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MS HANSEATIC - from Ushuaia to Ushuaia
Cruise HAN1802
22.01.2018 - 09.02.2018 (22 days)

Expedition Antarctica - the worlds most exciting nursery

from Ushuaia to Ushuaia

Cruise HAN1802

22.01.2018 - 09.02.2018

22 days (17 days cruise only)

    Witness how life develops in the ice from birth onwards. The Zodiacs are used several times a day to enable expeditionary experiences and wildlife sightings that take your breath away. Gigantic colonies of king penguins are just one of countless wonders that await.

    International cruise
    This is a bilingual cruise with English shore excursions. [Read more]

    The highlights of this cruise

    Your ship - MS HANSEATIC

    Magical moments for explorers

    The world's only five-star expedition ship (Berlitz Cruise Guide 2018) combines adventure with excellent comfort. This provides the perfect setting for your extraordinary expedition routes with special facilities and many special on-board details - from the ship's furnishings to the first-class service provided by the crew. With no more than 175 guests on board the HANSEATIC, you can enjoy a sense of well-being with an almost familial character that you will not find any-where else.

    More about MS HANSEATIC

    Your cabins & suites on MS HANSEATIC

    Outside cabin (category 2) with portholes
    • Comfortable: 22 m² (237 sq ft) cabins
    • Ocean view: portholes on the Amundsen Deck
    • Private e-mail account (free of charge), flat screen with Internet access (for a fee), choice of films, Wi-Fi access and DVD player
    • Mini bar: free soft drinks
    • 24-hour cabin service
    Outside cabin (category 3-6) with panoramic window
    • Comfortable: 22 m² cabins
    • Ocean view: panoramic window on the Explorer Deck
    • Private e-mail account (free of charge), flat screen with Internet access (for a fee), choice of films,Wi-Fi access and DVD player
    • Mini bar: free soft drinks
    • 24-hour room service (up to category 6: 24-hour butler service)
    Suite (category 7) with panoramic window
    • Comfortable: 44 m² suite
    • Ocean view: panoramic window on the Bridge Deck
    • Private e-mail account (free of charge), flat screen with Internet access (for a fee), choice of films, Wi-Fi access and DVD player
    • Mini bar: free soft drinks
    • Exclusive: 24-hour butler service

    At anchor

    Show arrival travel package
    Optional bookable
    Saturday, 20.01.2018

    Scheduled flight from Germany to Buenos Aires

    Sunday, 21.01.2018

    City tour, overnight stay with breakfast

    Monday, 22.01.2018

    Charter flight to Ushuaia/Argentina, departure 22.00 hrs

    Tuesday, 23.01.2018

    Relaxation at sea

    Wednesday, 24.01.2018

    Falkland Islands

    Just as moving as the history of the British overseas territory, the abundant bird life becomes apparent as soon as the Zodiac takes you to the coast. With more than 60 different species, including rockhopper penguins, Magellanic penguins and albatrosses, the island is a paradise for ornithologists. During natural history walks along the coast, your experts will provide fascinating information about the head-high tussock grass and the Victorian houses in Stanley.

    Friday, 26.01.2018

    Relaxation at sea

    Sunday, 28.01.2018 to
    Monday, 29.01.2018

    South Georgia

    Days of breathtaking expedition experiences lie ahead when glaciated mountain summits and deep fjords on the horizon signal your approach to this unique animal paradise. Flexible, spontaneous and impressive: the Zodiacs are used several times a day to let you experience very special wildlife sightings. For example, standing with the experts in front of a gigantic colony of king penguins. The island is home to almost 200,000 animals inhabiting the steep slopes and coasts – such as Salisbury Plain, which is covered by birds begging for food, or the Gold Harbour beach where fur seals and elephant seals sleep through your visit. The biologists, geologists or glaciologists accompanying you will intensify your unique natural experiences with surprising details about the masses of animals. At the former Grytviken whaling station, the grave of Sir Ernest Shackleton recalls the bravery and adventure of times gone by. Making a heroic effort, he once saved his team after the ship was forced to spend winter in the pack ice. It is an example of the lifelines of the polar explorers you will cross on every expedition.

