On board MS HANSEATIC from Belem to Iquitos

Expedition Amazon - On the river of a thousand wonders

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The legends of the Amazon: where native peoples live hidden in the rainforest; where toucans, howler monkeys and cicadas add their voices to the wildlife chorus; and where the plants explode in a riot of colour. Behind every bend of the river, new facets of the evergreen jungle await you. Only a small expedition ship like the HANSEATIC and its Zodiacs will allow you to explore this paradise at close range. Travel deep into winding waterways for what could be the greatest adventure of your life.

from Belem to Iquitos

Cruise dates:from 08.04.2017 to 29.04.2017 (21 days)
Cruise number: HAN1706

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This cruise is operated in German. For individual programmes kindly ask our travel concierge.


Sat, 08.04.2017

Scheduled flight from Frankfurt to Sao Paulo to Belem

Sun, 09.04.2017

Overnight stay with breakfast (mid-range hotel)

Mon, 10.04.2017

City tour
Belem/Brazil, departure 20.00 hrs (subject to the tides)

Tue, 11.04.2017

Day trip through the Breves Channels

In the midst of a mysterious world
The first explorers called it a “green hell”. Today, the Amazon is considered an earthly paradise. No river is as long, and no rainforest is as diverse and virtually unexplored. In the spirit of adventurers and scientists, this expedition will enable you to explore this pristine, magical world – for example, during breathtaking daytime passage through the Breves Channels.

Wed, 12.04.2017
- Mon, 17.04.2017

Upstream on the Amazon with Zodiac landings (including Rio Pucurui, Guajara, Alter do Chao, Parintins, Canacari)

The small HANSEATIC is in its element in this labyrinthine network – the diverse shores close enough to touch: banana trees, cashew trees and a succession of small settlements of wooden buildings on stilts. Depending on the weather and currents, the Zodiacs will be lowered to the water again and again on this cruise to take you deep into the winding waterways on numerous rides and landings such as the Rio Pucurui, which is lined with buriti and acai palms. The colours of the toucans, yellow-headed caracaras and saffron finches sparkle in the lush green leaves – and these are just three of over 1,000 species of bird that will catch your eye in the Amazon. Alongside around 3,000 species of fish, the “kings” of the river are the mammals: with a little luck, pink dolphins will make an appearance when you reach Guajara. Is the legend true? Can they really transform into young men to entice away the girls? And how deep into the water must the mighty water buffalo wade to graze on the floating vegetation? Be it mythology or biology, the experts on board will have the answer. Wherever you turn, the jungle surprises with stories and impressions, as Alter do Chao will demonstrate: on the emerald-green Rio Tapajos, you will suddenly find yourself on an almost Caribbean beach. Unsurprisingly, bathing in the Amazon will be enjoyable and relaxing.

Tropical surroundings bursting with cultures
The middle point of the world’s largest river is dominated by contrasts between the traditional and modern. Lush nature on the one hand, vibrant culture on the other. Parintins is a prime example of atmospheric customs. The inhabitants revel in the atmosphere of the “Bumba-meu-boi” dance spectacular with colourful costumes and intoxicating music. Back in the deep green of the jungle, the Zodiacs transport you to curiosities of creation. In Canacari, these are the leaves of the giant water lilies, up to 3 m in diameter, which seamlessly connect with the floating carpet of grass. Be it red bromeliads, pink Gustavia leaves or blue-and-yellow macaws in the treetops, the diversity is there for all to see.

Mon, 17.04.2017
- Tue, 18.04.2017


The city of Manaus is filled with very different contrasts. Modern glass facades sit alongside classical and art nouveau buildings on a tour of the city’s history and opera house*. An aerial tour above Manaus* highlights the coexistence of civilisation and nature in breathtaking fashion. The Meeting of the Waters can be seen as an allegory for this, where the “black” Rio Negro joins the clay-yellow Rio Solimoes; the two rivers do not mix immediately, but flow alongside each other for several kilometres.

Wed, 19.04.2017
- Wed, 26.04.2017

Further upstream on the Amazon with Zodiac landings (including Badajos, Cuxiu Muni, Rio Jutai, Panelas, Leticia, Pevas)Further upstream on the Amazon with Zodiac landings (including Badajos, Cuxiu Muni, Rio Jutai, Panelas, Leticia, Pevas)

A beating green heart
In the shallow waters of the upper reaches of the Amazon, you will experience South America’s lifeline close-up. Very few ships can travel these waters – ideal expeditionary territory for the HANSEATIC. Colourful orchids and brilliant passion flowers highlight the beauty of remote locations, and not just in Badajos. How do the people live in harmony with nature? The answer to this question can be found in Cuxiu Muni, for example: the traditional native community provides fascinating insights into their everyday lives. In the late evening, when the many-voiced choir of cicadas echoes over the river, the Zodiacs will set off into the tropical night. Will you succeed in finding one of the caimans hunting in the dark? During the day, you will have many opportunities to observe monkeys and birds such as the purple-throated flycatcher in the igapo forest of the Rio Jutai. In the Zodiacs, you will head into side branches and tributaries to explore the unique ecosystem. While you glide past the brilliant violet leaves of the Cattleya orchid, the cries of Amazonian parrots will provide the soundtrack to your impressions. Your experiences in Panelas will also appear to have sprung from a picture book. Huge jungle trees transform the rays of the sun into a gentle light. This is ideal for sloths, who spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping in the mighty branches. By contrast, the Colombian city of Leticia is active and vibrant: the colourful market life with curious delicacies from the rainforest provides sensory inspiration. Just as astounding are the stilt buildings in the native Peruvian village of Pevas.

Thu, 27.04.2017

Iquitos/Peru, arrival 7.00 hrs
Charter flight to Lima
Overnight stay with breakfast

You will reach Iquitos with the moving sensation of having grown closer to this paradise world. And even if your expedition is drawing to a close after 4,000 km from the mouth of the Amazon to here, the thrill of the many moments you have experienced will never end.

Fri, 28.04.2017

City tour
Scheduled flight from Lima to Frankfurt

Sat, 29.04.2017

Arrival in Frankfurt

* The shore activities are not included in the cruise price and are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.

A change in itinerary may become necessary on this expedition. The captain will decide on the best possible alternative depending on local conditions.

= at anchor

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A biology specialist in the team of experts

Biologist Claudia Roedel will fascinate you with her extensive experience in the Amazon region. An experienced expedition leader, she specialises in tropical ecology, has completed a survival training course in the jungle and knows all about the native tribes in the Amazon.