On board MS BREMEN from Callao to Belem

Expedition around the Panama Canal - Exotic diversity from the Pacific to the Caribbean

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Ancient civilisations and secrets of the jungle. Picture-book islands and the Caribbean way of life. Reminders of colonial times and the tracks of exotic animals. Travel between two oceans to see the two sides of South America – connected by the lifeline that is the Panama Canal. Fascinating discoveries to make your explorer’s heart beat faster.

from Callao to Belem

Cruise dates:from 19.03.2016 to 09.04.2016 (21 days)
Your ship: MS BREMEN
Cruise number: BRE1605

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Sat, 19.03.2016

Scheduled flight Frankfurt – Lima
Overnight stay with breakfast

Sun, 20.03.2016

City tour
Callao (Lima)/Peru, departure 17.00 hrs

Mon, 21.03.2016


Between civilisation and abundant nature
Your expedition begins with impressive relics of long-lost civilisations. From Salaverry, you can explore the Huaca el Dragon temple and Chan Chan*. Here you will follow in the footsteps of the Chimu culture: the UNESCO World Heritage Site, built around 1300, is probably one of the largest adobe cities in the world. The two temples of the highly developed Mochica culture, which you can discover in the Moche Valley with the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon* date back still further. Built from millions of adobe bricks, the Pyramid of the Sun is the largest solid construction in the Americas, whilst the Pyramid of the Moon is known for its bright paintings and murals.

Tue, 22.03.2016

Isla Lobos de Afuera

Cultural treasures compete with the riches of nature: the Zodiacs will bring you ashore on the tiny Isla Lobos de Afuera, the “island of sea lions” off the coast of Peru. With luck, you will be able to observe these massive creatures from the Zodiacs or on a hike with experts.

Wed, 23.03.2016

Relaxation at sea

Thu, 24.03.2016

Isla Gorgona/Colombia

Follow a trail rather than leave one behind: Colombia’s eco-tourism objectives are in line with our standards on board the BREMEN. The rainforest island of Isla Gorgona is a premier destination, which once served as a base for pirates and then as the “Alcatraz of Colombia” before becoming a nature reserve.

Fri, 25.03.2016
- Sat, 26.03.2016

Uramba and Utria national parks

When it comes to the diversity of flora and fauna, however, the island is surpassed by the virtually untouched rainforests of the Uramba and Utria national parks. This is where you will find one of the richest examples of biodiversity in the world. Tropical birds, reptiles, amphibians, land mammals – which species will you observe? The answers can be found during two active, flexible expedition days on visits to the Uramba and Utria national parks, subject to official approval.

Sun, 27.03.2016

Daytime passage through the Panama Canal

Panama Canal: the experience
Enjoy a legend with a rich history and a very special highlight of your cruise: the Panama Canal. The unforgettable daytime passage on board the BREMEN will take you past savannah and jungle landscapes and wild mangrove forests for over 80 km. The experts on board will pass on their knowledge of this technical masterpiece.

Mon, 28.03.2016

San Blas/Panama

The Panama Canal is a long-lasting experience until the BREMEN reaches the archipelago of San Blas on the Caribbean side.The small autonomous island reserve of the Kuna indigenous people is a picture-book world of palm trees and white sandy beaches. The perfect place to relax, swim or simply let your mind wander.

Tue, 29.03.2016


Caribbean dream destinations
Admire one of the most beautiful cities in South America on a walk through historic Cartagena*. With its picturesque old town and magnificent colonial buildings, the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wed, 30.03.2016

Relaxation at sea

Thu, 31.03.2016

Bonaire/Netherlands Antilles

Welcome to a vividly coloured, beautiful island. Bonaire is certainly one of the most beautiful ABC islands – Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao – in the Netherlands Antilles. Here you will encounter parrots, hummingbirds, iguanas and, with a little luck – if you visit salt-water Lake Gotomeer in the north – some pink flamingos. The island also has a diverse underwater population. The protected ring-shaped reef around the entire island allows you to dive or snorkel and admire unforgettable coral landscapes. The small capital Kralendijk also offers a colourful welcome with buildings painted in pink, orange and pastel shades. Stroll along the picturesque boulevard with its spectacular view of the ocean and marvel at the many beautiful fishing boats in the town’s harbour. The tour Bon Bini – Welcome to the island of Bonaire* presents scenic and historical highlights. Explore the underwater world on a trip in a glass-bottom boat* and discover aquatic life and reefs.

Fri, 01.04.2016
- Sat, 02.04.2016

Venezuela (Islas Los Roques , Isla Margarita)

Venezuela’s equivalent on the seldom-visited Islas Los Roques is in no way inferior: a national park made up of island gems in turquoise waters. With the approval of the authorities, the Zodiacs will make a landing. Whether you prefer to enjoy the peace and quiet on the white sandy beach or do some snorkelling – there are plenty of idyllic photo opportunities. One of Venezuela’s gems, and not just because of its former abundance of pearls, is Isla Margarita. Explore the contrasting landscape of mangrove forests, deserts and idyllic beaches by jeep and boat as part of a nature adventure on Isla Margarita*. Your imagination will be inspired still further on a flight to the Canaima National Park and the famous Angel Falls*. A bird’s-eye view of the lush, green jungle and the glittering Orinoco – just as intoxicating as the high table mountains, the tropical rainforest and the highest free-falling waterfall in the world.

Sun, 03.04.2016
- Mon, 04.04.2016

Relaxation at sea

Tue, 05.04.2016

Ile Royale/Iles du Salut/French Guiana

The small, rocky Ile Royale, part of the overseas department of French Guiana, is also made for the movies. Papillon was filmed in this former penal colony.

Wed, 06.04.2016

Relaxation at sea

Thu, 07.04.2016

Belem/Brazil, arrival 11.00 hrs (subject to the tides)
Overnight stay on board

In Belem, Brazil’s gateway to the Amazon, nature is worthy of an Oscar. In the Amazon jungle*, you will travel deep into the tropical flora on winding waterways and get an insight into the lives of the people here. Or you can take a city tour of exotic Belem*. As you take in the Theatro da Paz, the old part of the city including the Forte do Castelo and the modern basilica – a copy of St Peter’s – you will be reminded once again of the diversity of South America. Impressions that will always remain bright in your memory when you return home.

Fri, 08.04.2016

Scheduled flight Belem – Frankfurt

Sat, 09.04.2016

Arrival in Frankfurt

* The shore activities are not included in the cruise price and are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.

= at anchor

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