On board MS HANSEATIC from Vancouver to Tokyo

Expedition to the Chukchi Peninsula and Kamchatka: the land that time forgot

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A territory waits to be discovered – as pristine as when the wild forces of nature originally shaped it. Welcome to Russia’s Far East! Where mighty volcanoes set the scene in a landscape of harsh beauty, the HANSEATIC and the agile Zodiacs will give you an intensive expedition beyond your wildest dreams.

from Vancouver to Tokyo

Cruise dates:from 08.09.2013 to 01.10.2013 (24 days)
Cruise number: HAN1317

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This cruise is operated in German. For individual programmes kindly ask our travel concierge.


Sun, 08.09.2013

Scheduled flight Germany – Vancouver
Overnight stay with breakfast

Mon, 09.09.2013

Charter flight in the morning, transfer to Nome/Alaska/USA, departure 19.00 hrs

Tue, 10.09.2013

Crossing the international date line (with loss of a day)

Wed, 11.09.2013
- Sun, 15.09.2013

Chukchi Peninsula/Russia (i.a. Provideniya , Yittigran Island , Janrakynnot , Kap Deschnjow , Lorino , Achen Lagoon , Preobrazhenija Bay )

The quintessential expeditionary experience on the Chukchi Peninsula 
Departing from Nome on board the HANSEATIC you will cross the international date line. Then you will reach Provideniya. This is a world of its own. Chukotka in the extreme northeast of Russia is a region remote from our civilisation, where you can look forward to unforgettable days imbued with the pioneering spirit. The HANSEATIC is among the few ships with which you can reach not just the east coast, but also the north coast of the peninsula – for fascinationing expeditionary adventures. On Yittigran Island, for example, you can visit a centuries-old cult centre of the original inhabitants, whose alley made of whale bones forms part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage. Find out in the Chukchi village of Janrakynnot how the descendants of the whalers live today, before you go on to cruise off Big Diomede where you can look out for the big walrus colonies. At Cape Dezhnev, the most northeasterly point of the Eurasian landmass, on a clear day you may catch sight of the Diomede Islands and even of the Alaskan shore across the water. While a visit to the village of Lorino allows you to experience the daily life, dances and traditions of the Chukchi, the following two days will be dominated by spectacular experiences of nature. You can rove the blossoming tundra with the HANSEATIC’s experts in Achen Lagoon, and observe the wealth of bird life in Preobrazheniya Bay – with common puffins, horned puffins and least auklets. On a walk to the cliffs you can enjoy the fascinating panorama of the bay. And with a bit of luck, in fine weather you can hope to sight grey whales from the remote and traditional fishing village of Meynipilgino.

Mon, 16.09.2013

Kamchatka (Anastasia Bay , Natalii Bay )

Wild, expansive Kamchatka 
Seething and extinct volcanoes, icy glaciers and luxuriant forests, majestic whales in the coastal waters and rare sea birds which nest in the cloven cliffs: Kamchatka offers a breathtaking natural panorama. Here all four seasons can occur in the space of a single day. Depending on the local conditions, the crew will react flexibly and spontaneously so you get the most out of your expedition, including visits to Anastasia Bay and Natalii Bay.

Tue, 17.09.2013

Relaxation at sea

Wed, 18.09.2013

Bering Island

On Bering island in Komandor Bay you will not only discover the grave of Vitus Bering – you will also find a veritable avian paradise, where tufted puffins, sea swallows and Steller sea eagles make their nests.

Thu, 19.09.2013
- Sat, 21.09.2013

Kamchatka (Chazma River , Kamenistaya Bay , Petropavlovsk)

Spectacular moments again await you south of the Chazma River and in the Kamenistaya Bay, which will thrill you with its magnificent panorama of volcanic peaks, rushing waterfalls and indented bays. An absolute highlight of your expedition will be the grand Flight to the Valley of the Geysers*, where water columns shoot up into the sky from one minute to the next. You reach this bizarre valley from Petro­pavlovsk, the scientific and cultural centre of Kamchatka. You can explore the breathtaking volcanic landscape at the gates of the city on a Trip to the Avacha volcano with hike*. Alternatively you can set off on a  Flight to Nalychevo Natural Park*, where the hot springs invite you to take a bath in heart of the wilderness. 

Sun, 22.09.2013
- Tue, 24.09.2013

Kuril Islands (i.a. Shumshu , Atlasova , Matua , Yankicho )

Exciting Zodiac tours in the Kuril Islands 
Of volcanic origin, the fabulous Kuril Islands are strung out like a chain of pearls 1200 km in length. On these virgin shores, the Zodiacs will offer you overwhelming experiences of nature and animal sightings – as on Shumshu, where you can get right up close to sea otters. On Atlasova you can’t take your eyes off the towering Alaid volcano – with a height of over 2000 metres, it overtops anything on the island. Matua too is dominated by the untamed power of fire, while on Yankicho, if the weather is favourable, you can travel right into the steep caldera, which offers an unusual refuge to seals, foxes and sea birds.

Wed, 25.09.2013
- Thu, 26.09.2013

Sakhalin (Tyuleniy , Korsakow)

On a Zodiac tour off Tyuleniy on the east coast of Sakhalin you will come upon vast colonies of fur seals and sea lions. Korsakov is redolent with the breath of history – this was where Russia once had a big penal colony, of which Anton Chekhov wrote in a famous travel report. You too will come away from your expedition with enduring impressions and recollections.

Fri, 27.09.2013

Relaxation at sea

Sat, 28.09.2013


Sun, 29.09.2013


Mon, 30.09.2013

Kanazawa/Japan, arrival 7.00 hrs
Travel to Komatsu, scheduled flight to Tokyo
Overnight stay with breakfast

Tue, 01.10.2013

Scheduled flight Tokyo - Frankfurt

On this expedition to the Chukchi Peninsula and Kamchatka, the Zodiac landings are subject to consent by the authorities, and modification of the itinerary may be necessary. Depending on the weather and local conditions, the captain will descide on the best possible alternatives.  

* These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore activities listed here are in the planning stage and are subject to changes.

= at anchor

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Specialist for volcanology in the expert's team

Steffen Graupner has qualifications in physics and geophysics. He

has travelled the country of Russia’s East in person on numerous

mountain and volcano expeditions. You can look forward to his thorough

and enlightening explanations.