On board MS BREMEN from Tromsø to Nome

Expedition Northeast Passage - The extraordinary every day – the great pioneering endeavour of the 21st century

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It is time to write seafaring history: In the legendary Northeast Passage between Europe and Asia, the BREMEN will face the challenges of a spectacular expedition. An experience distinguished by dramatically bizarre landscapes and encounters with polar bears, seals and whales. Your pioneering spirit will be ignited when the local conditions make spontaneous course changes necessary and when the Zodiacs press on to untouched coastlines. Far from civilisation, discover the Russian Arctic, which for decades was an exclusion zone and thus unreachable. It is a sea route which fills the history books, turns the present into an adventure and will determine the future of freight traffic between the continents. Become part of this adventure – for the first time on the BREMEN in 2015.

from Tromsø to Nome

Cruise dates:from 11.08.2015 to 10.09.2015 (31 days)
Your ship: MS BREMEN
Cruise number: BRE1516

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This cruise is operated in German. For individual programmes kindly ask our travel concierge.
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Tue, 11.08.2015

Scheduled flight from Frankfort – Oslo – Tromsoe
Overnight stay with breakfast (mid-range hotel)

Wed, 12.08.2015

City tour
Tromsoe/Norway, departure 18.00 hrs

Prelude at the edge of the Arctic Ocean
An unreachable objective for most cruise ships: the Northeast Passage. Look forward to adventure on this sea route – the thrilling cruise through the ice, animal sightings in the pure wildness and the footsteps of the polar pioneers. Even Tromsoe, the “gateway to the Arctic Ocean”, is steeped in the pioneering spirit of the many historic expeditions that set out from here. People once believed that North Cape marked the end of the world. Today it is the beginning of your great adventure.

Thu, 13.08.2015

Cruising off North Cape

First, the BREMEN will cruise past the cliffs, as the picturesque fishing village of Skarsvag is the starting point for your journey to North Cape*.

Fri, 14.08.2015

Beginning of the Northeast Passage adventure – from Murmansk to the Bering Strait

Murmansk stands in true contrast, as the largest city north of the Arctic Circle and the headquarters of Russia’s Northern Fleet. Whether you enjoy impressions of Murmansk* or delve into the ancient traditions of the region during a visit to a Saami settlement*, you will probably be eagerly waiting for the departure of the BREMEN. It now lies before you: the Northeast Passage.

An adventure where the journey is the destination
For years the Northeast Passage has inspired a lust for discovery – from the early explorations by the naval powers Britain and Holland in the 15th century to the first successful passage by the Swede Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld between 1878 and 1879. Your days at sea on board the BREMEN will be in the shadow of the golden age of Arctic explorers thanks to the exciting expert presentations and because the route intersects their moving life lines.

Sat, 15.08.2015
- Sun, 16.08.2015

Cruise through the Barents Sea/Arctic Ocean

The endeavours of Willem Barents will be brought to life as you cruise through the Barents Sea.

Mon, 17.08.2015
- Thu, 20.08.2015

Novaya Zemlya , Franz Josef Land

As Barents circumnavigated Novaya Zemlya in 1596 on his search for the Northeast Passage, his ship became trapped in the pack ice and the crew was forced to spend the winter there. Following in his wake, the BREMEN will dare to call at the deep bays of this raw, primeval island. In geological terms, it is almost identical to the Urals, as it is a northern continuation of this ancient mountain range which was formed when Europe and Siberia collided.

Subject to weather conditions, the Zodiacs take you ashore for exploration whilst thousands of sea birds brood on the steep cliffs. The captain and crew can react flexibly, allowing you to observe intense natural spectacles. They are always seeking the most incredible experiences – and all with consideration for the ice and weather. Thanks to this, you will feel even closer to the pioneers of the Austro-Hungarian Polar Expedition. Whilst exploring the Arctic Ocean 142 years ago, they happened upon new land which they named after their emperor: Franz Josef Land.

Their first sight was today’s Cape Tegetthoff on Hall Island, whose rocky peaks may also have pointed them towards adventure. The explorers first set foot on Wilczek Island, which is now home to the grave of their engineer Otto Krisch. Follow their footsteps and continue your explorations in a truly personal way.

Confront the mystery of the geodes, perfect stone spheres up to 3 metres in diameter, on Champ Island. Hooker Island also promises intense expedition experiences. Enjoy an unforgettable visit to an abandoned Russian Arctic station from the 1930s or view the bird-inhabited cliff known as Rubini Rock up close. Besides the imposing cliffs and basalt columns, the island is also home to the largest sea bird colony in the archipelago. Enjoy other spontaneously arranged highlights in this region, made possible by the flexibility of the BREMEN and the Zodiacs.

Fri, 21.08.2015

Cruise through the Kara Sea/Arctic Ocean

Sat, 22.08.2015
- Sun, 23.08.2015

Severnaya Zemlya

Only a few people have seen these coasts – the same goes for the almost semi-glacial islands of Severnaya Zemlya. Polar bears, Arctic foxes, Arctic hares, walruses and seals inhabit these islands. Surrounded by majestic glaciers, as your eyes scan the ice, a question arises: What challenges will the BREMEN face next and will it overcome them?

