On board MS BREMEN from Reykjavik to Longyearbyen

Expedition to Iceland, Norway and Spitsbergen - Experiences between ice and awe

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Icelandic volcanoes and waterfalls, Norwegian fjords, the wonders of Lofoten and the glacial world of Spitsbergen: In the light of the midnight sun, the BREMEN and its Zodiacs can take you on a great adventure filled with unforgettable experiences. Shaped by a rich animal kingdom, this expedition will constantly redefine the fascination of nature.

from Reykjavik to Longyearbyen

Cruise dates:from 17.06.2015 to 03.07.2015 (16 days)
Your ship: MS BREMEN
Cruise number: BRE1511

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This cruise is operated in German. For individual programmes kindly ask our travel concierge.
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Wed, 17.06.2015

Scheduled flight Frankfurt – Keflavik
Journey to Reykjavik/Iceland, departure 22.00 hrs

Thu, 18.06.2015
- Sat, 20.06.2015

Iceland (Arnarstapi , cruising off Latrabjarg, Flatey , Grimsey , Akureyri)

Unfinished beauty
Your diverse expedition begins in a world where creation continues to occur. Iceland’s history was and is shaped by fire and ice. This is strikingly underlined by Arnarstapi on the Snaefellsnes peninsula, also known as “Iceland in miniature”. Take a Jeep tour to Snaefellsjoekull* and marvel at this 1,500 m high stratovolcano blanketed by ice and snow. In his novel, Jules Verne describes this crater as the starting point of A Journey to the Center of the Earth. The lava field of Klifhraun on your walk to the cliffs of Soelvahamar* will seem like a geological history book written in stone. Experience the animal kingdom of Iceland when cruising off the famous bird-inhabited cliffs of Latrabjarg – a nesting place for thousands of puffins, guillemots and auks. The island of Flatey, where Iceland’s largest colony of cormorants breeds, will also cause your pioneering spirit to take flight. Humpback whales, orcas and fin whales could surface at any time here or even follow the BREMEN to the island of Grimsey. When landing in the evening on this gem of the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun bathes the eroded basalt columns of the coast in a truly special light. Your adventures will continue from Akureyri when you discover the breathtaking scenery around the Godafoss and Myvatn*. The “waterfall of the gods” thunders down into the volcanic landscape with great force, and lake Myvatn exudes a mystic air. Seeing the bizarre and spectacular volcanic landscape of Askja from the air*, you will feel like you are on another planet.

Sun, 21.06.2015
- Mon, 22.06.2015

Relaxation at sea

Tue, 23.06.2015

Norway’s fjords (Geirangerfjord , Sunnylvenfjord)

The wild kingdom of the Vikings
Norway is uniquely grand when it comes to nature. Even the world-famous Geirangerfjord seems like a gargantuan amphitheatre of snow-capped peaks and high fjord walls. The thundering waterfalls known as the “Seven Sisters” and the “Suitor” promise breathtaking views. Mount Dalsnibba and the Eagle Road*, a winding path along the fjord wall, will reward your 1,500 m ascent with sensationally clear views. You can enjoy a completely different perspective on a kayak tour on the Geirangerfjord*. Vastness, silence, fresh air – sensual delights on board the BREMEN which last through picturesque fjords to the Sunnylvenfjord. Even further north, the Lofoten Islands attractively set the scene off the coast of Norway. The BREMEN will explore this region more intensively than ever before. Around 80 islands stretch far into the North Sea – some bare, some lush and green with idyllic fishing villages nestled in small bays.

Wed, 24.06.2015

Relaxation at sea

Thu, 25.06.2015
- Fri, 26.06.2015

Lofoten/Norway (Reine , Leknes, cruising in the Trollfjord, Kabelvag )

In the south, the island of Moskenesoeya promises wonderful Nordic flair, where the village of Reine has been named the most beautiful place in Norway. On a hike up Reinebringen*, the village’s mountain landmark, the wide panorama of peaks will unfold before you. Fishing is a long-standing tradition on the islands, as shown by the stockfish archipelago, to the south of Lofoten*, where you can uncover the secrets of “Toerrfisk”. Intensify your experiences further north as you go deep-sea fishing* in Leknes or take a walk in the valley of Tjoerndalen*. Cruising in the Trollfjord, whose mouth is just 100 m wide, is a spectacular experience. According to the myths, trolls are said to live here. And how did the Norsemen once live? Find out in the Viking museum in Borg* near Kabelvag. It is hard to part from this dreamlike island chain.

Sat, 27.06.2015

Cruising off North Cape

But take heart: your Norwegian impressions will be rounded off by cruising off the northernmost point of the European mainland and the subsequent cruise to North Cape*.

Sun, 28.06.2015

Relaxation at sea

Mon, 29.06.2015
- Thu, 02.07.2015

Spitsbergen (including Ny Alesund , Moellerhafen , Magdalenefjord ,
Moffen , Liefdefjord )

Spitsbergen – a team of explorers in blue and white
Massive glaciers, deep fjords and untouched wilderness: your eventful days on the coasts of Spitsbergen will be characterised by adventure. Depending on the weather and ice, you can explore the Arctic scenery in the Zodiac and, with a little luck, you might spot polar bears, whales, Arctic foxes and walruses. Ny-Alesund, the place from which Amundsen and Nobile set off in 1926 to become the first people to reach the North Pole in an airship, is an important starting point for explorers. Today, researchers from around the world study the impacts of climate change on the flora and fauna. In Moellerhafen you can visit the northernmost bar in the world, “Lloyd’s Hotel”, a refuge for embattled members of past expeditions. In the Magdalenefjord, marvel at a majestic glacial backdrop and discover the historic graves of whalers. The small island of Moffen paints a vivid portrait of the animal kingdom in the Arctic. Walruses often gather in large herds on the flat coasts. With a little luck, you will also see seals and whales in the Liefdefjord, but only if you can tear your eyes away from the overwhelming Monaco Glacier. What more can an explorer’s heart desire? This Nordic expedition brings together everything that lovers of nature and animals could hope for.

Fri, 03.07.2015

arrival 7.00 hrs
Charter flight from Longyearbyen – Düsseldorf

* The shore activities are not included in the cruise price and are in the planning stage. Subject to changes.

A change in itinerary may become necessary on this expedition to the Arctic. The captain will decide on the best possible alternative depending on weather and ice conditions.

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A glaciology specialist in the team of experts

For over 20 years Dr Hans Oerter has accompanied expeditions to the polar regions. As part of his research, he drilled ice cores to unlock the secrets of the eternal ice in order to unravel the history of climate change. He will let you in on his findings as part of his exciting presentations.