On board MS BREMEN from Ushuaia to Bluff

Semi-circumnavigation of Antarctica - An eternal route – legends and lifelong dreams

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One of the greatest adventures of modern times: the semi-circumnavigation of Antarctica. At one time, daring researchers and pioneers endured unimaginable burdens and hardships to uncover the secrets of the sixth continent. To this day, humans have been a marginal presence in this barely accessible region, whose fantastic icy landscapes and creatures appear to have come from another world. Fulfil a lifelong dream with the BREMEN on the journey from South America to New Zealand – a magnificent route that only a few explorers have conquered.

from Ushuaia to Bluff

Cruise dates:from 26.01.2017 to 03.03.2017 (35 days)
Your ship: MS BREMEN
Cruise number: BRE1702

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Thu, 26.01.2017

Scheduled flight Germany – Buenos Aires

Fri, 27.01.2017

City tour, overnight stay with breakfast

Sat, 28.01.2017

Charter flight to Ushuaia/Argentina, departure 18.00 hrs

Sun, 29.01.2017

Sailing through the Drake Passage

The adventure begins
In a spectacular world of ice, unforgettable expedition experiences await you. Between mighty glaciers and majestic icebergs, the captain and crew will adapt the flexible itinerary to the constantly changing conditions and offer you the best possible experience.

Mon, 30.01.2017
- Sat, 04.02.2017

South Shetland Islands , Antarctic Peninsula

For example, on the South Shetland Islands, the first destination on your cruise into the endless ice. Numerous Zodiac rides and landings will reveal fascinating contrasts, for example, of the volcanic Deception Island. The BREMEN will travel directly into the flooded caldera to the black lava beaches – an impressive sight. Along wonderful icy panoramas populated by Weddell and fur seals, you will head for Paradise Bay. The moment you first set foot onto the Antarctic mainland will be both ceremonious and intense. Perhaps some humpback whales will follow the ship through the Neumayer Channel, a labyrinthine strait of water framed by imposing cliffs and glaciers. In Port Lockroy, you will be greeted by gentoo penguins with their striking cry, and you can send extraordinary greetings back home from the world’s southernmost post office. Mountains up to 1,000 m high flank the narrow Lemaire Channel on one of the world’s most beautiful passages. Other ships would have long since given up, but the BREMEN continues relentlessly towards the Antarctic Circle. Upon crossing this magical boundary, you will enter an exploratory territory that has been attracting brave pioneers and researchers for generations. Thanks to the highest ice class for passenger ships, the ship’s reinforced bow pushes the white surface aside and makes for the most beautiful and rarely visited regions of the Antarctic. Depending on the ice, you will reach Horseshoe Island in Marguerite Bay and travel back in time: closed since the 1960s, the British research station looks as though it was used just yesterday. A visit to the scientists at Rothera Station (subject to authorisation) will provide fascinating insights into current climate observations. And on Stonington Island, you will discover how skuas and Antarctic terns have taken possession of the researchers’ abandoned base.

Sun, 05.02.2017
- Tue, 14.02.2017

Relaxation at sea (cruise through Bellingshausen Sea, Amundsen Sea and Ross Sea – 13.2 omitted due to crossing the International Date Line)

The journey is the destination – through seas with long names
The following days at sea beyond the Antarctic Circle will be shaped not only by fascinating expert presentations on board, but also by the golden age of Antarctic research. The BREMEN will cruise in the Bellingshausen Sea, Amundsen Sea and Ross Sea. These seas take their names from the daring explorers who boarded their vessels many years ago to travel and traverse this remote region without modern technology, putting their lives on the line. And they may well have enjoyed similar views: the polar sun ensures long days and casts its light over huge tabular icebergs and shimmering ice formations in a parade of shapes and colours that you would rarely get to see on a “normal” Antarctic expedition.

