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MS HANSEATIC - from Buenos Aires to Christchurch
Cruise HAN1402
20.07.2018 - 20.07.2018 (0 days)

Semi-Circumnavigation Antarctica: Great Explorers: Scott. Amundsen. And You.

from Buenos Aires to Christchurch

Cruise HAN1402

20.07.2018 - 20.07.2018

0 days (0 days cruise only)

    It is one of the greatest adventures of our time - the semi-circumnavigation of Antarctica. In the past, courageous researchers and pioneers had to endure unimaginable exertions and hardships to explore the mysterious sixth continent. Despite all efforts, however, human beings are still only a marginal issue in this barely accessible region, the fantastic ice landscapes and animals of which appear to be otherworldly. Fulfil your lifetime dream and travel from South America to New Zealand along a magnificent route that only a few explorers have ever mastered.

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    Your ship - MS HANSEATIC

    Magical moments for explorers

    The world's only five-star expedition ship (Berlitz Cruise Guide 2018) combines adventure with excellent comfort. This provides the perfect setting for your extraordinary expedition routes with special facilities and many special on-board details - from the ship's furnishings to the first-class service provided by the crew. With no more than 175 guests on board the HANSEATIC, you can enjoy a sense of well-being with an almost familial character that you will not find any-where else.

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    Your cabins & suites on MS HANSEATIC

    Outside cabin (category 2) with portholes
    • Comfortable: 22 m² (237 sq ft) cabins
    • Ocean view: portholes on the Amundsen Deck
    • Private e-mail account (free of charge), flat screen with Internet access (for a fee), choice of films, Wi-Fi access and DVD player
    • Mini bar: free soft drinks
    • 24-hour cabin service
    Outside cabin (category 3-6) with panoramic window
    • Comfortable: 22 m² cabins
    • Ocean view: panoramic window on the Explorer Deck
    • Private e-mail account (free of charge), flat screen with Internet access (for a fee), choice of films,Wi-Fi access and DVD player
    • Mini bar: free soft drinks
    • 24-hour room service (up to category 6: 24-hour butler service)
    Suite (category 7) with panoramic window
    • Comfortable: 44 m² suite
    • Ocean view: panoramic window on the Bridge Deck
    • Private e-mail account (free of charge), flat screen with Internet access (for a fee), choice of films, Wi-Fi access and DVD player
    • Mini bar: free soft drinks
    • Exclusive: 24-hour butler service

    At anchor

    Friday, 20.07.2018

    Scheduled flight Germany – Buenos Aires

    Friday, 20.07.2018

    City tour, overnight stay with breakfast

    Friday, 20.07.2018

    Charter flight in the morning, transfer to Ushuaia/Argentina, departure 18.00 hrs

    Friday, 20.07.2018

    Sailing through the Drake Passage

    Friday, 20.07.2018

    South Shetland Islands , Antarctic Peninsula

    Headed for Adventures: South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula
    In a spectacular world of ice, unforgettable expeditions await you. Between mighty glaciers and majestic icebergs, your captain and crew will flexibly adjust the itinerary to the continuously changing conditions and offer you the greatest possible experiences. On numerous Zodiac rides and landings, you will discover a region that is devoid of human beings but inhabited by an abundant animal world. For example on the Aitcho Islands and Livingston Island, where large colonies of gentoo and chinstrap penguins as well as powerful elephant seals offer overwhelming sights in front of rugged rock formations. An impressive highlight awaits you on Deception Island as soon as the HANSEATIC has sailed through the narrow entrance into the caldera of the volcanic island. Here at the heart of Antarctica, you can bathe in the hot springs under the open sky. The black lava beaches of the island form a contrast to the world of snow and ice, which provides awesome images in Neko Harbour - massive glacier edges and bizarre ice formations are reflected in the sea. Circumstances permitting, you will set foot on the Antarctic mainland – a ceremonious as well as an intensive moment. During the passage through the Neumayer Channel, you will enjoy the magical beauty of majestic cliffs, impressive glaciers and snow-covered mountains on board. Breathtaking scenery that is continued in the Lemaire Channel. Spectacular peaks on both sides make this route one of the most beautiful marine passages in the world. Between these two legendary waterways, you will be greeted in Port Lockroy by gentoo penguins with their distinct screams. From the most southerly post office in the world, you can send home unique greeting cards. Other ships would have had to turn around a long time ago, but the HANSEATIC relentlessly sets course for the Antarctic Circle. Beyond this magical frontier that has attracted generations of courageous explorers and pioneers lies Detaille Island, where the croaking of Adelie penguins fill the air. The HANSEATIC can also make full use of her advantages as an expedition ship in the Gullet Strait. Thanks to the highest ice class for passenger ships, the reinforced hull of the ship is capable of pushing aside the cracking ice. Far from inhabited latitudes, you will discover skuas and Antarctic terns on Stonington Island with its abandoned research station.

