On board MS HANSEATIC from Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq

Intensive expedition to Iceland and Greenland - Fire and ice in the Arctic Circle

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Are you ready for a breathtaking expedition with the HANSEATIC on both sides of the Arctic Circle? The Zodiacs are truly in their element on the fissured shores of Iceland and between Greenland’s wild fjords and mountainous coastline. Each day brings new thrills with spectacular natural experiences in a world of elemental grandeur.

from Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq

Cruise dates:from 30.06.2015 to 15.07.2015 (15 days)
Cruise number: HAN1513

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This is a bilingual cruise with English shore excursions. [Read more]


Tue, 30.06.2015

Scheduled flight Frankfurt – Keflavik
Journey to Reykjavik/Iceland, departure 19.00 hrs

Wed, 01.07.2015

Grundarfjoerdur, from 8.00 to 19.00 hrs

Iceland’s hot and cold world of contrasts
In Iceland, the elemental power of creation is more tangible than almost anywhere else on earth. This becomes immediately apparent on a foray through the fishing village of Grundarfjoerdur thanks to the unique landscape composed of deep-blue fjords and towering glaciated mountains. If you are feeling fit, you can opt for the hike on Kirkjufell Mountain*, which has ice-age glaciers to thank for its spectacular tapered shape. Archaic powers also play a part in Snaefellsjoekull volcano, which soars above all others and whose glacier-covered cap was immortalised by Jules Verne in his novel A Journey to the Center of the Earth. The gigantic volcano and the beautifully dramatic landscape that surrounds it reveal their secrets on the panoramic trip to the westerly Snaefellsnes peninsula*.

Thu, 02.07.2015

Isafjoerdur, from 8.00 to 19.00 hrs

Lined by steep mountain slopes, the picturesque town of Isafjoerdur has a port whose numerous, solidly built fishing boats indicate a great fishing tradition. Take a boat trip to the former Hesteyri whaling station* and gain some real insights into the isolated existence of the inhabitants in times gone by. Or cruise the fjord in a kayak* to feel the magic of Onundarfjoerdur.

Fri, 03.07.2015

Akureyri, from 8.00 to 19.00 hrs

At the end of Eyjafjoerdur lies the district capital of Akureyri. The typical Icelandic way of life is best enjoyed at the foot of the frequently snow-covered Logmannshlid. Godafoss waterfall and Lake Myvatn* soothe any longings for idyllic natural phenomena: the latter an eldorado for ornithologists as the stomping ground of many species of duck.

Sat, 04.07.2015

Siglufoerdur , Grimsey

Large shoals of herring once helped Siglufoerdur to grow. After landing, you will set out in search of the former “world capital of herring fishing”. Throw all preconceptions about “Arctic cold” overboard when you reach Grimsey: although the island is intersected by the Arctic Circle, the climate here is astonishingly mild. A lush, green landscape with cliffs that drop straight down to the sea, diverse plant species and large colonies of birds will encourage you to join a guided walk.

Sun, 05.07.2015

Relaxation at sea

Mon, 06.07.2015

Cruise along the eastern coast of Greenland

Fascination of the world’s largest island
Majestic glaciers, deep fjords, bays, inlets and lonely hills – when Greenland appears on the horizon, superlatives are guaranteed. The Zodiacs are in their element here, too, enabling you to experience nature and encounter ancient cultures. Subject to weather conditions, the wonder of Greenland begins on the eastern coast as you cruise through the ice. Mountains up to 1,000 m high frame the tundra with magnificent glaciers and waterfalls – an unforgettable experience.

Tue, 07.07.2015

Passage through Prins Christian Sund (depending on ice)

As you pass through Prins Christian Sund, the natural beauty of the Arctic will unfold its breathtaking fascination in bountiful splendour. Further to the west, ice floes populate the narrow passages, spectacular mountain panoramas rise up on the shores, and some of the glaciers extend all the way to the sea.

Wed, 08.07.2015
- Tue, 14.07.2015

Western coast of Greenland (Alluitsoq , Unartoq , Hvalsey , Qaqortoq , Nuuk , Maniitsoq , cruise through Sermilinguaqfjord, Qeqertarsuaq , Ilulissat , Disko Bay , Sisimiut )

In the abandoned settlement of Alluitsoq, the historic buildings and the small cemetery still bear the signs of the Herrnhuter missionaries. They used lively musical religious services to draw people from the surrounding settlements into the town. Today, you can get that proverbial “heavenly” feeling by bathing in the geothermal springs at Unartoq. The latest research suggests that the Vikings were positively addicted to bathing. They founded the settlement of Hvalsey: exploring the mysterious church ruins, you almost expect to run into one of the gruff Norsemen. To get a taste for modern life, take a Zodiac ride to colourful Qaqortoq, where the Stone and Man project presents contemporary Greenlandic art. Old and new merge in typically Greenlandic fashion in the capital, Nuuk, whose hills are covered with colourful houses. Fascinating information about the island’s settlement history can be found in the Greenland National Museum, whose greatest treasures are mummies more than 500 years old. A no less surprising discovery for 18th century Dutch whalers were the alpine peaks of Maniitsoq, which is why they named them Sukkertoppen – or “sugar loaves”. For sweeping views of the breathtaking landscape and fjords, try the 193 m high Hausberg.
Take your front-row seats for the next spectacular nature experience: from the deck of the HANSEATIC, cruise the Sermilinguaqfjord to watch nesting puffins, razorbills and black guillemots in the rocks and marvel at the enormous ice walls at the end of the fjord. Don your walking shoes again in Qeqertarsuaq, which offers fantastic opportunities to explore the legendary Windy Valley. Lively Ilulissat is the starting point for hikes to the world-famous Icefjord, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site completely covered in ice. As you then cruise the ice-covered Disko Bay, nature puts on an impressive show, with gigantic ice masses towering before your eyes. Watching from the Zodiacs, it seems almost unreal as the drifting icebergs perform their magical “water ballet”, shimmering in the sunlight. These impressions will follow you all the way to Sisimiut. As you independently explore the museum town with its gate made of whale jaw bones or accompany the experts on a natural history walk to Tele Island with relics of the whaling era, one thing becomes clear: you will never forget the many facets of both sides of the Arctic Circle.

Wed, 15.07.2015

Kangerlussuaq, arrival 6.00 hrs
Charter flight Kangerlussuaq – Hamburg

* The shore activities are not included in the cruise price and are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.

A change in itinerary may become necessary on this expedition to the Arctic. The captain will decide on the best possible alternative depending on weather and ice conditions.

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A marine biology specialist in the team of experts

He knows how to make life in the polar seas exciting for you: marine biologist and research diver Dr Stephan Kremb worked at the Max Planck Institute and was involved in building up the SEA LIFE Munich aquarium. He is currently working with bioactive compounds from marine organisms at the Red Sea Research Centre in Saudi Arabia.