On board MS BREMEN from Kangerlussuaq to Kangerlussuaq

Expedition to northern Greenland and the Canadian Arctic - The wonders of the Arctic – embedded in ice

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This premiere for the BREMEN will lead you along the icy coastlines of Greenland and Canada on an adventure far from the classical routes. Bizarre ice formations and unique flora and fauna will make your dreams of exploration come true. Uncover the secrets of the largest island in the world and press farther north than most have dared. Unforgettable moments await you.

from Kangerlussuaq to Kangerlussuaq

Cruise dates:from 03.08.2014 to 18.08.2014 (18 days)
Your ship: MS BREMEN
Cruise number: BRE1415

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This cruise is operated in German. For individual programmes kindly ask our travel concierge.


Sun, 03.08.2014

Charter flight from Berlin to Kangerlussuaq
Kangerlussuaq/Greenland, departure 14.00 hrs

Thu, 29.06.2017

Greenland’s west coast (Qeqertarsuaq , Uummannaq )

Whale habitat for explorers: Greenland and Canada
Your real adventure begins in the once important centre of whaling in Greenland: Qeqertarsuaq. The landscape is shaped by striking glaciers, fertile mountainsides and valleys and hot springs. Walk along bizarre basalt rocks into the “valley of wind” where the intensely green tundra creates surprising highlights. The exteriors of the wooden houses in settlement of Uummannaq (which means “heart-shaped”) – one of the most beautiful settlements in Greenland – are even more colourful. Take a tour to “Santa’s grotto” before the BREMEN sets off for the Canadian Arctic. Fields of drift ice permeate the region. Thanks to it having the highest ice class for passenger ships, the ship can cut through the ice floes and forge a path through worlds engulfed in ice – where you might even see whales and seals.

Wed, 06.08.2014

Relaxation at sea

Thu, 07.08.2014
- Sun, 10.08.2014

Nunavut/Canada (Pond Inlet , Beechey Island , Dundas Harbor , cruises in Jones Sound)

After landing at the Inuit settlement Pond Inlet with the Zodiacs, you will gain interesting insights into the traditions of the inhabitants with their characteristic throat singing and drum dancing. With a bit of luck, you can meet the king of the Arctic off Beechey Island: polar bears often roam the archipelago as they hunt for food. The island itself hosts three graves from the missing expedition of Sir John Franklin. The experts will captivate you with the fate of the men who found their final resting place here over 150 years ago. The experts will lead you from the stirring past to the natural wonders of the present in Dundas Harbor. The fjord surrounded by steep and towering rocks and the diverse tundra vegetation are sometimes visited by polar bears. Alpine hares also live here. When the BREMEN cruises through Jones Sound, the clear Arctic air is filled with the cries of thick-billed murres, kittiwakes and glaucous gulls – not to mention the crunching of the ice on the reinforced hulk of the ship. Walruses and Arctic foxes may be seen along the coasts, and you can observe from your “box seat” on deck.

Mon, 11.08.2014
- Thu, 14.08.2014

Greenland’s north coast (Qaanaaq , Siorapaluk , cruises in Smith Sound and in the Nares Strait, Cape York )

The magical appeal of Greenland’s north coast
Following the footsteps of legendary researchers and explorers, discover the high north of Greenland which is only seldom visited by ships. You can discover places that remain hidden to others thanks to the BREMEN taking full advantage of it having the highest ice class for passenger ships. In Quaanaaq, also known as Thule, the Arctic researcher Knud Rasmussen commenced numerous expeditions in the early 20th century, and explorer Robert Peary set out for the North Pole from here in 1909. You will be overcome by a passion for exploration when you see the bizarre rock formations. Whales and seals might accompany you on your voyage to Siorapaluk, the northernmost settlement in Greenland. The excitement level increases when you experience unforgettable days of expeditions in the mystical ice worlds of seldom-travelled waters. Cruising in Smith Sound and the Nares Strait is shaped by nature and the experience. Pure expedition – just like travelling between the towering icebergs in a Zodiac off Cape York.

Fri, 15.08.2014

Relaxation at sea

Sat, 16.08.2014
- Sun, 17.08.2014

Greenland’s west coast (Ilulissat , Disko Bay, Sisimiut )

Further scenic vistas await you at the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site of Ilulissat, where you may have the spectacular experience of seeing the glaciers calving in the Icefjord. Enjoy the glistening, sparkling blocks of ice gathering in the fjord on a tour with the experts – the ideal way to prepare for an overwhelming experience in Disko Bay: enjoy the sight of breathtaking ice giants slowly drifting through the bay, either on the cruise ship or in the Zodiacs. You take your leave from Greenland in Sisimiut, where the Saqqaq culture settled over 4,000 years ago – but you will vividly remember it for a long time thanks to the power of nature.

Mon, 18.08.2014

Kangerlussuaq/Greenland, arrival 6.00 hrs
charter flight from Kangerlussuaq to Berlin

It may become necessary to change the itinerary on this expedition to the Arctic. The captain will decide on the best possible alternatives based on the weather and ice.

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Travel for Young Discoverer

If you want to become a great explorer, it pays to start early. That is

why our crew is offering special age-related packages on this voyage,

aimed at ten- to seventeen-year-olds. With a varied and entertaining

programme, they will communicate their knowledge and stimulate curiosity

and the spirit of research in the young people taking part.

Young people up to 17 years of age travel in the cabin of their parents (or grandparents) for € 60 per night. 

Marine research and geology specialist in the expert team

After studying geology and palaeontology, Dr Gerd Hoffmann-Wieck

carried out research in the Baltic Sea and North Atlantic. He also

travelled the fjords of Greenland for geo-archaeological studies. As

part of his public work for the GEOMAR Helmholz Centre for Ocean

Research Kiel, this experienced leader of numerous expeditions on

research ships develops presentations about the oceans.