On board MS BREMEN from Auckland to Fiji

Expedition to New Caledonia and Vanuatu – secret paradises

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Uncover the surprising sides of this South Seas picture book, which remains inaccessible to many people. Away from the usual routes, the BREMEN and Zodiacs will take you to secluded islands in the turquoise sea, jungle worlds and encounters with foreign cultures – a dream come true!

from Auckland to Fiji

Cruise dates:from 14.03.2017 to 04.04.2017 (21 days)
Your ship: MS BREMEN
Cruise number: BRE1704

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This cruise is operated in German. For individual programmes kindly ask our travel concierge.


Tue, 14.03.2017

Scheduled flight Frankfurt – Singapore

Wed, 15.03.2017

Connecting flight to Auckland

Thu, 16.03.2017

Auckland/New Zealand, departure 19.00 hrs

Fri, 17.03.2017

Bay of Islands/New Zealand

Island beauties in the South Pacific

Your breathtaking journey of discovery begins in the far north of New Zealand with the pristine Bay of Islands, an archipelago with over 150 idyllic islands. A helicopter flight* will provide fantastic views of the wonderful natural surroundings and the famous Hole in the Rock off Cape Brett. Alternatively, discover typical New Zealand mangrove forests on a hike to Haruru Falls*. With a bit of luck, you might spot the cormorants that nest here.

Sat, 18.03.2017

Relaxation at sea

Sun, 19.03.2017

Norfolk Island/Australia

Seldom-visited Norfolk Island is a world of its own where you will land with the Zodiacs if the weather is good to discover an island idyll of lush meadows and typical araucaria forests.

Mon, 20.03.2017

Relaxation at sea

Tue, 21.03.2017
- Fri, 24.03.2017

New Caledonia (Ile des Pins , Ilot Casy Nouméa, Maré )

Your route takes you towards New Caledonia to bring dreams of Pacific discovery to life. For the first time, the BREMEN will linger extensively in these little paradises. Even those familiar with the South Seas will be surprised by the unspoilt natural beauty of these places. You can see why the French have held onto this overseas territory for more than 150 years. It is so beautiful that you may not want to leave. You will feel nothing less than divine at the other end of the world when you relax in the shade of the pines on the long, white sandy beaches of Ile des Pins or go snorkelling in the turquoise lagoon. The BREMEN will head for unknown shores to Ilot Casy. It is a pristine expedition destination, and there are many different ways to explore the island at your own pace. Be it on hikes with our experts, swimming or snorkelling, the small island off the southern point of Grande Terre boasts unforgettable views. Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia, welcomes you with colonial charm. From here, you will visit the outlying island with the Amedee Lighthouse* in a glass-bottom boat or glide over the crystal-clear waters in a catamaran for a very special sailing experience*. Mare, a green gem in the turquoise sea, is a premiere destination for the BREMEN. On white sandy beaches lined with forests of coconut palms and sandalwood trees, you will feel a little like Robinson Crusoe.

Sat, 25.03.2017
- Thu, 30.03.2017

Vanuatu (Tanna , Malakula , Espiritu Santo, Ureparapara , Pentecost , Ambrym , Efate)

Vanuatu: ancient rituals in pristine natural surroundings 
This is apparently home to the world’s happiest people. And it’s no wonder when you look at the blue lagoons, colourful coral gardens and magnificent jungle. When you land on remote beaches with the Zodiacs away from the typical tourist routes, you will be in paradise. The panorama of this unspoilt expeditionary territory is shaped by five active volcanoes. Even James Cook described the crater on Tanna as the “lighthouse of the South Seas”. See for yourself on an impressive tour to the Yasur volcano*. Immerse yourself in the exotic rituals of the archipelago when you take the Zodiacs to the island of Malakula, where more than 30 languages are spoken. Words cannot express the fascination of the mystical mask dances performed here.  Diverse encounters and a premiere will define your time on Espiritu Santo when the BREMEN drops anchor for the first time in the tranquil Paradise Lagoon. Gorgeous white sandy beaches await you here for relaxation and daydreaming. But a visit to Luganville and its colourful fruit and vegetable market* or a paddling tour on the crystal-clear Riri River* will also be memorable experiences. Be seized by a true feeling of discovery once again when the BREMEN sets sail for Ureparapara – an extinct volcano now covered in lush vegetation. Wander along the edge of the caldera or visit the bat caves. In addition to the lush natural surroundings, you will be fascinated again and again by the rituals and traditions of the inhabitants – such as the land diving on Pentecost from heights of up to 30 m, or the seldom-performed Rom dance in magical spirit masks on Ambrym. You will gain thrilling insights into the cultural heritage of Vanuatu*, which is over 300 years old, in the open-air museum on the island of Efate. The “bushmen” will show you how they have adapted to life in the wilderness. Alternatively, go on a hike to the Mele Cascades Waterfall*, which will lead you to hidden bathing sites.

Fri, 31.03.2017

Relaxation at sea

Sat, 01.04.2017

Sawa-i-lau/Yasawa Islands/Fiji

The dream destination of Fiji, with shimmering green island gems, rounds off your unforgettable Pacific expedition in wonderful fashion. When the sun produces magical reflections on the sea on Sawa-i-lau and you enjoy the hospitality of the Fijians during a traditional kava ceremony, your South Seas dream will be perfect.

Sun, 02.04.2017

Lautoka/Fiji, arrival 7.00 hrs
Scheduled flight to Sydney
Overnight stay with breakfast

Mon, 03.04.2017

City tour
Scheduled flight Sydney – Singapore – Frankfurt

Tue, 04.04.2017

Arrival in Frankfurt

* The shore activities are not included in the cruise price and are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.

= at anchor

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A geography specialist in the team of experts

Fascinated by the tropics and subtropics, Ole Stapelfeld studied geography, Portuguese philology and urban development. Numerous backpacking trips off the usual routes took him to the craters of active volcanoes and the beaches and reefs of remote coasts and islands.