On board MS HANSEATIC from Kangerlussuaq to Kangerlussuaq

Expedition to Greenland and the Canadian Arctic: Wilderness, Ice and Unfading Adventures

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In the icy floods of the polar sea there lies a myth to be discovered. Far off the beaten track, the icy coasts of Greenland and Canada exercise a magical attraction. Explore the mysteries of the biggest island in the world, and penetrate as far north as few before you have ever gone. In the unending light of the Arctic sun, moments to be treasured for ever are waiting for you.

from Kangerlussuaq to Kangerlussuaq

Cruise dates:from 01.08.2013 to 16.08.2013 (16 days)
Cruise number: HAN1315

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Thu, 01.08.2013

Charter flight Düsseldorf – Kangerlussuaq
Kangerlussuaq/Greenland, departure 14.00 hrs

Fri, 02.08.2013
- Sat, 03.08.2013

West coast of Greenland (Qeqertarsuaq , Uummannaq )

Greenland and Canada: fascination in the ice 
With the HANSEATIC and its Zodiacs you will discover an expeditionary tract promising pure adventure. It starts in the overwhelming natural scenery around the settlement of Qeqertarsuaq, once an important centre of the Greenland whaling industry. Following the bizarre basalt cliffs you can hike to the Valley of the Winds, where the intensive green of the tundra shows surprising colour highlights. The brightly painted façades of the wooden houses in Uummannaq (the name means ‘heart-shaped’) gleam to welcome you. This is thought to be one of Greenland’s most attractive settlements.

Sun, 04.08.2013

Relaxation at sea

Mon, 05.08.2013
- Thu, 08.08.2013

Nunavut/Canada (Pond Inlet , Beechey Island , Dundas Harbor , cruising in Jones Sound)

The HANSEATIC sets course to the west and heads for the Canadian Arctic coast, frequently covered with fields of drift ice. The ship presses through the ice floes and makes its way through a convoluted icy landscape, perhaps offering you excellent chances of observing whales and seals. After the Zodiac landing at Pond Inlet on Baffin Island you will be given a demonstration of the traditional laryngeal singing, drumming and dancing of the Inuit people. With luck, you may meet the king of the Arctic off Beechey Island – polar bears frequently roam the archipelago in search of food. On the island itself three graves are located – those of Sir John Franklin’s lost expedition. Our experts will give you a fascinating account of the fate of these men, who found their last resting place here more than 150 years ago. You proceed from an affecting history of the past to the natural wonders of the present when you arrive, under the conduct of the experts, in Dundas Harbor. The fjord here is surrounded by its steeply towering cliffs, and with a bit of luck you may catch sight of snow hares as they roam the varied vegetation of the tundra. When the HANSEATIC cruises through Jones Sound, the clear Arctic air will be filled with the cry of Brünnich’s guillemots, three-toed gulls and ice gulls – as well as the grinding and crackling of the ice against the reinforced hull of the ship. Walruses and arctic foxes may well be playing on the coast, and you can watch them at your leisure from your ringside seat on deck.

Fri, 09.08.2013
- Mon, 12.08.2013

North coast of Greenland (Qaanaaq , Siorapaluk , cruising in Smith Sound and Nares Strait, Cape York )

Made for explorers: Greenland’s north 
You will discover a territory surrounded by legends in the remote north of Greenland. Few ships ever come so far. Once again the HANSEATIC shows to the full what it can do as a vessel qualified in the highest ice class for passenger ships, so you will be able to discover places that remain hidden from others. Qaanaaq, also known as Thule, is where Robert Peary set out on his expedition to the North Pole in 1909. You can look forward to breathtaking views of bizarre rock formations and massive icebergs. On your way to Siorapaluk you may be accompanied by narwhals and seals. You will still have the haunting sense that you have visited the northernmost settlement on earth when you penetrate the mystical stillness of the almost unvisited waters of Smith Sound and Nares Strait to experience an unforgettable day of discovery, the exact course of which will be determined by natural conditions and the lure of adventure. Off Cape York you will cruise in the Zodiacs between lofty icebergs – indescribable moments, which will continue to make their impression in Ilulissat.

Tue, 13.08.2013

Relaxation at sea

Wed, 14.08.2013
- Thu, 15.08.2013

West coast of Greenland (Ilulissat , Disko Bay , Sisimiut )

In the grandiose scenery of the Ilulissat ice fjord, a UNESCO world nature heritage, giant icebergs plunge thundering into the sea. A hike with our expert team gives you the opportunity of enjoying glorious views of the ice masses which collect here in the fjord, creating a fantastic atmosphere with their sparkle and glitter – just the thing to get you in the mood for an overwhelming experience in Disko Bay. Cruising with the HANSEATIC or on Zodiac trips you can enjoy the vista of the breathtaking ice colossi which slowly drift in the bay. In Sisimiut, colonised by the Saqqaq culture more than 4000 years ago, you can finally say goodbye to Greenland – undoubtedly with the promise to revisit it again soon...  

Fri, 16.08.2013

Kangerlussuaq/Greenland, arrival 6.00 hrs
Charter flight Kangerlussuaq - Düsseldorf

On this expedition to the Arctic, modification of the itinerary may be necessary. Depending on weather conditions and the state of the ice, the captain will decide on the best possible alternatives. 

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