On board MS EUROPA from Vancouver to Vancouver

Premiere in the Alaskan wilderness

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The Inside Passage off Canada’s coastline is just the beginning of some unforgettable experiences, continuing in the vast, natural landscape of Alaska. Nature will reveal its true forces in the wild beauty of the fjords and mountains, in the eternal ice of Wrangell and in the glaciers on Kodiak Island. Zodiac trips will take you time and again right into the pristine realm of seals, sea lions, whales and bald eagles. A premiere cruise to provide lasting memories.

from Vancouver to Vancouver

Cruise dates:from 13.05.2017 to 02.06.2017 (20 days)
Your ship: MS EUROPA
Cruise number: EUR1709

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This cruise is operated in German. For individual programmes kindly ask our travel concierge.

Highlights of this cruise

  • Intense experiences in Alaska’s natural landscape
  • Aerial tour over the Misty Fjords*
  • Active tours* – paddling and hiking in spectacular surroundings
  • White Pass and a trip on the historic Yukon Route Railroad*
  • Zodiac trips, subject to weather conditions, in secluded fjords and near glaciers
  • New ports: Ketchikan/Alaska/USA, Wrangell/Alaska/USA, Skagway/Alaska/USA, Point Adolphus/Chichagof Island/Alaska/USA, Pelican/Alaska/USA


Sat, 13.05.2017

Scheduled flight Germany – Vancouver
Transfer to embarkation point for the EUROPA
Vancouver/Canada, departure 20.00 hrs

Vancouver/British Columbia/Canada
Arrive a little earlier for our pre-cruise programme* to discover Vancouver – the Canadian way of life on the Pacific.

British Columbia’s Inside Passage
Between Vancouver Island and the Canadian mainland, enjoy some of the most beautiful views of the breathtaking natural scenery from the ship: marvel at ancient forests lining the shores and the mountains, some of which are snow-capped. You should also keep your eye on the smooth waters of the fjords – with luck you may see whales appearing at the surface.

Sun, 14.05.2017

Relaxation at sea

Mon, 15.05.2017


Before salmon fishermen began casting their nets here, the indigenous people pursued their own traditions: visit the Saxman Village* to see the vast collection of original totem poles and learn more about catching and processing Alaskan salmon at the Libby Cannery*. Or you can explore the Tongass National Forest*, which has been a protected conservation area since 1907. Formidable fjords, waterfalls and lakes make up the wild beauty of the Misty Fjords*, one of America’s greatest natural treasures, which can only be explored from the air or by water.

Tue, 16.05.2017


Wed, 17.05.2017


Take off by plane* to explore the eternal ice. Your impressive destination is the LeConte Glacier, where you will be enchanted by the sight of the sun’s rays reflecting off the shimmering blue surface of the ice. You will then be taken by jetboat up the fast-flowing Stikine River* through Alaska’s fascinating wilderness – adventures up ahead!

Thu, 18.05.2017


The Mendenhall Glacier* extends right up to the doorstep of the Alaskan capital and promises a truly breathtaking sight. You can get even closer to the glacier by helicopter* on your way to an exciting dog sled tour on the endless ice.

Fri, 19.05.2017


The protected log cabins in Skagway are reminiscent of the town’s gold rush past. During that time, the first gold prospectors made their way over the White Pass to follow the Chilkoot Trail to try their luck at finding gold. A trip on the historic Yukon Route Railroad* will let you follow in their footsteps up into the mountains.

Sat, 20.05.2017

Cruising off Point Adolphus, Chichagof Island, Pelican

Expedition destination Alaska
The Gulf of Alaska provides a pristine habitat for sea eagles, whales and seals between the thick forests and mighty glaciers. Enjoy some impressive opportunities to observe your natural surroundings as the EUROPA cruises off Point Adolphus. One of the scarce outposts is Pelican, a small fishing village built entirely on wooden pilings. The EUROPA will then continue at a leisurely place through Yakutat Bay, past some impressive ice formations and right up to the snout of the active Hubbard Glacier. Take a detour to Valdez, Alaska’s most important ice-free port. Some more natural spectacles await you at the foot of the impressive Chenega Glacier: if weather conditions allow, you can approach the glacier in the Zodiacs. Keep a lookout for seals having a rest on the silvery ice floes.

Sun, 21.05.2017

Hubbard Glacier/Yakutat Bay

Mon, 22.05.2017


Tue, 23.05.2017

Chenega Glacier

Wed, 24.05.2017


Hiking*, paddling*, fishing* – Alaska’s “Halibut Fishing Capital” is a haven for nature lovers and has attracted a small community of artists thanks to its picturesque setting. Explore the dark-blue glacier lake* of Kachemak Bay and enjoy the views of the mountains. On a kayak trip* along the wide beaches, you may even catch a glimpse of a sea otter.

Thu, 25.05.2017

Kukak Bay , Amalik Bay

Kukak Bay and Amalik Bay/Alaska/USA
Devote yourself entirely to the wildlife in these vast bays. You have a good chance of seeing wild bald eagles on Zodiac trips.

Fri, 26.05.2017


The island was shaped thousands of years ago by the power of glaciers, which left behind deep gorges, a wide network of rivers and mountains over 1,000 m high – creating a unique panorama, which is best admired from a bird’s-eye perspective*.

Sat, 27.05.2017

Relaxation at sea

Sun, 28.05.2017


From the town of Sitka, you can set out on a hike to explore the Tongass National Forest, one of the country’s largest national forests, and observe a rich variety of bird species in their natural habitat.

Mon, 29.05.2017
- Tue, 30.05.2017

Relaxation at sea

Wed, 31.05.2017

Victoria/Vancouver Island/Canada, 8.00 – 22.00 hrs

Victoria/Vancouver Island/Canada
With its enchanting natural surroundings, one of the most beautiful cities on the west coast is a great place to explore: there are still many reminders of the British Empire, including the Royal British Columbia Museum* and red double-decker buses. The green side of the Garden City will be revealed on a bicycle tour*. Or set out on a boat trip* in search of the gentle giants of the seas.

Thu, 01.06.2017

Vancouver, arrival 6.00 hrs
City tour with lunch, followed by scheduled flight to Germany

Vancouver/British Columbia/Canada
Extend your holiday and stay on for a post-cruise programme* taking you to the Rocky Mountains.

Fri, 02.06.2017

Arrival in Germany

Please note:
Lay times will be established by the captain according to the best possible local conditions and will be given once you are on board.

* The shore activities are not included in the cruise price and are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.

= at anchor
= Zodiac landing

Please note that our pre- and post-cruise programmes are conducted in German.
For individual programmes kindly consult your travel agent.

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