On board MS EUROPA 2 from Valletta to Piraeus (Athens)

The magic of the Aegean

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The Crusader castle at Valletta sees us off from Malta as we set a course for the blue Aegean with its picturesque bays and islands. In Ythion, the Caves of Dirou* with their stalactites and stalagmites provide an insight into the Neolithic era, whilst in Crete, Minoan history is brought to life. In Didyma and Milet*, you can visit the region’s most impressive oracle sites, whilst a Land Rover safari reveals the many sides of Crete. Cruise on a traditional yacht at Bodrum and stroll around the narrow streets of Mykonos town. The grand finale to your cruise will be the impressive ruins of Mykene and Epidaurus*, with the famous Lion’s Gate, before disembarking in the lively port of Piraeus.

from Valletta to Piraeus (Athens)

Cruise dates:from 30.08.2014 to 06.09.2014 (8 days)
Your ship: MS EUROPA 2
Cruise number: EUX1426

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This is a bilingual cruise with English shore excursions. [Read more]

Highlights of this cruise

Highlights of this trip:

  • Underground play of colours at the Caves of Dirou* near Ythion.
  • Greetings from the ancient world: Mykene*, Epidaurus* and Corinth*.
  • Picture-book Cyclades: enjoy the sunset on Mykonos.
  • On board: Aristotle and more – lecture on ancient philosophy.

* These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore excursions listed here are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.


Sat, 30.08.2014

Scheduled flight from Germany to Malta and transfer to embarkation
Valletta/Malta, departure 22.00 hrs

As you leave behind the Crusader castle in Valletta, some relaxing days in Greece and Turkey lie ahead.

Sun, 31.08.2014

Relaxation at sea

Mon, 01.09.2014

Ythion/Peloponnese/Greece, 7.00 – 13.30 hrs

Your first stop is at Ythion, a lively port with captivating charm. Stroll along the harbour promenade with its cafes and quaint tavernas, wander through picturesque streets or explore the fascinating sites in the surrounding area. The Caves of Dirou*, which were not discovered until the 1950s, will provide a deep insight into life in the Neolithic era. Or visit Mistras*, a ruined Byzantine city with beautiful views over the valley and the village of the same name.

Tue, 02.09.2014

Agios Nikolaos/Crete/Greece, 8.00 – 18.00 hrs

The next day, we reach Agios Nikolaos on Crete, a former fishing village with the delightful Lake Voulismeni in its centre. Not far away from here are some relics of Minoan culture – the legendary Palace of Knossos*. A Land Rover safari* will take you through the wildly romantic hills, partly off-road, to the idyllic village of Kroustas. Here you can enjoy a typical Greek frappe coffee.


TEENS’ EXCURSION: On a scavenger hunt through Arolithos*, you can explore this traditional village in Crete. You will be stopping at some special places to answer questions and each correct answer will take you one step closer to solving the mystery.

Wed, 03.09.2014

Bodrum/Turkey, 8.00 – 18.00 hrs

In Bodrum, you will be stepping onto Turkish soil with a backdrop of the distant Taurus Mountains. The city was built on the ruins of the ancient settlement of Halikarnassos, which had a mausoleum that was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. One of Bodrum’s landmarks is the Castle of St Peter, which will be just one of the highlights on your walking tour* of the city. At Didyma and Milet*, you can discover one of the most impressive oracle sites in Asia Minor and the “Manhattan of the ancient world”. Alternatively, you can spend the day in Bodrum on a boat trip from bay to bay*. We will be taking a relaxing cruise along the coast on a gulet, a traditional wooden yacht, making stops for a swim at some beautiful places.


CHILDREN’S EXCURSION: From Bodrum, we will be making our way to visit the gourd village*, where the inhabitants are famous for their artistically decorated gourds. We will be getting together with a family from the village to paint our own gourds.

Thu, 04.09.2014

Delos/Cyclades/Greece, 7.00 – 13.00 hrs
Mykonos/Cyclades/Greece , 14.30 – 21.00 hrs

The enchanting Cyclades are true picture-book Greece. Delos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to the most extensive archaeological site in Greece. From the harbour, a boulevard leads up to the sanctuary of Apollo.
Another legendary Greek island is Mykonos. The snow-white cube houses, old windmills and the unique atmosphere of the island attract stars such as Sharon Stone and Mick Jagger. Stroll through the narrow streets in Mykonos town, past chic boutiques, cosy bars and courtyard restaurants with plenty of charm.

Fri, 05.09.2014

Nauplia/Peloponnese/Greece , 8.00 – 19.00 hrs

Your next destination is the attractive resort of Nauplia in the Peloponnese. Here you can look forward to some unforgettable experiences: travel through the narrow Corinth Channel* and visit the Temple of Apollo in ancient Corinth*. Or follow in the footsteps of Heinrich Schliemann and explore the impressive ruins of Mykene* and Epidaurus*, including the famous Lion’s Gate and an amazingly well-preserved Greek theatre with its breathtaking location and acoustics.

Sat, 06.09.2014

Piraeus (Athens)/Greece, arrival 6.00 hrs
Transfer to scheduled flight to Germany

Sun worshippers will appreciate Tolo beach*: round off your cruise in the lively port of Piraeus with some swimming and relaxation at the beach.

*?These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore excursions listed here are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.

= at anchor

Please note that our pre- and post-cruise programmes are conducted in German.
For individual programmes kindly consult your travel agent.

Following programmes we offer in German:



Family cruise

Fishing boats bob up and down on the sea and the seafront promenade

is full of life: Ythion is enchanting with its pure Greek charm. The

treasures of the ancient world also promise some unforgettable memories,

such as in Didyma and Milet*, as well as in Delos. Admire the famous

windmills of Mykonos and the view over the sea from the fort in Nauplia –

some amazing experiences await you on the Aegean coast.

You can find more details on children’s, teen and family excursions under each port in the itinerary.

* These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore

excursions listed here are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.