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Knowledge Expedition - Europe's heritage – a work of art

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Stephan Börries, architecture expert: "The exceptional variety of European art, architecture and music forms the backdrop for this inspiring cruise - buildings that are representative of the nobility and the middles classes, testaments to the power of the church, the masterpieces of famous artists past and present, all accompanied by exclusive musical experiences."

from Tenerife to Hamburg

Cruise dates:from 19.05.2014 to 03.06.2014 (16 days)
Your ship: MS BREMEN
Cruise number: BRE1409

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This cruise is operated in German. For individual programmes kindly ask our travel concierge.


Mon, 19.05.2014

Scheduled flight Frankfurt – Madrid – Tenerife**
Santa Cruz de Tenerife/Tenerife, departure 21.00 hrs

Tue, 20.05.2014

Relaxation at sea

Wed, 21.05.2014

Safi/Morocco, from 6.00 to 19.00 hrs

Magnificent cities and majestic architecture
Get a feel for the colonial legacy left behind by the Portuguese in Safi on a cultural discovery tour. Gather some Portuguese impressions of Safi*, or visit Marrakech – the royal city from the Arabian Nights*. The Bahaia Palace is an impressive combination of Andalucian and Moorish styles of architecture, whilst the jugglers and street-food vendors on Djemaa el-Fna Square work their oriental charm.

Thu, 22.05.2014

Relaxation at sea

Fri, 23.05.2014

Journey along the Tagus
Lisbon/Portugal, from 8.00 to 20.00 hrs

From Morocco, the former breadbasket of North Africa, you will follow Portugal’s historic trading route with a journey along the Tagus to Lisbon. Lisbon, the city with a special kind of charm*, is like a history book brought to life. A literary chapter can be opened on a walk in the footsteps of Fernando Pessoa*, Portugal’s most famous 20th century poet. The buildings themselves also speak volumes. The Portuguese claim to power reflected in these buildings is explained on the Expert excursion: focus on Belem* led by architecture expert Stephan Börries.

Sat, 24.05.2014

Leixoes (Porto), from 12.00 to 20.00 hrs

The era of the Reconquista is brought to life by art expert Olaf Gräber on the Expert excursion: the Alcobaca and Batalha monasteries as a reflection of imperial power*. Both monasteries are UNESCO World Heritage sites, as is the city centre of Porto. People interested in architecture will appreciate the Expert excursion: highlights of the city of Porto*, led by Stephan Börries, which includes the Se cathedral and the famous iron bridge over the Douro, creating a connection to the present day. An outstanding classical music experience in the magnificent Arabian Room at Stock Exchange Palace in Porto is a wonderful way to round off your day.

Sun, 25.05.2014

Vilagarcia/Spain, from 7.00 to 13.30 hrs

From Vilagarcia, you can look forward to visiting the world-famous place of pilgrimage in Galicia. On the Expert excursion: Santiago de Compostela, city of St James*, the focus is on one question: which is more impressive – the city’s religious or architectural heritage? Our experts take a close look at both aspects of the cathedral, which is more than a thousand years old. Just as “heavenly” is the Galician countryside*, which will also put you under its spell.

Mon, 26.05.2014

Gijon, from 12.00 to 19.00 hrs

Your cultural discoveries continue in Gijon: Roman city walls and baths as well as the historic part of the city form the foundations for the appeal of the sights of Gijon*. Accompany Olaf Gräber on the Expert excursion: Leon, a French cathedral in Spain* to admire the High Gothic style in its purest form, or visit the cultural treasures of Asturias on the Expert excursion: the old royal city of Oviedo* with Stephan Börries.

Tue, 27.05.2014

Bilbao, from 8.00 to 17.30 hrs

“Welcome to the modern age” is what Bilbao is all about. The avant-garde styles of Foster, Calatrava, Stark and Gehry will be explored with Stephan Börries on his Expert excursion: the architecture of Bilbao*. Expand your knowledge of modern art with contemporary works at the Guggenheim Museum*. In contrast, the Expert excursion: Burgos, seat of bishops and kings* with Olaf Gräber is like a journey back into the past.

Wed, 28.05.2014

Relaxation at sea

Thu, 29.05.2014

Channel Islands/England (Jersey ?, Guernsey ?)

British charm and the legacy of Flanders
On the Channel Island of Jersey, the landscape is a real treat with beautiful views on a coastal walk*. Guernsey is also wildly romantic. Here, St. Peter Port is the starting point for your Expert excursion: high tea at the manor house* with Stephan Börries, as well as the setting for an exclusive string concert in the church.

Fri, 30.05.2014

Journey along the Seine
Rouen/France, arrival 13.00 hrs

The picturesque journey along the Seine to Rouen is like an ode to nature. Olaf Gräber focuses on the architectural history along the banks on his Expert excursion: Romanesque abbeys on the Seine*. Stephan Börries provides an interesting insight into the city on the Expert excursion: Rouen, masterpiece of Gothic*. Alternatively, you can visit Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny*, the centre of his artistic achievements. All of these impressions will be rounded off with an impressive organ concert in Rouen cathedral.

Sat, 31.05.2014

Rouen, departure 5.00 hrs
journey along the Seine

Sun, 01.06.2014

Antwerp/Belgium, from 8.00 to 20.00 hrs
journey along the Scheldt

In the city of the diamond trade, Antwerp, Olaf Gräber takes you to see some cultural jewels on his Expert excursion: the cathedrals and historic centre of Antwerp*, whilst Stephan Börries leads an Expert excursion: Beguinages in Flanders* in the footsteps of the famous women. A concluding musical surprise in Antwerp's former St Augustine church is a wonderful way to round off your multifaceted “Expedition Knowledge”.

Mon, 02.06.2014

Relaxation at sea

Tue, 03.06.2014

Hamburg, arrival 7.00 hrs
individual travel arrangements from Hamburg

*   These arrangements are not included in the cruise price. The shore activities listed here are in the planning stage and are subject to changes.
** Our tip for your direct travel arrangements: As an alternative to a connecting flight with a changeover in Madrid, many charter flight operators offer direct flights. Contact your travel agent for advice and reservations.

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Please note that our pre- and post-cruise programmes are conducted in German.
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Following programmes we offer in German:




Expedition Knowledge: Europe and the arts


this “Expedition Knowledge” with our architecture expert Stephan

Börries and our art expert Olaf Gräber, you will discover some

surprising facts and details about the famous sights in European culture

– with lectures and excursions on the following themes (amongst


  • A

    reflection of the power of the church and the bourgeoisie:

    cathedrals and tradesmen’s houses in the ports of western Europe

  • Rise and fall: the global trading and expansion strategies of the Portuguese colonial empire
  • Pilgrims for prestige: true wonders or wonders as commodities?
  • The architectural beauty of Bilbao: the “playground” of Stark, Gehry and others