    Friday, 20.07.2018

    Relaxation at sea (voyage through Bellingshausen Sea, Amundsen Sea and Ross Sea – the 8 Feb is lost due to crossing the International Date Line)

    A fascinating Journey through the History of Explorers
    The following days at sea will be spent entirely in the spirit of the golden days of the exploration of Antarctica. Beyond the polar circle, the HANSEATIC cruises through the Bellingshausen Sea, the Amundsen Sea and the Ross Sea. In the course of gripping lectures on board, the biologists, geologists or glaciologists accompanying you on your expedition will bring back to life the bold explorers who have given these locations their names and their historic deeds. On deck and through the large panoramic windows of the Observation Lounge, you will enjoy breathtaking views when the HANSEATIC passes enormous table icebergs and the rays of the polar sun make these fascinating ice landscapes sparkle. Or when you suddenly catch sight of a giant wall of ice on the horizon - the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf, the massive ablation zone on the edge of which rises up to 40 m above the sea and is more than 750 km long. An overwhelming sight you will never forget.

    Friday, 20.07.2018

    Ross Island and Ross Sea

    On the Tracks of Great Explorers
    In this remote region, the weather and ice determine the course. How far can the HANSEATIC advance through the drift and pack ice towards Ross Island? Due to their many years of polar experience, the captain and crew react to the conditions and enable unforgettable expedition impressions and moving moments. Whilst it is nature that ultimately defines the route and the itinerary, you will be able to comprehend the drama and the hardships of bygone eras of discovery in the course of numerous landings. Like at Cape Crozier, which was discovered by James Clark Ross as the most eastern point of Ross Island in 1841. In the shade of the majestic volcano Mount Terror which rises to a height of 3,230 m, you might catch a glimpse of the emperor penguins that have formed a small colony here. On the other side of Ross Island lies Cape Royds – and tangible history of discovery: In 1908, Sir Ernest Shackleton built a (meanwhile renovated) hut as a base camp for his ”Nimrod“ expedition. History also comes to life on the rocky Cape Evans when you visit the last recorded whereabouts of Robert Falcon Scott - the hut from which he started out on his race with Roald Amundsen to reach the South Pole in 1911, never to return ... Further north you will find the American research station McMurdo. Overshadowed by this station is the ”Discovery“ hut which Scott had built in1902 in order to advance further south than any other person before him from here. With a bit of luck, you will catch a glimpse of orcas and emperor penguins before you land at Cape Hallet and therefore on Victoria Land. Look forward to a breathtaking panoramic view of enormous glaciers and the snow-covered peaks of the Admiralty Mountains. Where the Norwegian Carsten Borchgrevink was the first person to set foot on the Antarctic mainland in 1895, you will also go ashore if the ice and weather conditions permit it: At Cape Adare, you will come across the tracks of the legendary explorer – in the ruins of a hut that Borchgrevink built in 1899 and where an expedition team spent the winter in Antarctica for the first time ever. At least as moving as the history is the spectacular flora and fauna –  which includes the largest colony of Adelie penguins with more than 250,000 breeding pairs!

    Friday, 20.07.2018

    Relaxation at Sea

    Friday, 20.07.2018

    Macquarie Island/Australia

    For true Discoverers: Australia's and New Zealand's Subantarctic
    Already overwhelmed with the unforgettable impressions of your cruise so far, the next untouched expedition territory awaits you - the islands of Australia’s and New Zealand’s Subantarctic, which will allow for fascinating experiences. Macquarie Island, for example, is the only place in the world where the oceanic crust of the Earth has been elevated above the water level. The UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site will provide you with thrilling observations of nature and wildlife while you are cruising with the HANSEATIC. A very diverse animal world has found its home in a network of streams, small lakes and swampy areas. This is why the island is also known as ”Noah’s Ark of Antarctica“. Besides large colonies of thousands upon thousands of crested and king penguins, massive elephant seals and fur seals play around on the beaches, living in peaceful coexistence with gentoo and rockhopper penguins as well as a wide variety of sea bird species.