    Wednesday, 31.01.2018

    Relaxation at sea

    Thursday, 01.02.2018 to
    Monday, 05.02.2018

    South Orkney Islands , Weddell Sea , South Shetland Islands , Antarctic Peninsula

    South Orkney Islands
    For researchers, the Antarctic is an enormous natural laboratory – and that includes this largely glaciated island group. You will also gain an insight into the everyday lives of polar researchers when, weather permitting, you will be taken in the Zodiacs to visit the Argentinian Orcadas research station (subject to authorisation). Enjoy the pure fascination of the drifting icebergs which, with a bit of luck, you will see off Signy Island, for example. The bizarre blocks that have broken off the shelf ice and their huge archways shimmer a mystical shade of blue in the icy polar light. And the HANSEATIC will pass close by – simply breathtaking.

    Antarctic Sound and Weddell Sea
    Unforgettable moments are guaranteed when crossing the Antarctic Sound and the water is suddenly parted by the fluke of a majestic whale. The deck becomes your box seat for unique natural spectacles in one of the Antarctic’s most impressive passages. Every day on board passes in the spirit of daring pioneers such as Otto Nordenskjöld, who once endured great hardship to explore this remote region. You will feel how impressive complete silence can be in the Weddell Sea. It is home to breathtaking icebergs, some of which are as tall as a house and covered by Adelie penguins, and dense pack ice. The ice crunches and cracks around the ship’s reinforced bow. How far into this region can the HANSEATIC actually make it? For example, in 1903, the Nordenskjöld expedition was forced to wait ten months to be rescued on the volcanic Paulet Island. Today, the island is home to countless penguins and, like Devil Island, makes for a very lively spectacle.

    South Shetland Islands
    Towering basalt rocks, bizarre volcanic rock, black volcanic beaches and fossils up to 150 million years old: the archaic beauty of the Antarctic’s largest island group is also a history book of geology – and Antarctic exploration. After being forced to abandon their ship in the ice, Shackleton’s men spent the winter on the rocky Elephant Island. In good weather, we can set out in smaller boats to reach destinations such as Half Moon Island. Walk across vast fields of snow and enjoy beautiful views of the rugged neighbouring Livingston Island, the home of majestic elephant seals. Your impressions will be just as unforgettable when the HANSEATIC calls at Deception lsland. Thanks to its shallow draught, the ship can sail directly into the flooded caldera of the extinct volcano. Flanked by rock faces up to 50 m (164 ft) in height, the black sand in front of you gives off steam as a testament to a past eruption – and you in the heart of the scenery.

    Antarctic Peninsula and outlying islands
    Where weather and ice dictate the route, only a genuine expedition ship like the HANSEATIC can guarantee the full Antarctic experience: enjoy unforgettable moments when, for example, you first set foot on the Antarctic mainland near to Paradise Bay. Snow-capped summits surround the bay, where icebergs the size of houses drift and glaciers tower hundreds of metres above. The imposing glacier cliffs, such as those of Neko Harbor, generate a sublime soundscape. And gentoo penguins stretch as far as the eye can see – including on Cuverville Island, for example, surrounded by drifting icebergs. One of the most impressive shipping passages in the world is the Lemaire Channel: mountains up to 1,000 m (3,280 ft) high line the strait of water and seem to be almost within reach. The Neumayer Channel and Port Lockroy provide panoramic views of glaciers that are no less breathtaking. The former British research station is one of the historical sites of the Antarctic and has been transformed into a museum – only a handful of people live here to record first-hand observations of hundreds of birds and numerous penguins.

    Wednesday, 07.02.2018

    Sailing through the Drake Passage

    Friday, 09.02.2018

    Ushuaia/Argentina, arrival 6.00 hrs
    Charter flight from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires

    Show departure travel package
    Optional bookable
    Friday, 09.02.2018

    Overnight stay with breakfast

    Saturday, 10.02.2018

    Scheduled flight from Buenos Aires to Germany

    Sunday, 11.02.2018

    Arrival in Germany

    Pre-cruise and post-cruise programmes for your trip

    The following programmes can be booked.

    Please note that our pre- and post-cruise programmes are conducted in German.
    For individual programmes kindly consult your travel agent.

    Following programmes we offer in German:

    Guided Pre and Post-Programs

    Our proven pre and post programs cover a wide range of excursions and experiences and are accompanied by experienced Hapag-Lloyd Cruises tour guides. For all travelers who like to share experiences in a group of like-minded people.


    Your individual Travel arrangements

    Our travel concierge will be pleased to tailor exclusive travel arrangements to your wishes. From trendy design hotels to luxury beach resorts to insider tips for the most exciting metropolises - exclusive recommendations can be found here and at Your travel concierge is available to you before traveling and on board.

