On board MS HANSEATIC from Iquitos to Breves Channels

Deep Insights into the Myth of the Amazon

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At a distance of more than 3,000 km from the mouth in the Brazilian Amazon delta, you will board the HANSEATIC in Peru in order to discover a unique treasury of life - the Amazon. On this expedition, exciting Zodiac rides enable you to explore the largest river system in the world. Together with experienced experts, you will immerse yourself in the everlasting fantasy of the jungle and the culture of its inhabitants.

from Iquitos to Breves Channels

Cruise dates:from 24.04.2013 to 10.05.2013 (17 days)
Cruise number: HAN1307

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This is a bilingual cruise with English shore excursions. [Read more]


Wed, 24.04.2013

Scheduled flight Frankfurt - Lima
Overnight stay with breakfast

Thu, 25.04.2013

Charter flight to Iquitos
Overnight stay with breakfast

Fri, 26.04.2013

Iquitos/Peru, departure 5.00 hrs

Sat, 27.04.2013
- Wed, 01.05.2013

Downstream on the Upper Amazon with Zodiac landings (incl. Leticia, Rio Jutai, Ilha da Botija)

Tropical Abundance of Life in Dense Rainforest
Only small, manoeuvrable ships like the HANSEATIC make it as far as Iquitos. It is your starting point for exploring the Amazon, and the impenetrable green on either shore with all its impressions will mesmerise you right from the beginning. Setting out from Pevas, which is still on Peruvian soil, a boat tour will take you to the hidden villages of the Bora and Huitoto Indians, two ethnic groups that have preserved the traditions of their ancestors to the present day. In the small city of Leticia, you will also learn more about the way of life of the Indians in the jungle thanks to our experts. A visit to the legendary bar Tio Tom in Leticia augurs equally exciting encounters - this is where the discoverers and adventurers of the Colombian Amazon region meet up. The following days are characterised by impressive nature experiences as the HANSEATIC slowly glides downstream and the Zodiacs enable you to look behind the green curtain on numerous distributaries. On the Rio Jutai, you may catch sight of the notorious caimans of the Amazon. Cuxiu Muni, Ilha da Botija and Badajos are additional enchanting names which make the magic of the jungle tangible. Hummingbirds are fluttering through the air, capybaras live on the shores, countless monkey species are frolicking about in the crowns of the gigantic trees, and you may even spot a legendary boto, a pink river dolphin. Between Anama and Manaus, you will be able to watch an extraordinary natural phenomenon - this is where the clay-coloured Rio Solimoes and the "black" Rio Negro meet. However, they do not immediately mix, but flow for several kilometres beside one another in two colours.

Thu, 02.05.2013
- Fri, 03.05.2013

Manaus/Brazil, arrival in the evening

You will subsequently reach the jungle metropolis Manaus. The rubber boom earned the city incredible wealth in the past, resulting in it being referred to as the "Paris of the tropics" at the time. On a panoramic flight*, you will experience the surroundings from a fascinating perspective.

Sat, 04.05.2013
- Tue, 07.05.2013

Downstream on the Lower Amazon with Zodiac landings (incl. Parintins, Alter do Chao, Guajara)

Along Winding Waterways to the Breves Channels
When the HANSEATIC leaves the city, you can once again immerse yourself in the eternal green of the rainforest and the exhilarating wealth of its flora and fauna. On the occasion of numerous Zodiac rides and landings in Canacari, Furo do Silves and Furo dos Botos, you will experience Amazonia's overwhelming diversity of species at close range. Look out for tapirs, listen to the screams of howler monkeys and let yourself be captivated by the bloomage of a habitat in which a single giant tree can be home to more life forms than the entire British Isles. Accompanied by the experts, Zodiac rides will take you right past densely overgrown embankments, always on the trails of the secrets of the rainforest. The city of Parintins awaits you with samba music and Brazilian joie de vivre. Further downstream, you will briefly experience the "Caribbean" - the little town of Alter do Chao on the banks of the bluish green Rio Tapajos holds wonderful fine-sandy beaches in store for you against a backdrop of rainforest trees. Let yourself be captivated by the flair of the town and enjoy a bath in the refreshing water of the river. In Guajara, you have a good chance of catching sight of water buffaloes, iguanas and herons in the course of a Zodiac ride. During the passage through the narrow Breves Channels, the HANSEATIC once again manoeuvres her way through the dense green of the jungle on winding waterways - the intensive final stage of an unforgettable Amazon adventure.

Wed, 08.05.2013

Daytime passage through the Breves Channels

Thu, 09.05.2013

Belem/Brazil, arrival 9.00 hrs
(subject to the tides)
Scheduled flight Belem - Frankfurt

Fri, 10.05.2013

Arrival in Frankfurt

* These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore activities listed here are in the planning stage and are subject to changes.

A change in itinerary may become necessary on this expedition on the Amazon. The captain will decide on the best possible alternatives depending on the local conditions.

= at anchor

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