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Expedition to the Azores - A hiker’s dream in the Azores and whale watching

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Set sail on the HANSEATIC for the nine islands of the Azores in the most beautiful season for cruising. This refuge of numerous marine mammals will give you a good chance at spectacular encounters with sperm whales, fin whales and pilot whales, not to mention dolphins. Breathtaking scenery, including deep-blue crater lakes, black lava fields, volcanic cones and colourful fishing villages await your discovery as part of hikes and exciting Zodiac rides and landings.

from Tenerife to Lisbon

Cruise dates:from 16.05.2015 to 30.05.2015 (14 days)
Cruise number: HAN1509

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Sat, 16.05.2015

Scheduled flight from Frankfurt – Madrid – Tenerife**
Santa Cruz de Tenerife/Tenerife/Spain, departure 21.00 hrs

Sun, 17.05.2015

Relaxation at sea

Mon, 18.05.2015


A kaleidoscope of colours and landscapes
It is hard to believe there are so many surprising facets of Madeira, Portugal’s green oasis in the Atlantic. During your spectacular arrival in the port of Funchal, you will have a view over the high mountains that surround the city. Setting out, a jeep tour of Madeira* will lead you out of the city and through winding streets to fishing villages and up to the 1,500-metre-high Paul da Serra plateau. You can also enjoy dreamlike vistas, as well as insights into the island’s famous irrigation system, on a levada walk* along the stone lifeline which runs for over 2,000 kilometres through the beautiful countryside. Like a settler and seafarer of old, the HANSEATIC will continue northwest until an Atlantis-like archipelago suddenly appears before you: the Azores. These islands, which owe much to their formation, are now a mostly unknown destination for demanding explorers. Lakes surrounded by flowers and lush volcanic craters are punctuated with green valleys and bustling towns. Unforgettable panoramic views and expedition moments are guaranteed, whilst the captain and crew set a flexible course in line with the daily conditions.

Tue, 19.05.2015

Relaxation at sea

Wed, 20.05.2015

Sao Miguel/Azores

Thu, 21.05.2015

Sao Jorge

Sao Jorge is known for its distinctive high plateaus and volcanic cones. The many fajas – lush green stretches of land formed by cooled lava – are a treat for the eyes. Take advantage of the breathtaking photo opportunities on a hike along the cliff line, which is perhaps the most beautiful of all the Azores.

Fri, 22.05.2015

Western Azores (Flores , Corvo ),

With a little luck you, will spot pilot whales, Risso’s dolphins and striped dolphins in the waters of Flores, the island of flowers. The wonders will shift from the water to the colours of the flowers when you hike along ancient island trails*. You can enjoy pure natural beauty when you travel to crater lakes and waterfalls* – not to mention beautiful panoramic views.

The eternal fascination of volcanoes and whales
Even from afar, Corvo, the smallest of the Azores, stands out from the others. A mountain, as seen from the sea, which opens up into a volcanic crater when you go ashore with the experts. The isolated, tranquil UNESCO Biosphere Reserve is ideal for observing birds and majestic marine mammals.

Sat, 23.05.2015
- Tue, 26.05.2015

Central Azores (Pico , Faial, Graciosa, Terceira)

The region is dominated by the highest volcano in Portugal, which is located on Pico. The landscape is characterised by over 100 other volcanoes and jet-black rock. Here, the whales are a dominant species, too. They guarantee special expedition moments and are the subject of exciting presentations by the experts on board. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take a local boat in search of these giants of the oceans*. The excursion to find out more about the history of whaling on Pico* will show that even more tradition is entwined with these gentle giants than the city arms would suggest. In contrast, the famous Verdelho grape is the main focus of a hike through the vineyards of Criacao Velha*. The chapter on marine mammals will continue on the island of Faial, where you can marvel at relics of the whaling era at the former whaling station of Porto Pim. Or opt for a scenic journey to the Capelinhos volcano*.

Pentecost Monday, when the HANSEATIC will press on to the little-known island of Graciosa, will be a day of celebration in two ways. The Portuguese celebrate their Dia da Autonomia, or independence day, to mark the events of 1976. For you, this day will be a celebration of exciting natural phenomena. On the excursion to Graciosa, the “graceful island” of small villages and volcanoes*, you will descend to the sulphur cave of Furna do Enxofre and enjoy a spectacle of untamed nature. Even historic privateers such as Francis Drake were drawn by the wealth of Terceira. Today, the island’s treasure is its natural scenery in the bustling, colourful capital city of Angra do Heroismo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can experience it all on a hike on Terceira*.

Wed, 27.05.2015

Santa Maria

In 1493, Columbus stopped off at the island of Santa Maria on his homeward journey. Follow in his footsteps on a tour of the “island of the sun”*. Your memories of this expedition will also appear set in stone, remaining vivid so you can happily reminisce whenever you wish.

Thu, 28.05.2015
- Fri, 29.05.2015

Relaxation at sea

Sat, 30.05.2015

Lisbon, arrival 7.00 hrs
Scheduled flight from Lisbon to Germany

*  The shore excursions are not covered by the cruise price and are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.
** Our tip for your direct arrival at the cruise departure point: instead of a connection with a changeover in Madrid, many charter airlines offer direct flights. You can find out more and book flights at your travel agency.

A change in itinerary may become necessary on this expedition to the Azores. The captain will decide on the best possible alternative depending on local conditions.

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Marine mammal specialists in the team of experts

Andrea and Wilfried Steffen have been working to protect the whales and dolphins for years, and they have their own research centre in the Caribbean. Their sperm whale protection project Dominika was awarded the environmental prize Trophée des Femmes in 2012. On board, the two authors of a number of publications will discuss the fragile marine life in vivid detail.