On board MS EUROPA 2 from Istanbul to Piraeus (Athens)

Landmarks of Antiquity

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Starting out from Istanbul, head for the Greek islands: stroll around the narrow streets of Mitilini and while away some time in the shade of the enormous sycamore trees in the charming squares of the mountain village of Agiassos*. The Meteora monasteries* were built several centuries ago hundreds of metres high up on massive rock pillars – one of the scenes in the James Bond film "For Your Eyes Only". Discover the beautiful mountain scenery of Mount Pelion* on foot or from the narrow-gauge railway, which is a hundred years old. The luxury of relaxation awaits you at the beach club in Esphesus* and you can view the archaeological site from a bird’s-eye perspective on a microlight flight. On the island of Idra, spend a relaxing day to round off your trip before disembarking in the port of Piraeus.

from Istanbul to Piraeus (Athens)

Cruise dates:from 20.09.2014 to 27.09.2014 (8 days)
Your ship: MS EUROPA 2
Cruise number: EUX1428

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This is a bilingual cruise with English shore excursions. [Read more]

Highlights of this cruise

Highlights of this trip:

  • Lesbos: hike along beautiful Gera Bay*.
  • A variety of UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Megeora monasteries* built on rock pillars, the ancient sites of Ephesus* and the Monastery of Saint John* on Patmos.
  • On board: premiere fever – the exclusive show experience.

* These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore excursions listed here are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.


Sat, 20.09.2014

Scheduled flight from Germany to Istanbul and transfer to embarkation
Istanbul/Turkey, departure 0.00 hrs

Under the stars of Istanbul, set off for the Greek islands.

Sun, 21.09.2014

Daytime passage through the Dardanelles Strait, 14.00 – 18.00 hrs

Enjoy the daytime passage through the Dardanelles Strait with views of the coastlines, which are so close you feel that you could almost touch them.

Mon, 22.09.2014

Mitilini/Lesbos/Greece , 4.00 – 18.00 hrs

Your first stop as at Mitilini. Follow the labyrinth of narrow streets up to the Byzantine castle and treat yourself to some local specialities in one of the tavernas. The mountain village of Agiassos* is set in the middle of lush green countryside and is an inviting place to spend some time under the massive sycamore trees in the village’s charming squares. A walk along the olive groves of Lesbos* reveals views of the crystal-clear sea and rewards you with little chapels and idyllic pine forests along the way.

Tue, 23.09.2014

Volos/Greece, 7.00 – 17.30 hrs

Near Volos you can see some amazing constructions: the Meteora monasteries* were built several centuries ago hundreds of metres high up on huge rock pillars. Visit the nuns and monks in their breathtaking homes, and you will be given some exclusive insights into life behind the monastery walls. Or you can take a hike on Mount Pelion*. If you prefer to travel in comfort, the 100-year old narrow-gauge railway* will take you over viaducts and through the magnificent mountain scenery.

Wed, 24.09.2014

Kusadasi/Turkey, 9.00 – 0.00 hrs

The next day, start out from Kusadasi to visit the world-famous Ephesus*. The amphitheatre is proof of how big the city once was, as it was built to seat 25,000 people. Take a tour of discovery: the wonderful pillared facade of the library, the luxurious bath house and the arches of the Temple of Hadrian provide an insight into the wealth of the city’s ancient inhabitants. The luxury of relaxation awaits you at the beach club*. Lean back and relax as you allow yourself to be pampered. If you are after a special kind of adventure, you can enjoy a microlight flight* with a bird’s-eye view of Kusadasi, the archaeological site of Ephesus and the Aegean coastline.

Thu, 25.09.2014

Skala/Patmos/Dodecanese/Greece, 8.00 – 14.00 hrs

The next day, you can visit the “Island of Revelation”: immerse yourself in the lively goings-on along the promenade in Skala or follow in religious footsteps when you visit the thousand-year-old Monastery of St John* in Chora. John the Apostle is said to have received his divine revelation in the Cave of the Apocalypse.

Fri, 26.09.2014

Idra/Saronic Islands/Greece, 8.00 – 12.00 hrs

Idra is a true gem amongst Greek islands. The inhabitants have done a great deal to maintain this traditional idyll. You will find neither cars nor illuminated advertising on the island. Idra port is enchanting with its mules, captain’s mansions built in natural stone and the historic harbour. Walk through the narrow streets, try a mocha coffee and allow yourself to be captivated by the serene charm of the place.

Sat, 27.09.2014

Piraeus (Athens)/Greece, arrival 6.00 hrs
Transfer to scheduled flight to Germany

A relaxing way to round off your trip, which will end the following day in the port of Piraeus.

*?These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore excursions listed here are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.

= at anchor

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