On board MS BREMEN from Belem to Iquitos

Amazon Expedition - Deep insights into the treasure chest of our planet

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A legendary river: the Amazon is not just the world’s longest river; it also brings life to the green heart of South America. Only a small, manoeuvrable expedition ship like the BREMEN and its Zodiacs can travel this deep and this far into such fantastic explorer territory. Enjoy an expedition full of natural wonders and exceptional cultural experiences.

from Belem to Iquitos

Cruise dates:from 06.04.2016 to 27.04.2016 (21 days)
Your ship: MS BREMEN
Cruise number: BRE1606

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Wed, 06.04.2016

Scheduled flight Frankfurt – Sao Paulo – Belem

Thu, 07.04.2016

Overnight stay with breakfast (mid-range hotel)

Fri, 08.04.2016

City tour Belem/Brazil, departure 18.00 hrs (subject to the tides)

Secret treasure chests of the Amazon
More than 4,000 km of fascinating and diverse experiences lie ahead when you go on board the BREMEN in Belem to follow the course of the Amazon. A treasure chest to which this expedition holds the key, unlocking spectacular natural wonders and intense cultural encounters. When the weather conditions and currents are favourable, you will make numerous trips and landings with the Zodiacs to explore the arms of the river and get an up-close experience of the rainforest. Experts will always be on hand to help hone your eye for the wonders of flora and fauna, which remain hidden to other travellers.

Sat, 09.04.2016

Day trip through the Breves Channels

As soon as it passes through the narrow Breves Channels in the Amazon Delta, the BREMEN will demonstrate its advantages as a manoeuvrable expedition ship. The ship will take you along winding waterways past tropical vegetation on the river banks, including buriti and acai palms and the stilt huts of the Cabaclos communities.

Sun, 10.04.2016
- Thu, 14.04.2016

Upstream on the Lower Amazon with Zodiac landings
(including Guajara, Alter do Chao, Parintins, Canacari)

Every time you look at the river banks, you will make new discoveries, such as various species of heron, buzzard and hawk in Guajara. Just as impressive are the water buffalo, which weigh over a tonne and stand in the river to graze on the water plants in peace. Embrace their serenity and enjoy some relaxing hours in the village of Alter do Chao. On the white sandy beach of the emerald-green Rio Tapajos, you will feel like you are in the Caribbean as you bathe in the warm water. The evocative rhythm of South America: dramatic dancing and intoxicating music are what your time in Parintins is all about. The colourful “Bumba-meu-boi” show will give you a special feel for the joie de vivre of the natives. Another impressive experience is a Zodiac tour of Canacari, where you can see natural beauty in all its splendour. The magnificent Victoria amazonica – the world’s largest water lily – is a sight to behold with leaves that grow up to 3 m in diameter.

Fri, 15.04.2016
- Sat, 16.04.2016


Accompanied by the sounds of the jungle, you will arrive in Manaus, the capital of the federal state of Amazonas. This city on the Rio Negro owes its legendary prosperity to the rubber boom. One of the testaments to these riches is the magnificent Teatro Amazonas, featuring marble portals from Verona and crystal chandeliers from Murano. Follow the trail of the region’s highlights and discover the city’s history and opera house* as well as the natural spectacle of the Meeting of the Waters: Enjoy some amazing views of the “black” Rio Negro flowing alongside the yellow Rio Solimoes for kilometres on an aerial tour above Manaus*. In the water, a completely different kind of encounter awaits when you swim with pink dolphins*.

Sun, 17.04.2016
- Sun, 24.04.2016

Upstream on the Upper Amazon with Zodiac landings
(including?Badajos, Cuxiu Muni, Rio Jutai, Leticia, Pevas, Nauta)

The upper reaches of the Amazon: ideal for the BREMEN
Beyond Manaus, the Amazon narrows, flattens and begins to wind even more. Thanks to its shallow draught, the BREMEN can continue along the river. The ship will then head westward to provide you with some unforgettable opportunities to observe nature and wildlife. At Badajos, for example, yellow-headed blackbirds and black-capped donacobius fly over the sweetgrass of the riverbanks and hummingbirds flap their wings over the mistletoe flowers. Sometimes, legendary pink dolphins play around the ship. A natural setting that only really comes to life after dark. For example, following your visit to the native village of Cuxiu Muni, you will take a Zodiac trip by night. Accompanied by the chorus of hundreds of frogs and cicadas, you will be able to observe caymans and nocturnal animals such as bats. Enjoy an unforgettable daytime expedition on the Rio Jutai, a unique ecosystem and home to toucans, macaws and magnificent varieties of orchid. Taste the fruits of the region at the lively markets in the Colombian city of Leticia. Back in unspoilt natural surroundings, the inhabitants of the traditional native village of Pevas will enchant you with traditional dancing and crafts. For an adventurous finale to your expedition, the BREMEN will set a course for destinations the other side of Iquitos. The village of Nauta and other settlements lie so far upstream on the Amazon that they can only be reached in high water. Whether the BREMEN will manage to do deep into these dense jungle habitats will only become clear when you are on board. Back in Iquitos, you will be able to look back on these and many other great expedition moments.

Mon, 25.04.2016

Iquitos/Peru, arrival 6.00 hrs
Charter flight to Lima
Overnight stay with breakfast

Tue, 26.04.2016

City tour
Scheduled flight Lima – Frankfurt

Wed, 27.04.2016

Arrival in Frankfurt

A change in itinerary may become necessary on this expedition to the Amazon. The captain will decide on the best possible alternative depending on local conditions.

* The shore activities are not included in the cruise price and are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.

= at anchor

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