Wed, 15.02.2017
- Sun, 19.02.2017

Ross Island , Terra Nova Bay , Victorialand

In famous company on Ross Island
The excitement builds on board: what are the ice conditions on the Ross Sea? The season is ideal, the timing perfect – how will the natural surroundings look? Can the captain steer the BREMEN through the pack ice and drifting ice to get to Ross Island? Will the weather and ice conditions allow us to land in legendary places? If the attempt is successful, you will experience unforgettable and moving moments. The history of exploration will become not just noticeable, but tangible. Cape Royds is the most westerly point on Ross Island. It was here that Ernest Shackleton built a hut in 1908 during his Nimrod expedition that served as the base camp for his attempt to reach the South Pole. Even to this day, the hut is not empty: it now hosts a large colony of Adelie penguins. Cape Evans, meanwhile, was the setting of Robert Falcon Scott’s tragic Terra Nova expedition. He set out from his hut, built in 1911, to beat Roald Amundsen to the South Pole. But he never came back. Gain an insight into the heroic era of historic Antarctic expeditions when you get to see the hut for yourself, and the places where Scott, Bowers and Wilson slept. Subject to official approval, you can also visit the American McMurdo Station. In the shadow of the modern building and the mighty Mount Erebus stands the historic Discovery hut, which was built by Scott in 1902 on his expedition of the same name. Ten years later, it also played an important role in Shackleton’s Endurance expedition: the hut served as base camp for the Ross Sea Party, the men who were to set up a provisions store deep in the endless ice for Shackleton’s planned Antarctic crossing. However, they did not know their efforts would be in vain because Shackleton’s ship had already sunk in the Weddell Sea. With a little luck, you might spot emperor penguins and orcas in this historically significant region.

If the weather and ice allow, you will experience another indescribable highlight when cruising off the fantastic backdrop of the Ross Ice Shelf. Up to 40 m high, the massive wall of ice stretches for 750 km and ensures magical moments and a horizon the likes of which you have never seen before.

Pure pioneering spirit! Terra Nova Bay and Victorialand

Discovered by Scott in 1901 and named after his ship: today, Terra Nova Bay houses an Italian research station, among other things. At Cape Hallet, spectacular mountains and mighty glaciers form the backdrop for landings with the Zodiacs – a beautiful, almost unreal sight. Where the Norwegian Carsten Borchgrevink became the first person to set foot on the Antarctic mainland back in 1895, you will also go ashore if the weather and ice allow. In Cape Adare, you will follow in the footsteps of the legendary explorer – in the ruins of a hut that Borchgrevink built in 1899 and in which an expedition team spent a winter in the Antarctic for the first time. The spectacular natural surroundings are just as moving as the region’s history – including the largest colony of Adelie penguins in the Antarctic with over 250,000 breeding pairs!

Mon, 20.02.2017

Relaxation at sea

Tue, 21.02.2017

Balleny Islands/New Zealand

Seldom visited: Australian and New Zealand Subantarctic region
In the southern Pacific Ocean, you will discover untouched island worlds barely known in our latitudes – true natural paradises that are home to a rich animal kingdom. Some of the islands are strictly protected and may not be visited. However, the small, manoeuvrable BREMEN allows you to cruise as close as possible to the coast – even closer if the authorities permit us to land. The Balleny Islands provide a mystical setting: steep cliffs rise suddenly from the sea. And colonies of Adelie and chinstrap penguins fill the largely glaciated island group with life.

Wed, 22.02.2017
- Thu, 23.02.2017

Relaxation at sea

Fri, 24.02.2017

Macquarie Island/Australia

Macquarie Island, which already belongs to Australia and is halfway between the Antarctic and Tasmania, has a rich flora and fauna. The BREMEN will cruise off the coast of this UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site and – depending on the conditions – the Zodiacs will also take you close to the island. Between lakes, streams and swamps live large populations of king and royal penguins and fur seals.

Sat, 25.02.2017

Entspannung auf See

Sun, 26.02.2017
- Tue, 28.02.2017

Campbell Island , Auckland Islands , Snares Islands/New Zealand

Meanwhile, the world’s largest colony of southern royal albatrosses can be found on New Zealand’s Campbell Island. And on a Zodiac ride, you might be able to make out some elephant seals among the tussock grass. The Auckland Islands have the lushest flora of all the subantarctic islands. Grasslands, moors and dense ironwood forests shape a landscape that houses both yellow-eyed penguins and New Zealand sea lions, which are threatened with extinction, and which you might be lucky enough to spot from the Zodiacs. The Snares penguin, meanwhile, is a species only found on the Snares Islands, where they live alongside cape petrels and albatrosses among bizarre rock formations.

Wed, 01.03.2017

Bluff/New Zealand, arrival 6.00 hrs
Scheduled flight to Christchurch
Overnight stay with breakfast (mid-range hotel)

On a Zodiac ride along the coast to the strictly protected island, you will get as close to the creatures as possible – the final highlight of an expedition packed with unique experiences that comes to an end in Bluff and that you will remember forever. Having completed a semi-circumnavigation of the Antarctic, you are now one of the few people to have explored the endless ice at close quarters and delved deep into remote worlds.

Thu, 02.03.2017

Scheduled flight Christchurch – Singapore – Frankfurt

Fri, 03.03.2017

Arrival in Frankfurt

A change in itinerary may become necessary on this expedition. The captain will decide on the best possible alternative depending on weather and ice conditions and official approval.

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