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Expedition to Siberia - Primorye: Terra Incognita ...

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They still exist – those unspoilt spots on this earth. Away from the explored regions of civilisation lies terra incognita – the unknown territory. Join a premiere expedition on the HANSEATIC to experience one of the most remote corners of the world and explore the region of Primorye, taking in the unspoilt nature of the deep south-east of Siberia.

from Shanghai to Tokyo

Cruise dates:from 10.05.2014 to 27.05.2014 (18 days)
Cruise number: HAN1408

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This is a bilingual cruise with English shore excursions. [Read more]


Sat, 10.05.2014

Scheduled flight Germany – Shanghai

Sun, 11.05.2014

Shanghai/China, departure 19.00 hrs (subject to tides)

Mon, 12.05.2014

Relaxation at sea

Tue, 13.05.2014

Pusan/Republic of Korea

Cultural Contrasts from Korea to Vladivostok
Surrounded by numerous small bays and with islands lying off the coast, the natural harbour of Pusan will welcome you. Take a City Tour with Tea Culture* and enjoy some personal insights into the life of the Korean people, or follow in the footsteps of religious devotees on a Visit to Gyeongju*. The Bulguksa Temple bears impressive witness to the blossoming of Buddhist art and is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. From here the HANSEATIC sets course for the wild wastes of Siberia.

Wed, 14.05.2014

Relaxation at sea

Thu, 15.05.2014

Zarubino/Siberia/Russia (technical stop)
Rimsky Islands

You will find out why the region around the Rimsky Islands nature reserve is also called the “pearl of Primorye” as you glide along the spectacular green coastline. As you sail in your Zodiac across this pristine natural environment, you can observe countless species of birds and, with luck, spotted seals.

Fri, 16.05.2014

Vladivostok, arrival 15.00 hrs

You will discover a delightful contrast to these cultural experiences in Vladivostok, the last station of the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway. Take a City Tour* and explore the various architectural styles and sights, including the Memorial Submarine S-56 Museum. The diverse sides of nature are revealed during a walk in the Ussuriysky Nature Reserve*, home not only to roughly 1,100 species of plants but also to deer, Himalayan bears and many species of birds. Or would you prefer to take in the sight of an endless expanse of forest on a Tour through the Siberian Taiga*? Like a journey through time, your trip through Siberian towns and villages takes you back about 40 years – at the end of which you will follow in the tracks of the Amur tiger.

Sat, 17.05.2014

Vladivostok, departure 21.00 hrs

Sun, 18.05.2014
- Sat, 24.05.2014

Siberia (incl. Petrov Island , Prosiolochnaya , Neprimentnaya , Olga ?, Udobnaya Bay , Ternei Bay ?, Samarga River , Korsakov)

Siberia – Where Explorers’ Hearts Beat Faster
Time seems to have stopped on Petrov Island, more so than in the rest of Russia. Explore the “enchanted” – and enchanting – yew tree forest surrounded by myths and legends. Look forward to landing at Prosiolochnaya and Neprimentnaya, each with a special, unspoilt magic of their own. Weather permitting, the Zodiacs will take you ashore to visit an authentic sika deer farm.  The small provincial town of Olga, whose name is as full of character as the place itself, yields genuine insights into Russian life. Here you will be able to encounter Cossacks and also learn about the traditions of the people of this remote and isolated part of Siberia by visiting the orthodox wooden church with its domes as well as a school of art and music. Take a hike through the Sikhote Alin reserve in Udobnaya Bay, a real treasure trove for bird watchers, and explore the terrain in the company of rangers. Visit the village of Ternei to learn how people really can live in harmony with the wild and unspoilt elements of nature. Once at the visitor’s centre, cast an eye over the exhibition that tells about the wildlife of the nature reserve – it’s well worth a look. You can be assured of hours of excitement as you travel by Zodiac with landings to explore the areas between the remote Cape Maksimov and Cape Gilyak, places with a real expeditionary feel. Or you may like to go in search of the local fishermen and huntsmen. You will also experience the full flavour of an expedition on the Samarga River, with plenty of time allowed for exploration in the Zodiac. Back in civilisation, there is an opportunity to gain some Impressions of Kholmsk* on the island of Sakhalin where you will visit the most important squares and structures, such as Promorsky Boulevard and the former Lenin Square.

Sun, 25.05.2014


The town’s Japanese monuments and squares set the tone and prepare you for the Asiatic atmosphere that welcomes you on Rishiri, the island of flowers off the coast of Hokkaido. In Kutsugata Misaki Park, take in the panoramic views of the dormant stratovolcano, reminiscent of Fujiyama, and look back over a richly varied expedition that will provide you with memories for years to come.

Mon, 26.05.2014

Otaru (Sapporo)/Japan, arrival 6.00 hrs
City tour, overnight stay with breakfast in Sapporo (middle-class hotel)

Tue, 27.05.2014

Scheduled flight Sapporo – Tokyo – Frankfurt

Important note on this expedition:
The HANSEATIC is one of the few non-Russian ships to set out on this cruising adventure along the Siberian coast. It goes without saying that we have planned this expedition with the greatest care and in close consultation with the Russian authorities. The authorities do, however, reserve the right to issue the necessary authorisations at the last moment or if necessary to withhold them, so changes in itinerary may become necessary. Depending on the local conditions, the captain will then decide on the best possible choice of alternatives.

* These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore excursions listed here are in the planning stage and are subject to changes.

= at anchor

Please note that our pre- and post-cruise programmes are conducted in German.
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A specialist in ethnology amongst the team of experts

Having completed her studies in historic ethnology, prehistory, early history and geology, Dr Gudrun Bucher

expanded her understanding of Russia with a research project in

southern Siberia. Drawing on her wealth of knowledge, she will tell you

fascinating facts about the life of the present-day and original

inhabitants of Siberia.