On board MS HANSEATIC from Callao to Belem

Panama Canal expedition - exotic habitat of advanced civilisations

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Follow the secrets of lost cultures on an expedition deep into the jungle. Temples and pyramids, Native American customs and colonial heritage, exotic animal species and paradisaical island worlds – the treasures of South America are revealed to you on numerous Zodiac excursions. One of the highlights: the passage through the Panama Canal enables you to experience the Pacific and Atlantic sides of the continent.

from Callao to Belem

Cruise dates:from 16.03.2015 to 07.04.2015 (22 days)
Cruise number: HAN1505

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This cruise is operated in German. For individual programmes kindly ask our travel concierge.


Mon, 16.03.2015

Scheduled flight Frankfurt – Lima
overnight stay with breakfast

Tue, 17.03.2015

City tour
Callao (Lima)/Peru, departure 17.00 hrs

Wed, 18.03.2015

Salaverry, from 13.00 to 19.00 hrs

Baffling relics and mysterious nature
It seems as if the ship’s propeller of the HANSEATIC has turned back time and revived advanced civilisations that are thousands of years old – such as the spectacular legacy of the Chimu near Salaverry: explore Huaca Dragon temple and Chan Chan*, the largest archaeological site of the continent. See the ruins of important Chimu sacred sites and the former settlement area of the approximately 2,000 year-old Mochica in the Moche valley with the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon*. The imposing buildings – one built from millions of mud bricks, the other decorated vibrant paintings and friezes – give you an indication of how the grace of the gods was courted.

Thu, 19.03.2015

Relaxation at sea

Fri, 20.03.2015

Isla de la Plata/Ecuador

Ecuador’s natural beauty is in no way inferior to the culture of Peru. Allegedly, Sir Francis Drake buried silver treasure on the Isla de la Plata. You don’t need to search for long to find true riches: the animal kingdom, including the rare blue-footed and Nazca booby birds, turkey vultures and dolphins.

Sat, 21.03.2015

Manta, departure 15.00 hrs



Sun, 22.03.2015

Relaxation at sea

Mon, 23.03.2015

Bay of San Miguel/Panama

Central America’s green heart and the Panama Canal
Explore the particularly spectacular green heart of Panama in the Bay of San Miguel: traditional boats take you into the Darien Jungle, the largest contiguous rainforest in Central America. A seemingly impenetrable habitat of jaguars, tapirs, pumas and macaws. Meet the Choco native people in this species-rich habitat, who live in secluded villages deep in the jungle, and find out more about their traditional everyday life.

Tue, 24.03.2015

Day trip through the Panama Canal

As if this green world did not provide enough reasons to be amazed, suddenly right in front of you is a legend full of history and tales – and a very special highlight of your cruise: the Panama Canal. The unforgettable day passage on the HANSEATIC takes you on more than 80 kilometres past savannas, green rainforest and mangrove forests. A technical masterpiece, the extension of which should be completed by 2014.

Wed, 25.03.2015

San Blas

Arriving on the Caribbean side of Panama, you are welcomed by the archipelago of San Blas and Kuna Indians and their elaborately adorned molas.

Thu, 26.03.2015

Cartagena/Colombia, from 8.00 to 17.00 hrs

Treasures of Colombia and Grenada
One of the most beautiful cities in South America is historic Cartagena*. It was declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1984, and one year later elevated to monument status in a novel by the Noble Prize winner for literature Gabriel García Márquez. See the reasons for this on a tour within the preserved city walls. Discover further insights on a Spanish galleon – the Cartagena – from the water*.

Fri, 27.03.2015

Relaxation at sea

Sun, 29.03.2015

St George’s/Grenada, from 12.00 to 17.00 hrs

Sat, 28.03.2015

Oranjestad/Aruba/Netherlands Antilles, from 7.00 to 17.00 hrs

Dutch roots meet the bright, natural light of the Caribbean on Aruba. The people here speak Dutch and the bright houses with their wooden doors and delft tiles tell the story of their origins. Yet Aruba’s true landmark has been created by nature: its landscape is characterised by divi-divi trees, cactus fields, white sand dunes and impressive rock formations. Explore Aruba on land and underwater* and discover the extraordinary diversity of the region. Explore the island in a fun and active way as part of a buggy safari on Aruba*.

Sun, 29.03.2015

Islas Los Roques/Venezuela

A national park made up of island gems in turquoise waters awaits you. After landing with the Zodiacs, you can enjoy the peacefulness of the white sandy beach or do some swimming or snorkelling, and there are plenty of idyllic photo opportunities.

Mon, 30.03.2015

El Guámache /Isla Margarita, from 7.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs

The Caribbean island of Isla Margarita is part of the Lesser Antilles and is referred to affectionately by its inhabitants as “Isla Bonita”. Isla Margarita is known for its enchanting, idyllic beaches and fascinating history: Christopher Columbus discovered the island in August 1498 and named it after its abundance of pearls (Margarita means “pearl”). Legend has it that the pearl fishers bestowed great gifts upon him. Discover majestic table mountains or even the world’s highest waterfall, Angel Falls, on a flight to Canaima National Park*. Those who like to explore the island in a more active way will be in their element on a kayak tour through the mangroves*.

Tue, 31.03.2015
- Wed, 01.04.2015

Port of Spain/Trinidad, from 12.00 to 20.00 hrs
Scarborough/Tobago, from 7.00 to 15.00 hrs

Trinidad and Tobago are entirely different. Trinidad was also given its name by Christopher Columbus – he named the island after its trio of spectacular mountain peaks. The mountains are covered by virtually untouched rainforests. Gain an overview of Trinidad on a scenic journey to Maracas Bay with a stop at the beach*. In contrast to the previous excursion, the focus of the boat trip through the Caroni Bird Sanctuary* will be on the fauna. Here you can gain fascinating insights into the diverse bird population of the island.

Tobago is much smaller, extremely relaxed and lined with idyllic beaches, bays and cliffs. Calypso was invented on Trinidad and Tobago, as was carnival according to the islanders. On a walk in the rainforest*, you will gain an insight into the diverse flora and fauna of this ecological conservation area. Explore the marine world of Tobago on a trip in a glass-bottom boat*. You can view the sea life, corals and reef formations through the boat’s glass bottom.

Thu, 02.04.2015

Relaxation at sea

Fri, 03.04.2015

Ile Royale/Iles du Salut/French Guiana

Sat, 04.04.2015
- Sun, 05.04.2015

Relaxation at sea

Mon, 06.04.2015

Belem/Brazil, Arrival 0.30 hrs (subject to tides)

Scheduled flight Belem – Frankfurt

Tue, 07.04.2015

Arrival in Frankfurt

* These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The listed shore activities are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.

= at anchor

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Biology specialist in the expert team

Prof. Oliver Krüger has established

an international reputation in behavioural studies and research into

the evolution of reproduction strategies in birds and mammals. On board,

he will inspire you with his knowledge of the fascinating behaviours of

humans and animals in South America.