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Expedition to Wrangel Island and Chukchi Peninsula - Explorers Wanted – for Untamed Wilderness

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Even if you have travelled to the extremes of the earth, you will be treading new ground on this expedition premiere with the HANSEATIC. Set course for the Chukchi Peninsula and its unknown coasts to the east and north – for some intensive wildlife observations and exciting insights into the lives of the indigenous people. Your expeditionary experiences intensify still further as the ship first heads towards the legendary Wrangel Island. A Russian prohibited zone for many decades and scarcely accessible even today due to the icy conditions, this is true pioneering territory in the most magnificent natural setting.

from Vancouver to Vancouver

Cruise dates:from 28.07.2014 to 15.08.2014 (19 days)
Cruise number: HAN1413

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Mon, 28.07.2014

Scheduled flight Germany – Vancouver
Overnight stay with breakfast

Tue, 29.07.2014

Charter flight to Nome/Alaska/USA, departure 24.00 hrs

Wed, 30.07.2014

Relaxation at sea

Thu, 31.07.2014

Crossing the International Date Line (one day will be lost)

Fri, 01.08.2014
- Tue, 05.08.2014

Chukchi Peninsula/Russia (incl. Provideniya, Janrakynnot , Lorino , Kolyuchinskaya Bay , Kolyuchin Island , Cape Vankarem )

Expansive Wilderness on the Chukchi Peninsula
Look forward to fantastic expeditionary territory: the expansive, pristine Chukchi Peninsula in remotest north-east Russia. The HANSEATIC is one of the few ships that head for not only the eastern but also the northern coast of the peninsula – for unforgettable days filled with expedition experiences and pioneering spirit. Its wild coasts are home to whales, sea birds, walruses and seals, which you will see from close quarters on exciting Zodiac rides and landings. Just as spectacular as the close-up wildlife observations are the insights into the culture of the Chukchi people who, for many generations, have cultivated their nomadic traditions and live off hunting and trapping as well as reindeer breeding. The small museum in Provideniya holds interesting exhibits on the culture and nature of the peninsula, perfectly setting the mood for the days to come. As you head towards Janrakynnot, you may see some majestic grey whales. Both there and in Lorino, you will gain fascinating insights into everyday life and the traditions of the Chukchi people before you follow in the footsteps of great discoverers with the HANSEATIC en route through the Bering Strait. Far away from the customary routes, you will be setting course for regions that are only seldom visited, such as the expansive Kolyuchinskaya Bay. On the flat sandbanks, emperor geese can often be spotted, while whales and seals roam the seas. Keep a lookout here, too, for rare yellow-billed loons, snow geese and eider ducks. In the lagoon lies Kolyuchin Island, its steep cliffs a nesting site for guillemots, cormorants and puffins. With luck you may even get your first sighting here of polar bears ... Continue your breathtaking wildlife observations at Cape Vankarem, when – accompanied by skuas and Arctic terns – you hike with the experts across the flat headlands, and perhaps come across a walrus or two.

Wed, 06.08.2014
- Sat, 09.08.2014

Wrangel Island/Chukchi Sea

Wrangel Island: Little-Known UNESCO World Natural Site
The very approach is beyond compare – now for the first time, the HANSEATIC sets course for the deserted coasts of Wrangel Island which, even in summer, is often surrounded by a thick belt of drift ice. Look forward to exciting hours on deck when the ship, with its ice-proofed hull, inexorably clears a channel that leads you directly into a pioneering adventure. Polar bears hunting for seals can often be seen on the belt of drift ice. The HANSEATIC will stay here for four intensive days as you explore the most beautiful aspects of Wrangel Island. On numerous Zodiac rides and landings you will get to know this isle of rugged beauty so often shrouded in fog – a mystic, unforgettable atmosphere. Wrangel Island is the only Arctic island that is not covered by glaciers, although there are impressive mountain ranges that rise to heights of up to 1,100 metres in its interior. Fossil findings confirm that this was one of the last refuges for the mammoth.
When you tread this new ground, you cannot help but be amazed at the lushly flowering tundra whose lichens, mosses and ferns weave a kaleidoscopic tapestry such as you would never anticipate in the Arctic. The island has been a UNESCO World Naturals Site since 2004. The wildlife here, too, will cast its spell. Steep rocks form the nesting site for numerous species of birds, while far-ranging hikes through the tundra offer you the opportunity to feast your eyes on the fantastic massifs and scan the vast, still landscape for musk oxen, reindeer and polar bears.

Sun, 10.08.2014

Relaxation at sea

Mon, 11.08.2014
- Tue, 12.08.2014

Chukchi Peninsula
(Cape Deschnyow , cruising off Big Diomede, Yittigran Island )
Crossing the International Date Line (gain a day)

Grand finale between the Continents
Still overwhelmed by your experiences on Wrangel Island, you reach the north-easterly extremity of the Eurasian land mass. In good weather, you can even see as far as Alaska from Cape Deschnyow. Travel between the Old and New worlds as the HANSEATIC takes you past the Diomede Islands, a good spot for sighting walruses: Big Diomede belongs to Russia, Little Diomede to the USA – and the International Date Line runs exactly between the two. Finally, on Yittigran Island you will encounter an impressive avenue of whale jaw bones. A masterpiece of Arctic art – and the last highlight on an unforgettable expedition teeming with highlights.

Tue, 12.08.2014

Nome/Alaska/USA, Arrival 19.00 hrs
Overnight stay on board

Wed, 13.08.2014

Charter flight to Vancouver
Overnight stay with breakfast

Thu, 14.08.2014

Scheduled flight Vancouver – Germany

Fri, 15.08.2014

Arrival in Germany

Important note on this expedition:
The HANSEATIC is one of the few ships ever to undertake this cruise adventure to Wrangel Island. It goes without saying that we have planned this expedition with the greatest care on the basis of average ice and weather data and have worked closely with the Russian authorities. The authorities do, however, reserve the right to issue the necessary authorisations at the last moment or, if necessary, to withhold them. For this reason, or due to the ice situation, a change in itinerary may become necessary. Depending on the local conditions, the captain will then decide on the best possible alternatives.

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A specialist in geophysics amongst the team of experts

Steffen Graupner has been

accompanying numerous expeditions to the mountains and volcanoes of

Kamchatka since 1993. The volcanologist will enthral you with his talks,

a thrilling synthesis of his own experiences and scientific findings

from his study of geophysics, meteorology and geology.