    A change in itinerary may be required on this expedition. The captain will decide on the best possible alternative depending on weather and ice conditions. Wildlife sightings may vary from year to year.

    Team of experts on board

    On every expedition, you will be accompanied by renowned experts in various fields. Biologists, glaciologists, geologists and historians will make you experience the wonders of the sixth continent even more intensely. In-depth on-board preparation and follow-up sessions for trips ashore, interesting pointers during Zodiac rides and compelling expert knowledge on your natural history excursions ashore will broaden the horizons of your knowledge.

    MS HANSEATIC - Your Personal Expedition


    The world's only five-star expedition ship (Berlitz Cruise Guide 2018) combines adventure with excellent comfort. This provides the perfect setting for your extraordinary expedition routes with special facilities and many special on-board details - from the ship's furnishings to the first-class service provided by the crew. With no more than 175 guests on board the HANSEATIC, you can enjoy a sense of well-being with an almost familial character that you will not find any-where else.

    show The HANSEATIC

    Cabins & suites

    Feel at home on the open sea: What could be better than travelling in the most remote regions of the world and yet still feeling right at home? The HANSEATIC’s state-of-the-art cabins and suites measuring 22 m²/237 ft² and 44 m²/474 ft², respectively, ensure that you have plenty of room to enjoy and recall your diverse discoveries and impressions in a relaxed frame of mind. The many details make your cruise especially enjoyable: tasteful furnishings, lighting designed to create a pleasing ambience and a mini bar that is replenished daily with refreshing non-alcoholic beverages free of charge. After all, when your days are thrilling, you need a place to relax.
    More information

    show Cabins & suites

    Culinary art, bars & lounges

    Gourmets together: A place in the main restaurant, Marco Polo, is already reserved for your journey into delicious culinary worlds. Discover the creative gastronomic variety and discerning gourmet philosophy of our top chefs against the backdrop of the most beautiful expedition regions. Bistro Lemaire offers a variety of culinary treats - from the breakfast and lunch buffets through to the incomparable "Ethno Dinner", which reinterprets the exotic diversity of various cruise destinations.

    show Culinary art, bars & lounges

    Experiences & relaxation

    Your time: The HANSEATIC invites you to live out your exploratory urges and spend your time however you wish. Enjoy active relaxation in the fitness room with ocean view or in the whirlpool.

    show Experiences & relaxation

    Prestigious experts on board

    Room for inspiring moments: Share your impressions with like-minded guests and experts in the Observation Lounge with a 180° panoramic view and piano music in the evenings, for example. Explorers will meet in the Explorer Lounge, where the experts will prepare for and follow up on the trips ashore. The Darwin Hall presentation room, where specialists share their knowledge, will also be a focal point. Laptops and microscopes are available for loan and will help you to enhance your experiences.

    show Prestigious experts on board

    Additional included services

    The cruise price (cruise only) includes, among other things:

    • Expedition in the booked category
    • Full board on the ship (early bird breakfast, breakfast, bouillon, lunch and dinner, afternoon coffee and tea with pastries, midnight snack)
    • All landings or rides in the ship’s own Zodiacs or tenders (potential admission fees or guided tours by local tour guides not included)
    • Experienced experts give lectures, provide in-depth answers to questions about the cruising area and accompany Zodiac landings.
    • Champagne awaits you in your cabin on your day of arrival
    • Mini bar filled with soft drinks in the cabin (refilled daily)
    • Flat screen, DVD player and Wi-Fi service in every cabin; on the HANSEATIC, also access to a private e-mail account as well as an integrated video-on-demand system
    • German ship, cruise and expedition management as well as a German- and English-speaking service crew on board
    • Sending and receiving e-mails (up to 1 MB) free of charge
    • Comprehensive information about the cruise, service handbooks about the flora and fauna of the Arctic and Antarctica as well as expedition maps
    • Information about the port or destination (when available) in the cabin in the form of pocket-size travel guides
    • Depending on the destination, warm parkas and rubber boots as well as snorkelling equipment and Nordic Walking are provided on loan (subject to the destination and subject to availability).
    • Free use of all on-board facilities (except services of the photo shop, hairdresser, massage, boutique, Internet)
    • Harbour and airport fees
    • Travel cancellation insurance, cancellation fee insurance (both only included for guests of the European Economic Area and Switzerland) and bankruptcy insurance.
    MS HANSEATIC - from Ushuaia to Ushuaia Expedition Antarctica - the worlds most exciting nursery