    Friday, 20.07.2018

    Relaxation at Sea

    Friday, 20.07.2018

    Auckland Islands/Neuseeland

    The richest flora of the subantarctic islands can be found on the Auckland Islands, which belong to New Zealand. Grasslands, bogs and extensive ironwood forests determine the overall picture of a landscape which is the habitat of the rare yellow-eyed penguin as well as the New Zealand sea lions that are in danger of extinction. During a Zodiac ride along the coastline of the strictly protected island, you will get as close as possible to the birds – the final highlight of an expedition full of unique experiences which comes to an end in Bluff and which you will remember forever. After all, with your semi-circumnavigation of Antarctica, you are now one of the few people who have intensively explored the eternal ice and penetrated deeply into remote and inaccessible worlds.

    Friday, 20.07.2018

    Bluff/New Zealand, arrival 9.00 hrs
    Scheduled flight to Christchurch
    Overnight stay with breakfast

    Friday, 20.07.2018

    Scheduled flight Christchurch – Singapore – Frankfurt

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    Optional bookable
    Friday, 20.07.2018

    Arrival in Frankfurt

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    A change in itinerary may become necessary on this expedition to Antarctica. The captain will decide on the best possible alternatives depending on official approvals, weather and ice conditions.

    Expedition leader in the team of experts

    For more than 15 years, the polar researcher David Fletcher

    coordinated the work conducted at different research stations for the

    British Antarctic Survey. He has been leading expeditions to the polar

    regions for over 30 years now. David Fletcher will guide you through the

    wonder world of Antarctica in a vivid and stirring way that is second

    to none.

    MS HANSEATIC - Your Personal Expedition


    The world's only five-star expedition ship (Berlitz Cruise Guide 2018) combines adventure with excellent comfort. This provides the perfect setting for your extraordinary expedition routes with special facilities and many special on-board details - from the ship's furnishings to the first-class service provided by the crew. With no more than 175 guests on board the HANSEATIC, you can enjoy a sense of well-being with an almost familial character that you will not find any-where else.

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    Cabins & suites

    Feel at home on the open sea: What could be better than travelling in the most remote regions of the world and yet still feeling right at home? The HANSEATIC’s state-of-the-art cabins and suites measuring 22 m²/237 ft² and 44 m²/474 ft², respectively, ensure that you have plenty of room to enjoy and recall your diverse discoveries and impressions in a relaxed frame of mind. The many details make your cruise especially enjoyable: tasteful furnishings, lighting designed to create a pleasing ambience and a mini bar that is replenished daily with refreshing non-alcoholic beverages free of charge. After all, when your days are thrilling, you need a place to relax.
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    Culinary art, bars & lounges

    Gourmets together: A place in the main restaurant, Marco Polo, is already reserved for your journey into delicious culinary worlds. Discover the creative gastronomic variety and discerning gourmet philosophy of our top chefs against the backdrop of the most beautiful expedition regions. Bistro Lemaire offers a variety of culinary treats - from the breakfast and lunch buffets through to the incomparable "Ethno Dinner", which reinterprets the exotic diversity of various cruise destinations.

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    Experiences & relaxation

    Your time: The HANSEATIC invites you to live out your exploratory urges and spend your time however you wish. Enjoy active relaxation in the fitness room with ocean view or in the whirlpool.

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    Prestigious experts on board

    Room for inspiring moments: Share your impressions with like-minded guests and experts in the Observation Lounge with a 180° panoramic view and piano music in the evenings, for example. Explorers will meet in the Explorer Lounge, where the experts will prepare for and follow up on the trips ashore. The Darwin Hall presentation room, where specialists share their knowledge, will also be a focal point. Laptops and microscopes are available for loan and will help you to enhance your experiences.

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    MS HANSEATIC - from Buenos Aires to Christchurch MS HANSEATIC