On board MS BREMEN from Kangerlussuaq to Kangerlussuaq

Expedition to north-western Greenland - Icy new terrain in the realm of the Inuit

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What is life like at the northern end of the planet? Where are whales the dominant species? How far into these remote, icy regions can the BREMEN actually go? The answers can be found on an expedition route that combines Greenland’s natural wonders and cultural history in a true Arctic adventure.

from Kangerlussuaq to Kangerlussuaq

Cruise dates:from 22.07.2016 to 04.08.2016 (13 days)
Your ship: MS BREMEN
Cruise number: BRE1614

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This cruise is operated in German. For individual programmes kindly ask our travel concierge.


Fri, 22.07.2016

Charter flight Duesseldorf* – Kangerlussuaq
Kangerlussuaq/Greenland, departure 14.00 hrs

Sat, 23.07.2016
- Wed, 27.07.2016

Western coast of Greenland
(including Qeqertarsuaq, Disko Bay, Uummannaq, Storoen, Ukkusissat, Marmorilik, Upernavik)

Wonderland north of the Arctic Circle

Greenland leaves nobody cold: look forward to intensive expeditions that barely seem to end thanks to the midnight sun. In the magical light, your premiere expedition will highlight the most fascinating aspects of the Inuit kingdom. On Disko Island, you will step through a whalebone gateway in Qeqertarsuaq, entering a world in which kayaks, huskies and colourful houses are vibrant national symbols. In the 18th century, the appearance of whales resulted in the establishment of the fishing settlement. Majestic glaciers, imposing mountain slopes and Arctic tundra shape your hike with the experts to the Windy Valley. Disko Bay is one of Greenland’s most beautiful and spectacular natural wonders with gigantic ice masses towering before your eyes. Watching from the Zodiacs, it seems almost unreal as the drifting icebergs perform their magical “water ballet”, shimmering in the sunlight. No less impressive are the wonders on land: Uummannaq has a “heart” for explorers. The small town sits below a heart-shaped mountain and stands out thanks to its inhabitants’ hospitality. A hike with your experts will take you to “Santa’s Castle”, the setting of a Danish TV series. A Zodiac landing on the desert isle of Storoen, which has an almost lunar landscape, will be just as film worthy. Your experts will impart fascinating knowledge about its geological composition and the play of colours from ochre to red. With a little luck, you will hear “Whale spotted!” here as these waters are one of the stomping grounds of the giants of the sea. Throughout your expedition, you can expect unforgettable wildlife sightings. But all creatures in this region are subordinate to Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the sea. The myths about her have been passed down over generations through tales and songs. A traditional show in the traditional hunting and fishing village of Ukkusissat will give you a glimpse of these stories. The turbulent past is also reflected in a plaque commemorating Rasmus Villumsen, who was born here and companion to Greenland pioneer Alfred Wegener. Both lost their lives in 1930 while attempting to take provisions to a party camped in the middle of the icecap. The history of Marmorilik, until 1990 a mining site for marble, lead and zinc, is hewn into the rock. In Upernavik, time seems to stand still in the world’s most northerly open-air museum – just like the sun, which lends the colonial buildings a particular sheen. What served as the women’s boat in the whaling era – the umiak – is your Zodiac (you will be able to view one of these boats here) and will allow you to capture an array of special perspectives as you continue north.

Thu, 28.07.2016
- Sun, 31.07.2016

North-western coast of Greenland
(including Parker Snow Bay, Old Thule/North Star Bay, Qaanaaq, cruising off Cape York)

Only nature knows the route

The further north the BREMEN goes, the greater the excitement on board. Will the ice allow us to travel to landscapes with sightings of musk oxen, reindeer and sea eagles? To do so, the ship takes full advantage of its ice class – even if it means searching for walruses, seals and polar bears along the edge of the ice. And then a premiere destination awaits you: Parker Snow Bay. Accompany the experts on a walk to the glaciers - with a bit of luck you may see arctic hares.

Polar researcher Knud Rasmussen must have seemed to be heaven sent back in 1909 when he founded a missionary station at North Star Bay and later Old Thule, the world’s most northerly trading post. He began many expeditions from Qaanaaq, which was moved during the Cold War to make way for a US airbase. Explorer Robert Peary also set out from here for the North Pole in 1909. He is commemorated by a memorial on Cape York, where the BREMEN will cruise.

Mon, 01.08.2016
- Wed, 03.08.2016

Western coast of Greenland
(Kangersuatsiaq, Saqqaq, Eqip Sermia Glacier, Sisimiut)

For the first time, the ship will head for Kangersuatsiaq, situated on a small island in the Upernavik archipelago. A typical Greenlandic spot where life revolves around hunting and fishing. Saqqaq also shows its “sunny side” – the translation of its name – with a picturesque cityscape surrounded by a wonderful backdrop of icebergs, resplendent and magical during an evening cruise off the Eqip Sermia Glacier. You will get up-close in the Zodiacs and marvel at the ridge more than 7 km in length. Your thrilling Arctic adventure will slowly draw to a close in the wonderful old town of Sisimiut and on a hike to Tele Island.

Thu, 04.08.2016

Kangerlussuaq/Greenland, arrival 6.00 hrs
Charter flight Kangerlussuaq – Duesseldorf*

* Depending on the flight schedule, it may be necessary to change the airports of departure and arrival.

A change in itinerary may become necessary on this expedition. The captain will decide on the best possible alternative depending on weather and ice conditions.

= at anchor

A marine geology specialist in the team of experts

After studying geology and palaeontology, Dr Gerd Hoffmann-Wieck conducted research on the Baltic Sea and in the North Atlantic. He also travelled to the fjords of Greenland for geo-archaeological investigations. An experienced guide on numerous expeditions, he will impart his knowledge during fascinating presentations.

A cruise for young explorers

Anyone wanting to be a great explorer has to start at an early age. That’s why our crew and a renowned expert are offering age-appropriate activities for those aged 10 to 17 years old on this short cruise. In diverse and entertaining activities, they will teach the young explorers and inspire their curiosity and inquisitiveness. Children up to and including the age of 17 travel in their (grand)parents’ cabin for € 60 per night.