Mon, 24.08.2015
- Mon, 31.08.2015

Siberia (including Cape Chelyuskin , estuary of the Lena River, New Siberian Islands , Medvezhy Islands )
Cruising through the Laptev Sea and the East Siberian Sea/Arctic Ocean

Russia’s untamed spirit
Along the Siberian coast, the BREMEN can take full advantage of its status as a small expedition ship with the highest ice class. Only in this way can it manage to pass through the eye of the needle in the Northeast Passage: Cape Chelyuskin, located between Bolshevik Island and the mainland, is known for frequently being blocked by ice. The weather and ice will determine the onward course towards the estuary of the Lena River. This estuary is overflowing with Russian superlatives: at over 4,000 km in length, one of the longest rivers in the world flows out into one of the largest deltas in the world in a part of the largest nature reserve in Russia. There is plenty of opportunity for exploration in the Zodiacs and sightings of numerous rare sea birds. The same goes for the New Siberian Islands: They are the habitat of reindeer, wolves, snow grouse and lemmings. In 1893, the researcher Fridtjof Nansen allowed his ship to freeze in order reach the geographic North Pole by using the natural ice drifts of the Arctic Ocean. These little-researched islands give exciting insights into the “adolescence” of polar exploration.

The Medvezhy Islands in the East Siberian Sea are famous as a polar bear nursery. They are a frozen habitat where the kings of the Arctic bring their cubs into the world. But an even more impressive polar bear sanctuary lies before you, as well as the secrets of a legendary island ...

Tue, 01.09.2015
- Fri, 04.09.2015

Chukchi Sea (including Wrangel Island , Kolyuchin Island )

An animal paradise far from the familiar The cracking ice will cause excitement to grow on board: Will the ship manage to traverse the often thick belt of drifting ice around Wrangel Island? Here you can uncover the most beautiful aspects of nature on a grand scale. On rides and landings with the Zodiacs, you can really experience this raw natural beauty. Numerous bird species nest on the coasts and walks on the tundra will give you the chance to take in the fantastic mountain massifs and spot musk oxen and reindeer in the vast, silent landscape.

Kolyuchin Island on the edge of the Chukchi Peninsula also offers overwhelming animal observations. The Zodiacs can take you to large bird-infested cliffs with thousands of thick-billed murres, black guillemots, kittiwakes, horned puffins and glaucous gulls. With a little luck you will see lots of walruses gathering on the protruding cliffs.

Sat, 05.09.2015
- Mon, 07.09.2015

Chukchi Peninsula/Bering Strait
(including Cape Deschnyow , Lorino , Provideniya)

The Chukchi Peninsula is a natural paradise for whales, sea birds and seals – whereas on Cape Deschnyow, the most north-easterly point of the Eurasian landmass, Russian history speaks for itself. A walk will lead you to a monument to the pioneer Semyon Dezhnyov, the first to traverse the cape in 1648. In Lorino, you can gain fascinating insights into the everyday life and nomadic traditions of the Chukchi people who survive by hunting and breeding reindeer. Fascinating encounters also await you on seldom-visited Provideniya, located in the extreme east of Russia, when you go ashore with the experts and visit the small museum.

Mon, 07.09.2015

Crossing the International Date Line (day counts twice),
Nome/Alaska/USA, arrival 16.00 hrs
Overnight stay on board

It will be time to celebrate when the BREMEN sets sail for Alaska: You have managed to traverse the Northeast Passage. On passing the International Date Line, you can turn back the clock to rave about your many unforgettable expedition moments.

Tue, 08.09.2015

Charter flight to Vancouver
Overnight stay with breakfast

Wed, 09.09.2015

Scheduled flight from Vancouver – Germany

Thu, 10.09.2015

Arrival in Germany

Important note on this expedition:
This expedition through the Northeast Passage is one of the most difficult cruises to plan, organise and sail in our range of expeditions. This cruise adventure was carefully planned based on average ice and weather data and closely coordinated with the local Russian authorities. All our experience and careful preparation notwithstanding, the actual itinerary therefore depends on the local conditions. Besides ice and weather, these include decisions taken by the Russian authorities, who reserve the right to issue the necessary authorisations only shortly prior to departure and, if necessary, to withhold them entirely. We will, of course, do everything in our power to ensure that this cruise can take place as advertised, but wish to take this early opportunity to inform you of these unusual circumstances and to raise your awareness as to the expeditionary nature of this cruise. Should the authorities, weather or ice have a significant impact on the route, we plan to sail through the Northwest Passage instead. If this should happen, we will inform you as quickly as possible. We wish you an unforgettable time on a truly legendary expedition on board the BREMEN!

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A geology specialist in the team of experts

Steffen Graupner studied geophysics, physics, meteorology, astrophysics and geology. His specialist fields include active volcanoes and the geology of Russia. He also indulges in photojournalism with a focus on nature and people. This makes him the perfect person to thrill you with vivid presentations.