On board MS HANSEATIC from North Cape to Longyearbyen

Spitzbergen Adventure: In every way spectacular

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You can look forward to exciting experiences when the HANSEATIC takes plenty of time to circumnavigate Spitzbergen. Time for the viewing of deep fjords, mighty glaciers and rugged coasts where polar bears, walruses and arctic foxes live. In the light of the midnight sun you will admire spectacular natural scenery in a world of wonder, and experience a fascinating variety of animal life.

from North Cape to Longyearbyen

Cruise dates:from 04.07.2013 to 14.07.2013 (11 days)
Cruise number: HAN1313

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This cruise is operated in German. For individual programmes kindly ask our travel concierge.


Thu, 04.07.2013

Charter flight Düsseldorf – Tromsø
Tromsø/Norway, departure 18.00 hrs

Fri, 05.07.2013

Cruising off the North Cape

Fascinating prelude to Norway
Just the start of your expedition is breathtaking, as you cruise off the tip of Norway in the magical light of early morning. The mighty North Cape plateau rises over 300 metres out of the deep blue sea, with the famous globe monument, which you can reach from Skarsvag by means of a Transfer to the North Cape*. Or you may choose instead to collect Impressions of the island of Mageroy* and discover unspoilt fisher villages in a mythical landscape.

Sat, 06.07.2013

Passing Bear Island

Bear Island owes its name to the polar bears which were to be seen here when it was first discovered in 1556 . Today the steep coastline is the home of puffins and fulmars. You can look forward to intensive observation of the animal world before you continue in a northerly direction to meet your Spitzbergen adventure.

Sun, 07.07.2013
- Sat, 13.07.2013

Spitzbergen adventure: highlights and circumnavigation, depending on conditions (i.a. Ny-Ålesund , Magdalenefjord , Mushamna , Liefdefjord , Palanderbukta , cruising through the Hinlopen Strait and Freeman Sound, Horn Sound )

An overwhelming territory for explorers: Spitzbergen 
Over 400 years since Willem Barents discovered the island with its steeply rising mountain ranges, the HANSEATIC takes you on a unique expedition off the coast of this craggy and frozen archipelago. Unlike Barents you will be travelling on a ship with equipment that puts it in the highest ice class for passenger ships – small, easily manoeuverable and with a shallow draught. This is the only way in which the circumnavigation of Spitzbergen can be attempted in these nautically challenging waters, depending on the current state of the ice. Nature will determine the precise schedule of your trip, but the experienced crew will react flexibly and spontaneously so as to join you in these intensive days of exploring virgin landscapes, and give you as many exciting experiences as possible – off Ny-Ålesund, for example, one of the most northerly settlements in the world, where Amundsen and Nobile took off in their airship, to become the first men to reach the North Pole. In Møllerhafen you can raise your glass in the Lloyd Hotel, the northernmost bar in the world, and toast the Magdalenefjord in anticipation, a fjord formed by glaciers descending to the sea. Against this overwhelming backdrop you can sense the power and sensitivity of rugged nature, whose unforgettable impressions will also leave their mark on your picture of Raudfjord. The majestic silence at the glacier’s mouth, which extends for 3 kilometres, is broken only by the crackling of the driving ice floes and the cry of the dovekies. In Mushamna, if the trappers who live there give their permission for a visit, you can hear exciting stories about a life at the end of the world. The calving of the mighty Monaco Glacier may sound in your ears when you cruise close to its abrupt edge through the driving ice floes of Liefdefjord  – an unforgettable experience. You have a good chance of spotting polar bears, either here or as the journey continues. The tiny island of Moffen is inhabited by giant herds of walruses. From the deck of the HANSEATIC you will have the best possible view of these majestic animals. 

Discovering new land on Spitzbergen’s north coast
The passage of the Hinlopen Strait offers ideal conditions for the HANSEATIC, which is capable of forging a path for itself through the pack ice. Here you can look forward to spectacular views. With a bit of luck, the icy landscape will offer you glimpses of arctic foxes or roving polar bears. Brünnich’s guillemots, black guillemots and three-toed gulls inhabit the cliffs of Alkefjellet in their thousands – an unforgettable natural spectacle. Nordaustlandet, the second biggest island in the Spitzbergen archipelago, is only rarely visited. You will land with the Zodiacs in Palanderbukta and set foot on new land. On a hike through the barren tundra you may catch sight of reindeers and arctic foxes. After cruising through the Freeman Sound, where you will see a walrus colony off Cape Lee, you reach the Horn Sound. On its shores the sheer edges of the glaciers tower almost vertically out of the sea. A spectacular sight, and the culmination of an experience given to few – that of having completed the circumnavigation of Spitzbergen.

Sun, 14.07.2013

Longyearbyen/Spitzbergen/Norway, arrival 6.00 hrs
Charter flight Longyearbyen - Düsseldorf

* These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore activities listed here are in the planning stage and are subject to changes. On this expedition to the Arctic, modification of the itinerary may be necessary. Depending on the weather and the state of the ice, the captain will decide on the best possible alternative.

= at anchor

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