On board MS HANSEATIC from Ushuaia to Callao

Chilean fjords expedition - majestic nature at the end of the world

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The high in contrast country of Chile invites you to hike, discover and marvel: imposing glaciers, tranquil fjords and lakes, bizarre volcanoes – crowned by a animal and plant kingdom which are rich in species. Enjoy an exciting expedition, the route of which will be characterised by outstanding experiences.

from Ushuaia to Callao

Cruise dates:from 26.02.2015 to 18.03.2015 (20 days)
Cruise number: HAN1504

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This is a bilingual cruise with English shore excursions. [Read more]


Thu, 26.02.2015

Scheduled flight Germany – Buenos Aires

Fri, 27.02.2015

City tour, overnight stay with breakfast

Sat, 28.02.2015

Charter flight to Ushuaia/Argentina, departure 19.00 hrs

Sun, 01.03.2015
- Fri, 06.03.2015

Chile's fjord world (travelling the Beagle Channel, passing the Garibaldi Glacier, travelling through the Strait of Magellan, Punta Arenas, Isla Magdalena **, Puerto Natales, cruising through the Chilean world of fjords, passing the Pio XI Glacier)

Magical Tierra del Fuego
The extensive island and fjord landscape of Chile is indisputably one of the dream destinations of this world. On board the small, agile HANSEATIC, you will advance into the depths of an untouched region. Tierra del Fuego will kindle your excitement when you see the glaciers, mountains, lakes and the many species of animals. An unforgettable scenario forms the start of your cruise in the Beagle Channel. The Garibaldi Glacier towers impressively above you, its blue shimmering tongue of ice promising a great panorama. Spotting marine birds and seals near the terrific ice cliff will conquer your explorer heart. Enjoy close-up experiences on the Zodiacs. Depending on local authorisations, your expedition will be enriched by a number of rides and landings. Following in the wake of the first circumnavigator, the HANSEATIC travels through the famous Strait of Magellan. From Punta Arenas, the “city at the edge of the world”, go on a walking tour in Magellan National Park* and explore the unique flora with lenga and coigue trees. Unforgettable moments are also provided by the countless Magellanic penguins in the penguin colony at Otway Bay*. Their habitat appears all the more fascinating on  Isla Magdalena – inhabited by vast numbers of these curious “tuxedo wearers”. You have a box seat on the deck of the HANSEATIC, and can enjoy thrilling sights as your journey continues – for instance, in the Smyth and Union Channel, before you reach Puerto Natales. This is the capital city of the region and starting point of your explorations in Torres del Paine National Park*, where views alternate between turquoise mountain lakes, roaring rivers and extensive forests. The three needle-like, roughly 3,000-metre-high, steep, towering granite mountains are phenomenal. The majestic Andean condors will also cause a sensation as they frequently circle overhead. You will also encounter rheas, flamingos and Magellan geese. Off of the usual tourist track, you can get active and find “happiness on Earth”: on a ride through the Patagonian Pampas*.

Even more excitement: the HANSEATIC heads for the surrounding fjord landscape. A highlight is the extraordinary views of the mighty Pio XI Glacier. The eternal ice falling into the sea from the roughly 40-metre-high ice cliff is a spectacular sight to behold.

Sat, 07.03.2015


Just as magnificent: Chiloe Island, which invites you on a botanic walking tour* in its 43,000 hectares of national park. In the city of Castro, you will be enchanted by the characteristic wooden churches, which are part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site along with the houses on stilts, which are the focus of an island excursion*.

Sun, 08.03.2015

Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt is another friendly little town in the southern Andes. The spectacular natural environment in which people live can be seen on an excursion to the Chilean Lake District*. From the perspective of the Andean condor, a scenic flight over volcanoes and lakes* lets you experience the roaring Petrohue waterfalls, the Emerald Lake and the tremendous volcano panoramas in most spectacular fashion.

Mon, 09.03.2015


Tue, 10.03.2015

Relaxation at sea

Wed, 11.03.2015

Valparaiso, from 05.00 to 18.00 hrs

From the urban jungle to untouched Pacific worlds
The cultural capital of Chile, Valparaiso, is regarded to be a "little San Francisco" and stretches across a multitude of hills. Let the atmosphere wash over you, or visit the vibrant metropolis Santiago de Chile*, melting pot of cultures with architectural heritage from the colonial period.

Wed, 11.03.2015

Valparaiso, departure 18.00 hrs

Thu, 12.03.2015

Isla Damas , cruising by the Isla Chanaral

Your Zodiac landing on the small Isla Damas (subject to authorisation) is entirely devoted to wildlife observation – the habitat of Humboldt penguins, cormorants and turkey vultures. And there are more opportunities to spot wildlife on the Zodiac ride around the Isla Chanaral, known for its seal colonies, pelicans and sea lions.

Fri, 13.03.2015

Puerto Caldera

Insights into the everyday lives of people who live from mining and fishing are provided by the small location of Puerto Caldera. Relax on the beach of Bahia Inglesa before heading to the Paracas Peninsula ahead of the shores of Peru – one of the largest marine reserves in South America.

Sat, 14.03.2015
- Sun, 15.03.2015

Relaxation at sea

Mon, 16.03.2015

Paracas (Pisco)/Peru

Solve the mystery of the more than 2,000 year-old artifact on a flight over the secret Nazca Lines*. How were the monumental animal pictures and geometric figures produced in the desert? The animal paradise of the Islas Ballestas* is similarly impressive: seals, sea lions and Inca terns bid you a fascinating farewell.

Tue, 17.03.2015

Callao (Lima)/Peru, arrival 7.00 hrs
city tour, scheduled flight Lima – Frankfurt

Wed, 18.03.2015

Arrival in Frankfurt

*   These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The listed shore activities are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.
** subject to approval

= at anchor

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Ethnology specialist in the expert team

Even in his student days, ethnologist Dietmar Neitzke lived

in Mexico and deepened his knowledge of native cultures. His interests

lie in other philosophies, mentalities, shamanism, traditional medicine,

cultural ecology and development problems. This expert in museum

education will sketch a lively picture of Chile’s cultures.