del Sur/Nicaragua

Your adventure in Nicaragua starts in San Juan del Sur, as it did for the prospectors who left from here for the USA in the times of the gold rush. On an excursion, you can discover the flair of colonial times and trace the footsteps of the conquistadors in Granada*. Or you can let yourself be enchanted by the impressive Masaya Volcano* and the Santiago crater, which regularly produces clouds of smoke.

Wed, 29.03.2017

Golfito/Golfo Dulce/Costa Rica

Life is a little more peaceful in Costa Rica’s small coastal town of Golfito, where you can explore the picturesque beaches and pristine rainforest at your own pace.

Thu, 30.03.2017

Relaxation at sea

Fri, 31.03.2017

Daytime passage through the Panama Canal

Man-made and natural masterpieces
As if this green world did not have enough astounding sights, here lies yet another ahead of you – a legendary structure full of history and tales to tell, and a truly special highlight of your cruise: the Panama Canal. The unforgettable daytime passage on board the HANSEATIC will take you past grassland, lush jungle and mangrove forests for over 80 km.

Sat, 01.04.2017

San Blas Islands/Panama

This technical masterpiece is also South America’s breathtaking lifeline – and experience that lasts until you reach the Caribbean side of the San Blas Islands. The small autonomous island reserve of the Kuna indigenous people, famous for their elaborately decorated molas, shows its picture-book side on Isla Diablo. Even more colourful is the landscape of Curacao with its turquoise water.

Sun, 02.04.2017

Relaxation at sea

Mon, 03.04.2017


Historic Willemstad is a Dutch treasure of palm trees with its canals, pastel-coloured houses and the historic Fort Amsterdam. Enjoy the Caribbean atmosphere on a city tour* through the romantic alleys, or trace the history of slavery on an island tour* to Boca Tabla in the national park.

Tue, 04.04.2017

Relaxation at sea

Wed, 05.04.2017


On Tobago, Scarborough will quell your yearning for relaxation on the Caribbean coast under an azure sky. “Hustle and bustle” is a foreign concept here. But the secrets of the huge trees, plants and tropical birds are much more familiar, as you will find out on a walk through the rainforest*. The marvels continue under the water on a trip in a glass-bottom boat* over diverse coral gardens.

Thu, 06.04.2017

Entspannung auf See

Fri, 07.04.2017

Ile Royale/Iles du Salut/French Guiana

French Guiana will show you the thrilling side of life surrounded by tropical vegetation. Let yourself be enchanted by the fascinating former penal colony of Ile Royale, and take the feeling of Caribbean freedom home with you.

Sat, 08.04.2017

Relaxation at sea

Sun, 09.04.2017

Belem/Brazil, arrival 22.30 hrs (subject to the tides)
Overnight stay on board

Mon, 10.04.2017

Scheduled flight from Belem to Frankfurt

Tue, 11.04.2017

Arrival in Frankfurt

* The shore activities are not included in the cruise price and are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.

A change in itinerary may become necessary on this expedition. The captain will decide on the best possible alternative depending on local conditions.

= at anchor

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