On board MS HANSEATIC from Breves Channels to Iquitos

Upriver to the Green Heart of South America

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Right through the world's biggest rainforest flows the biggest river in the world. Follow it on this expedition, from its mouth to the Peruvian city of Iquitos deep in the jungle. This is where the Rio Ucayali and the Rio Marañon come together to form the legendary Amazon. Only a manoeuvrable expedition ship like the HANSEATIC can penetrate so far into the green treasure chamber of Amazonia, where nature has given birth to an incomparable variety of flora and fauna. In the dense green of the jungle, you can set out with the Zodiacs to discover countless species of plants and animals and experience your own quite personal expedition.

from Breves Channels to Iquitos

Cruise dates:from 07.04.2013 to 27.04.2013 (21 days)
Cruise number: HAN1306

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Sun, 07.04.2013

Scheduled flight Frankfurt - Sao Paulo

Mon, 08.04.2013

Overnight stay with breakfast (middle-class hotel)

Tue, 09.04.2013

Scheduled flight to Belem/Brazil, departure 22.00 hrs (subject to the tides)

Fascinating Animal World in the Lower Reaches of the Amazon
Starting from Belem, the HANSEATIC makes her way through the aqueous labyrinth of the Breves Channels. These famous side arms of the Amazon form the start of an expedition on which you can look forward to penetrating the eternal green of the river delta. On the following days the Zodiacs will be in constant service - depending, of course, on the weather and river currents - so that you can fathom the secrets of the dense vegetation on the banks, where giant trees extend 40 metres towards the sky. Countless tributaries wind through the jungle, some of which you will explore with the help of the manoeuvrable Zodiacs. Our experts will always be on hand to draw your attention to the wonders of nature at the right moment.

Wed, 10.04.2013

Daytime passage through the Breves Channels

Thu, 11.04.2013
- Mon, 15.04.2013

Upstream on the Lower Amazon with Zodiac landings (incl. Gurupá, Alter do Chao)

Our experts will always be on hand to draw your attention to the wonders of nature at the right moment. In the jungle village of Gurupá, you will be warmly welcomed by the inhabitants, who will be glad to tell you about their way of life, which is entirely determined by the river. During a Zodiac ride at the mouth of the Rio Guajara, you may even have the luck to observe a pink river dolphin. The animal world in this region is unique - different types of heron parade through the water, and you may hear howler monkeys screaming from the treetops, while taking photographs of butterflies the size of dinner plates. When you visit the little town of Alter do Chao, you will find out that even the Amazon has beaches, which are in no way inferior to those of the Caribbean. In the heart of the rainforest you can enjoy relaxing hours on the white sands and take a swim in the Rio Tapajos.

Tue, 16.04.2013
- Wed, 17.04.2013


Rendezvous of the Dancers and a Grandiose Natural Spectacle
Pure Brazilian joie de vivre meets you in the town of Parintins, when you immerse yourself in the music and dancing of the colourful Bumba Meu Boi samba show. Bizarre concerts of bird and animal cries, on the other hand, can be heard on the deck of the HANSEATIC in the early morning or on Zodiac rides to Canacari, before you witness an exceptional natural spectacle at the Meeting of the Waters - when the dark Rio Negro and the muddy yellow Rio Solimoes converge, the two rivers do not mingle their waters immediately, but continue to flow alongside each other in a single riverbed. The HANSEATIC glides on her way through the jungle and reaches Manaus. The city experienced a boom around 1900, when the rubber trade made it one of the richest cities in the world. The Teatro Amazonas still testifies to the affluence of that vanished epoch. To erect the impressive opera house, building materials were transported from all over Europe to the heart of the jungle.

Thu, 18.04.2013
- Wed, 24.04.2013

Upstream on the Upper Amazon with Zodiac landings (including Badajos, Cuxiu Muni, Rio Jutai, Leticia)

Sailing On Where Others Have to Turn Back
You may also look forward to unforgettable nature and animal observations along the Upper Amazon. Badajos, for example, is home to the giant water lily Victoria amazonica, the leaves of which can reach a diameter of 3 metres and even support the weight of a man. While exploring narrow river tributaries in the Zodiac with our experienced experts, you might spot sloths, squirrel monkeys and a vast range of bird species in the treetops around Cuxiu Muni. The journey takes you further and further into the primeval rainforest. On the Rio Jutai, you can once again experience the ecosystem of the tropical rainforest in all its intensity - with all its noises, colours and scents. This is also the home of the Ticuna and Yagua Indians - who maintain their traditional way of life, and still go hunting with bows and arrows as well as blowpipes. Leticia, the southernmost city of Colombia, is right on the border with Peru and Brazil. You will be enchanted with the exoticism of its colourful market, before your fascinating expedition into the green lung of the planet comes to an end in Iquitos.

Thu, 25.04.2013

Iquitos/Peru, arrival 6.00 hrs
Charter flight to Lima
Overnight stay with breakfast

Fri, 26.04.2013

City tour, scheduled flight Lima - Frankfurt

Sat, 27.04.2013

Arrival in Frankfurt

A change of itinerary may become necessary on this expedition on the Amazon. The captain will decide on the best possible alternatives depending on the local conditions.

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